Nisha Mary Poulose

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Nisha Mary Poulose is an award-winning architect and bioregional planner, whose career is at the confluence of human habitat, planning, and ecology. Her regenerative focus has been the guiding force behind her work, as is the deep bond she shares with nature. She is the founder and technical lead of a multi-disciplinary spatial planning+design firm in India- Woven Design Collaborative. She is also the Executive Director of Regenerative Rising, in the US- An organisation devoted to elevating and forwarding regenerative principles.

Her expertise lies in creating and implementing strategic interventions for re-integration of natural systems into human habitats that enables the transition into an eco-centric paradigm. She is a part of the South Asia Bioregionalism Working Group and co-led a research project on mapping bioregions in India. She is also a co-convener for the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), whom she supports with strategic visions and action plans for integrated regional development to preserve human and natural heritage, with regenerative livelihoods and native wisdom at the centre.

She grew up in Kottayam, a small town in Kerala- the South-Western coastal State in India known for its natural and cultural heritage and abundant tropical biodiversity.

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