Episode 08 – Mark Retzloff – Business Leader, Organic Food Brands & Systems

By Aaron Perry

Sep 11
Mark Retzloff Podcast

Episode 08 – Mark Retzloff – Business Leader, Organic Food Brands & Systems
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Episode #08: Mark Retzloff with Aaron William Perry (Y on Earth Podcast Series)


Mark Retzloff, founder of Horizon Organic Dairy, Director of RSF Social Finance, and on the Board of several companies and universities, discusses the arc of his career. He launched a natural food coop in Ann Arbor, MI in the late 1960s, planting the seeds for Eden Natural Foods and Rainbow (ultimately acquired by United Natural Foods Inc.), and went on to found Horizon Organic Dairy, Alfalfas Markets, among others. Mark sits on several corporate and university boards, including at Traditional Medicinals, Palm Done Right, Naturally Boulder, the University of Michigan, and the University of Colorado, and advises many entrepreneurs working in the impact and organic foods arenas. Aaron and Mark discuss several aspects of sustainable business as well as the essential importance of soil, authenticity and empathy, the 7 Keys to Success (according to Mark) and connections to Waldorf education, Biodynamic agriculture and the legacy of Rudolf Steiner.

For more information about Mark visit https://www.colorado.edu/business/mark-retzloff 

Mark is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/mark.retzloff.5

Horizon Organic Dairy

Traditional Medicinals

Palm Done Right

RSF Social Finance

Naturally Boulder

Alfalfas Market



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