Episode 44 – Pat Frazier, NP, Biodynamic Educator & Earth Steward Par Excellence

By Aaron Perry

Jul 31
Pat Frazier - Podcast - Biodynamics

Episode 44 – Pat Frazier, NP, Biodynamic Educator & Earth Steward Par Excellence
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Pat Frazier, NP, is a Biodynamic farmer, educator, Director of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics, nurse practitioner (retired), and ecological stewardship practitioner par excellence. By merging the wisdom and techniques of both Biodynamics and Permaculture (“Permadynamics”) on her “Peace & Plenty” farm, Pat demonstrates the essential importance of “re-spiritualizing” our relationships with the living environments around us.

She understands that restoring our connection with nature’s rhythms (diurnal, lunar, seasonal, planetary, etc.) grounds us on Earth, connects us to life-force and restores our own health and well-being. By working with sunlight, water, plants, and animals in a framework of “Nature Reconstructed,” Pat advocates lightly stewarding with an essential focus on building soil in our home-places. This essential action – being mobilized in urban, suburban, and rural communities world-wide – is precisely our pathway to a healed, restored, and revitalized planet Earth and Humanity in Balance. Growing comfrey, alfalfa, nettles, (and other dynamic nutrient-accumulators), and all manner of sunlight-transmuting, water-drinking, and life-force amplifying plants wherever we can – this is the Permadynamic gesture that is awakening throughout the entire world. This is the massive mobilization of stewardship and sustainability in the 21st century.

Recognizing that plants live in relationship with the Above and the Below – with the Cosmos and the subterranean wonders of Soil ecosystems, Pat shares her home-made Valerian balsam, while encouraging us to connect with the wisdom of plants, to cultivate a relationship-based (not mechanistic) world-view, and to help cultivate the era of Anthroposophia – the Age of Human Wisdom.

More at: jpibiodynamics.org


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