Soil Stewardship – Land Medicine & Community Stirs

Soil Activation with Biodynamic land medicine

Watch the video below to learn about Soil Activation in your neighborhood

In neighborhoods all over North America, the Y on Earth Community is helping to heal land, steward soil and enhance health and well-being through powerful Soil Activator & Land Medicine Ceremonies.

In this new video, Aaron shares how easy the Biodynamic land medicine is to give to your yard, neighborhood and community.

This is an activity we can all do at home and work, with friends and family of all ages!

Reflection & Intention Setting

  • What daily practice will you choose to connect with soil?
  • What soil stewardship activity are you most excited to get started with?
  • What soil stewardship activity do you plan to do on a weekly basis? 
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    What group activity are you most excited to experience?
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    Is there a group activity you would like to lead?

Connect with Y on Earth

Connecting with the Y on Earth Community provides you, your organization and your community powerful, accessible tools and hope-filled inspiration to enhance day-to-day health and well being while deeply aligning with global strategies for regeneration, stewardship and sustainability.