Bailey Hardman

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Bailey Hardman is a freelance permaculture intern and land steward in training. She took a Permaculture design course at Colorado Mesa University and has since been an intern for multiple Permaculture farms in both Colorado and California. Bailey has experience in a variety of topics including Permaculture practices, animal management and rotations, growing food and herbs, Biodynamic preparation, silvopasture trials, water management, earth based practices, honoring indigenous tradition, farm based preschool teaching, ecosystem restoration research, regenerative design, and land stewardship. Bailey is inspired to grow food and medicine wherever she is guided in life, including the embodiment of inner restoration as equal to earth restoration. She believes that direct interaction with soil, plants, food, animals, water, weather and each other is key to connecting with the divine gifts inside of us to share with the world. Bailey is always open for connection and collaboration with others.

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