Simple Gardening Wisdom Video Course

Special “How To” Gardening Video Course providing many key tips and recommendations to begin and/or improve your gardening skills and to permaculture your yard!


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  • Guided by expert gardener Nick DiDomenico and host Aaron Perry
  • "How to" recommendations for soil building, planting, tending, and over-wintering
  • Companion Manual included
  • FREE ebook downloads of Soil Stewardship Handbook and Y on Earth included
  • Simple & easy-to-follow chapter outline



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🌱💚🍃 Discover Your Green Thumb Today! 🍃💚🌱

Gardeners of all levels, unite! We're thrilled to introduce our fresh off the vines online course - "Simple Gardening Wisdom". Whether you're planting your first seed or you're a seasoned grower, our course is tailored to make everyone feel at home in their garden. 

📚 This comprehensive course includes:

- A deep dive into Soil Building techniques, from Mulching and Composting to Biochar & Biodynamics (and everything in-between!) 🌱

- A step-by-step guide to Starting Seeds Indoors, Preparing & Planting Garden Beds, and Companion Planting 🍅

- Tips and tricks for harvesting and preserving your bounty, like making Herbal Teas & putting your beds to sleep for the winter ❄️

Our experts will guide you through each module, ensuring you understand and enjoy the process of growing your own food and flowers. 

🔥 Kickstart your garden today! This course is a seed of knowledge that will sprout into a lifetime of gardening wisdom. 

Get your green thumbs ready, buy now, and let's start planting! 🌼🥕🌻 

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In this special video course you’ll learn many simple and effective ways to get started with your gardening adventure, to improve your gardening techniques and outcomes, and to cultivate a food forest and “permaculture” landscape in your yard.

Hosts / Instructors: Nick DiDomenico (Founder, Elk Run Farm; Co-Founder, Drylands Agroecology Research) and Aaron William Perry (Founder, Y on Earth Community; Host, Y on Earth Community Podcast; Author, Soil Stewardship Handbook, Y on Earth, Viriditas, and Celebrating Soil), joined by other special guests.

COURSE CONTENTS: multi-chapter video course; companion gardening course booklet; FREE downloads of Aaron’s books Y on Earth and the Soil Stewardship Handbook

A variety of resources are included within the Video Course and Course Booklet, including Tools & Supplies lists, Sources for certain recommended materials, related Y on Earth Community Podcast episodes (available for FREE), and Glossary of Key Words and Concepts.

PRODUCERS: Aaron William Perry, Nick DiDomenico, Artem Nikulkov, Jordan Groth; Y on Earth Community, Drylands Agroecology Research, Earth Coast Productions.

Wisdom of Weeds - Module Cover

Wisdom of Weeds with Brigitte Mars

Led by renowned herbalist Brigitte Mars, explore the nutritive and healing properties of a variety of plants, from common garden herbs to often-overlooked "weeds." 

Sale Price: $9.99

Natural Bee Keeping - Module Cover

Natural Bee Keeping with Joy & Eric McEwen

Joy and Eric McEwen delve into the principles and practices of Natural Nest Beekeeping, an approach that emphasizes respect for the natural behaviors and environments of bees. 

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Natural Weed Management - Module Cover

Natural Weed Management with

Helen Atthowe

 Helen Atau, an experienced farmer and horticulturist, introduces participants to the concept of ecological weed suppression, emphasizing its integration into the broader context of sustainable farming practices.

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Introduction to Biodynamics - Module Cover

Introduction to Biodynamic Practices

Stuart Lundy, a seasoned biodynamic farmer based in Virginia, introduces the fundamentals of biodynamic farming.

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Compost Tea - Module Cover

Compost Tea with Shelby Kaminski

Full Lesson Coming Soon

Sale Price: $9.99