Up-level Your Wellbeing Practice in 2020 with Wele Waters Soaking Salts! Happy New Year 2020! It's a perfect time to deepen your well-being practices and up-level your thriving and stewardship[...]
The Amazon Fires: Notre Dame, Nostra Culpa—Our House is Burning
Aaron William Perry writes for Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. Our Lady is burning! The[...]
“Talking Dirt in the Village” – West View News article (NYC) by Aaron William Perry
(article published November 2019) Our village—The Village—is the most fertile ground of American culture: magnificent, gritty, thoughtful, proud.  Long before[...]
Aaron Perry in Little Falls, NY – returning from YOuth & Indigenous Climate March / UN Climate Week in NYC 2019 Aaron Perry along the Mohawk River in Little Falls, NY, about to drive back to Colorado after 3 weeks[...]
Aaron Perry, Embarking on Journey to NYC for Climate Week Aaron Perry in the Rocky Mountains, Preparing for Eastward Journey for Climate Week in New York City Aaron Perry[...]
Rev. Flecher Harper, Exec. Dir. of Green Faith, Addresses Leadership Summit Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of the global organization Green Faith, addressing the Y on Earth Community's Leadership Summit:[...]
Blake Terry, Y on Earth Ambassador, Reflects on Leadership Summit Blake Terry, Y on Earth Community Ambassador, describes his experience at the recent "Massively Mobilizing Sustainability" Deep Leadership Summit,[...]
Ambassador Shantelle Reamer – Massively Mobilizing Sustainability! One of our newest Community Impact Ambassadors (and Core Team Leader), Shantelle Reamer, discusses her recent experience at the[...]
Greendreamer Podcast Episode – Aaron Perry w/ Host Kamea Chayne Sharing his wisdom here is Aaron Perry, an author and the founder of environmental nonprofit Y on Earth. Hear about the[...]
Purium Gives Opportunity & Unboxing Shop Aaron Perry shares and discusses the Purium 40 Day Challenge he is undertaking in order to improve his[...]
Aaron Perry at Ecosystems Summit 2018 – Boulder, CO Author and Y on Earth Community Founder Aaron Perry shares a message of hope and mobilizing action at the[...]
We Need Dirtier Politicians & Executives!
Politicians and Executives are not getting dirty enough – they need to get dirtier! Especially if we are going to[...]
Guest Appearance – Aaron Perry on Waldorf’s WE Talk Podcast Author and community leader Aaron William Perry shares his recent conversation with Nita June Davanzo, on her "WE Talk"[...]
[PRESS RELEASE] AWSNA Taps Y on Earth Community
PRESS RELEASE! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               Contact:               Aaron Perry, Y on Earth Community Phone:                 (303) 717-9707 Email:                  [...]
Sailing the Seas of Sustainability – How Good is Your Map?
(As Originally Published on Medium) We are all sailing together in uncharted waters. I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. But the[...]
A Perfect Storm… of Hope
(As Originally Published on Medium) We are living in the middle of a perfect storm — or, at least on the front[...]
Choose Your Bio-Chemical Destiny Today – Connect with Soil!
This may come as a surprise to you, but… drum roll… SOIL is key to sustained well-being, enhanced cognitive performance,[...]
State of the Soil Address 2018
State of the Soil Address 2018 by Aaron William Perry: "As President Franklin Roosevelt told us, 'A nation that destroys[...]
“Brad Lidge and Aaron William Perry share Y on Earth Community (December 2017)”
Aaron Perry and Philadelphia Phillies legend Brad Lidge share the Y on Earth Community at a holiday fundraiser in Boulder,[...]
“Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, On the Purchase of Whole Foods” – Elephant Journal Article by Aaron William Perry (9/7/17)
I write to you with enthusiasm and excitement for the potential that Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods has to[...]
“A Miracle We Can Cultivate in Our Own Backyards.” – Elephant Journal Article by Aaron William Perry
When was the last time you had a sexy encounter in the garden or near the compost pile? Or a[...]
A Phillies legend and his childhood friend want you to be stewards of the earth
There’s more to life than baseball, but it didn’t feel that way on the night of Oct. 29, 2008, when[...]
2 Great American Pastimes to keep us Humble & in Good Humor.
What do baseball and gardening have in common? These two great American pastimes have a certain timelessness to them, a[...]
Aaron Perry’s kickstarter preview: 5 earthy & actually-fun things to make us actually-smarter & happier.
Aaron Perry’s kickstarter preview: 5 earthy & actually-fun things to make us actually-smarter & happier. Check out this fun video[...]
Ageless Wisdom that helps us Think Better, Smile More.
Go take a hike. Ever heard this phrase before? Not always the nicest thing to hear, right? But what if “taking[...]
Soil Spirituality
What is Soil Spirituality? Many of us have heard the term, “from dust to dust”—that “we are dust and to[...]
How to detoxify, relax…& heal. With my friend Aaron William Perry & his new book!
How to detoxify, relax…& heal. With my friend Aaron William Perry & his new book! Y on Earth author, Aaron[...]