Julie von Dannenberg

Berlin, Germany

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Julie studied law and Modern History first at Freiburg, Germany and then Oxford University, graduating with a Doctor of Philosophy in Modern History from Oxford University in Modern History. Her professional life has been colourful, working across various disciplines, from political research, to investment management, to real estate development, to luxury fashion business development. While enjoying her academic achievements and work stations, she has always been on the search for some deeper sense of fulfilment and her true identity. This has led her on a year-long journey since her early adulthood, diving into the world of personal development and holistic healing, reading numerous books, attending workshops and seminars, and doing psychotherapy. Ultimately, it has led her to a Taoist healer and teacher who introduced powerful soul-healing techniques, which felt like an instant revelation. She experienced profound transformation and healing of limited programming. After years of practice and training, she launched a soul healing business together with her twin sister wishing to share their experience and offer this powerful healing modality to serve as many clients as possible. She is passionate about holistic healing and all forms of activities aiming to heal and self-empower others and to uplift individual and collective consciousness to a new level of consciousness of oneness on our planet. In relation to this, she is particularly passionate about singing and being in touch with nature, as powerful tools for self-alignment and elevating consciousness. Further passions are sports and outdoor activities, like going for walks, hiking, skiing, surfing, playing Tennis. She loves to connect with people and be part of communities, to go out and party. 

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