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Mat is a landscape architect working across the Front Range and the far reaches of Colorado. First and foremost an ecologist, his practice is focused on resilient and regenerative design principles. He believes that the measure of any human landscape must function in accord with local, native ecosystems, supporting their process and function, and where applicable, be a regenerative force while serving human purposes.Originally from “The City of Brotherly Love”, Mat first arrived in Boulder to teach Environmental Design at the University of Colorado as Senior Instructor. Prior to this, he taught at Temple University, Philadelphia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. His professional practice has spanned across the US, as well internationally in Australia, The Fiji Islands, Switzerland, and Germany. Mat currently currently collaborating with Drylands Agroceology Research (.org) on several farms along the Front Range, focused on regenerative principles in silvopasture and permaculture practice. In addition, he consults for a 200 acre research and agroforestry station, Toucan Ridge Education and Ecology Society (TREES), in Belize, C.A. on permaculture design, resilient infrastructures, education programs, and future planning.

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