Episode 36 – Nicole Vitello, President – Produce Division, Equal Exchange

By Aaron Perry

Apr 25
Nicole Vitello Podcast

Episode 36 – Nicole Vitello, President – Produce Division, Equal Exchange
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Nicole Vitello, President of the Produce Division of Equal Exchange, discusses this amazing company’s work to foster ecologically sustainable agricultural practices in the context of the empowering, equity-driven worker-owned cooperative model of this global food company. With over 30 years in business, Equal Exchange is one of the most notable world-wide leaders in progressive, sustainable business practices. This is an especially significant accomplishment given the structural and practical challenges of growing and distributing perishable produce like organic avocados and bananas, and growing, processing, and distributing hyper-competitive, commoditized products like organic coffee, tea, and chocolate. It is with 21st century leaders like Nicole Vitello that super-sustainable models like Equal Exchange are growing, thriving, and pointing the way for regenerative economics and dignity-driven conscious capitalism.

All of the Equal Exchange products are certified organic, certified fair trade, and produced in a global supply chain made up of and governed by its worker-owner stakeholders. In the Y on Earth Community’s recommended “Grow/Know/Show” framework for food and beverage products, it doesn’t get any better than Equal Exchange for those far-away tropical and sub-tropical products that are provided with utmost transparency and third party certification.

If the majority of our food system world-wide operated like Equal Exchange, we would be in a much better, healthier, safer, and saner world.

Visit equalexchange.coop for more information, and be sure to make Equal Exchange chocolate, tea, coffee, banana, and avocado products your regular go-to’s!


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