Aaron Perry  |  CSO for Hire

Because Scaling Goodness is Great for Business.

I am a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) on-call for executives, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders.

I support companies, universities, municipalities and faith communities to develop and achieve their sustainability objectives, and to amplify that story through their ecosystems of stakeholders, value-chains and communities served.

Adapt or Die.

Why? | Markets are massively shifting – especially as boomers retire in droves and millennials acquire more and more spending stature and demand power, they are demanding authentically sustainable brands and products. This sea-change presents enormous market-share and growth opportunities to companies and organizations led by vision, intelligence, perspective and a commitment to stewardship. But, this awesome and rapidly growing wave of change also represents massive risk to those not rapidly adapting in these exciting and unprecedented times.

Catalytic nexus at the nerve center.

What does a CSO do?

Blending the skills and perspectives of a CEO, CFO, COO, CMO and CPO (VP-HR), the Chief Sustainability Officer is a catalytic nexus at the nerve-center of the organization, and collaborates with stakeholders throughout the ecosystem (c-suite leadership, middle management, staff, customers, suppliers and community members) in order to identify, launch, and achieve sustainability objectives.
Combining principles of stewardship and regeneration with authentic and creative messaging and marketing campaigns, CSO’s help organizations grow and maintain market share by appealing to society’s rapidly growing demand for sustainability and by demonstrating that the organization is a leader in its commitment to caring for people and planet while providing high quality goods and services to customers.

Aptitude. Expertise. Optimism.

Who?  | Aaron’s SOQ’s Having launched and managed companies in the natural food, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and resource recycling spaces, Aaron has 25 years of experience in management and leadership in high-growth environments. Providing products and services to giants like Walmart, Whole Foods, Vail Resorts, Chipotle, the Denver Broncos and the University of Colorado, Aaron’s companies helped those brands achieve sustainability goals and objectives. He has also given inspirational seminars and symposia at Kaiser Permanente, Loyola University-Chicago, Regis University and many others. Aaron is also a social philosopher and understands that in addition to technical solutions, we require a massive sea-change in our cultural ethos, our leadership principles, and our social values in order to win in this century of sustainability. The most significant, most profitable companies and organizations in our near future will have successfully traveled the complex path to sustainability – are you going to be one of them?

Core CSO Packages

Core CSO Packages

  • Level 1: Gearing Up. Lead your organization toward authentic sustainability. (1 month)
  • Level 2: Pursuing. Implement near-term objectives and cultivate long-term opportunities. (90 days)
  • Level 3: Excelling. Develop and deploy deep strategies and change-making campaigns. (1 year)

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Gearing Up

Simple, fast and effective



  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Value-Chain Analysis
  • Employee / HR Analysis
  • Community Engagement / Service Analysis 
  • Technology & Culture Analysis
  • check
    Recommendations Report
  • check
    Summary Recommendations Presentation for Team

Developing, deploying and change-making



  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Value-Chain Analysis
  • Employee / HR Analysis
  • Community Engagement / Service Analysis 
  • Technology & Culture Analysis
  • check
    Recommendations Report
  • check
    Summary Recommendations Presentation for Team
  • check
    Collaborate with Team to Produce 90-Day Action Plan
  • check
    Weekly Conference Call
  • check
    Executive Support
  • check
    1-Day Summary Workshop
  • check
    Podcast Episode Feature
  • check
    Weekly Executive Call & Implementation Support
  • check
    Quarterly Seminars/Trainings for Team
  • check
    Product Promotion via Y on Earth Approved Social Media (if applicable)
  • check
    Community Event & Live Streaming
  • check
    Quarterly Progress Reports & Plan Refinement

Additional CSO Packages

​​On-Call ServicesActivate deep advisory and strategic support – available to select clients only.

B-Corp Certification. From Assessment to initial score, and then continuous improvement thereafter.

Curated On-Site Workshops. Enrich, inspire and educate your team with custom experiences.

Individual Leader Retreats. Refresh, reflect and envision from mountaintops of perspective.

A la Carte Services. Augment your C-Suite capabilities in key domains.

  • Business Model Assessment
  • B-Corp Certification Advising & Guidance
  • CFO-for-hire Services (monthly, quarterly, ongoing, ad hoc)
  • CEO Advising & Coaching Services (monthly, quarterly, ongoing, ad hoc)
  • Executive/Management Speaker & Presenter Training
  • Financial Modeling of Existing and/or New Business Lines
  • Pitch-Deck Development for Capital Campaigns
  • Pitch-Deck Development for Stakeholder/Communication Campaigns

Early-stage and non-profit organizations may qualify for special pricing – contact me to learn more.

About Aaron

Working with high-performing impact entrepreneurs, dedicated management teams, triple-bottom-line companies, faith communities, educational institutions and other innovative organizations dedicated to care of Earth and Humanity, I help to develop and enhance leaders, to cultivate vision, and to implement practical strategies for sustainability.

Aaron's Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting, A/P, A/R, Financial Statements
  • Board Development & Management
  • Business Plan Development
  • Capital Raising Campaigns
  • C-Level Leadership Training
  • Company Culture Development
  • Ecological Value Chain Formation
  • Entity Formation & Launch
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Financial Modeling
  • Food Systems Design & Development
  • Human Resources
  • Inspirational & Service Leadership
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Legal Contracts & Negotiation
  • Literature & Cultural History
  • Logistics
  • Management Training
  • Marketing, Sales, Branding
  • Operations & Systems Development
  • Pitch Deck Development
  • Political Economy & Philosophy
  • Presentation/Deck Development
  • Pro Forma/Financial Modeling
  • Process/Workflow & Procedure Development
  • Profit Sharing/Team Incentives
  • Project/New Enterprise Assessment/Development
  • Quickbooks/Accounting Software
  • Renewable Energy Markets & Technologies
  • Software Design, Development & Evaluation
  • Storytelling, Written & Verbal Communication
  • Strategic Visioning/Planning/Implementation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Food, Land & Agriculture Systems
  • Systems Design for Regenerative Sustainability
  • Work/Life Balance & Healthy, Grounded Leadership

Envision. Articulate. Inspire. Pursue.

My proprietary framework focuses on performance and profit enhancement by rapidly assessing opportunities in five key domains of responsibility, four interconnected domains of action, and three essential domains of connection:

Domains of Connection




Domains of Action





Domains of Responsibility





Human Resources