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​Personal Spa Experience at Your Fingertips
Aromatherapy & Phytonutrient Infused Bathing Salts

​The Y on Earth Community has established a very special supporting partnership with Wele Waters.

Wele Waters is gifting jars of its healing phytonutrient rich aromatherapy soaking salts to supporters of the Y on Earth Community who join the Monthly Giving Program.

This win/win/win arrangement – an example of circular and regenerative economy – is a wonderful way to enhance your self-care and personal wellbeing practice, while also supporting the Y on Earth Community’s mobilization work for climate action, soil regeneration and culture of kindness.

Not only does the monthly shipment from Wele Waters give you a gentle reminder to maintain your soaking ceremony self-care practice,  an extra jar or two on hand also serve as great gifts for birthday parties and special events.

Support the Y on Earth Community​

With your Monthly Giving contribution AND enhance your well-being practice!

Join this special Monthly Giving Program offer and you’ll receive:

  • Monthly shipment of one Wele Waters jar of your choice at the $33+/month level
  • 3-pack at the $88+/month level
  • Monthly shipment of the Premium Pack
     5-pack at the $133+/month level