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Welcome to our Y on Earth Community Kids Corner!

Kids of all ages will enjoy our special “Celebration” series of children’s books, written by Aaron William Perry and illustrated by Yvonne Kozlina. With easily understood information, as well as inspiration to make a difference, each story presents Brother and Sister on a learning adventure together. And, in each story, the ethnicity of Brother and Sister is different, making the series beautiful in its celebration of diversity too.

Biodynamic Child

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​Celebrating Soil

  • Join Brother & Sister on a journey of discovery
  • ​Learn about the magic of soil
  • ​Become a soil steward in your community

​Celebrating ​Honeybees

  • ​Learn about the critical importance of bees and other pollinators
  • ​Plant pollinator-friendly gardens and take other action to help the bees
  • ​Become a ​honeybee ​guardian in your community
Celebrating Water

Celebrating Water


  • ​Coming soon in 2020 – pre-order your signed copy today!
Celebrating Trees Coming Soon

​More in this series coming soon...

  • ​​Celebrating Trees
  • ​Celebrating Community​
  • ​Celebrating Sunshine​
  • ​Celebrating Climate​

Reflection & Intention Setting

  • What daily practice will you choose to connect with soil?
  • What soil stewardship activity are you most excited to get started with?
  • What soil stewardship activity do you plan to do on a weekly basis? 
  • What group activity are you most excited to experience?
  • Is there a group activity you would like to lead?

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