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Welcome to our Y on Earth Community Kids Corner!
Kids of all ages will enjoy Celebrating Soil. Written by Aaron William Perry, this inspiring adventure with “brother and sister” is especially enchanting with Yvonne Kozlina’s beautiful watercolor paintings!

  • Join Brother & Sister on a journey of discovery
  • Learn about the living magic of soil
  • Become a soil steward in your community

Take the Soil Stewardship Pledge and join this great movement toward THRIVING & SUSTAINABILITY!


I _______________  believe that my connection with living soil is sacred.

I promise to be a faithful steward of soil, and thus of Mother Earth - through my direct interactions with soil as well as the indirect influences of my personal choices and consumer demand.

I promise to be mindful of my impact upon soil every day.

I will compost all of my organic kitchen scraps and food waste.

I will grow plants inside and a garden outside.

I will touch soil with my hands every day.

I will gently and joyfully encourage others to join this Soil Stewardship Guild.

I will do all that I can to establish living soil installations at home, at work and elsewhere in my community.

I understand that soil-building is a powerful way to reverse climate change.

I understand that healthy, vibrant soil is key to nourishing food and clean water.

I know that our existence as humans is dependent on soil.

I vow to be an excellent soil steward and to help others to do the same.

(faith in living soil)

Reflection & Intention Setting

  • What daily practice will you choose to connect with soil?
  • What soil stewardship activity are you most excited to get started with?
  • What soil stewardship activity do you plan to do on a weekly basis? 
  • What group activity are you most excited to experience?
  • Is there a group activity you would like to lead?

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