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Get your hands in the soil and:

  • Improve your health and well-being by connecting with soil
  • Reverse climate change through soil-building
  • Join the global soil stewardship movement

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Your Garden Bundle includes:

  • Soil Stewardship Handbook – signed copy
  • Biochar – 5 gallon box from High Plains Biochar
  • Soil Activator – probiotic soil booster from Sustainable Settings
  • Y on Earth – signed copy
  • Y on Earth – audiobook
  • Soil Stewardship Pledge certificate

Soil Stewardship Handbook

5 Gallons of Biochar

Biodynamic Soil Activator

Y on Earth Audiobook

Y on Earth Book

Soil Stewardship Pledge

Soil Stewardship Handbook – this beautiful resource will guide you on your journey to soil stewardship mastery!

Biochar – this premium High Plains Biochar is ready to add to your gardening and houseplant soil mixes! Biochar enhances water efficiency, provides microbiome habitat and helps to reverse climate change through long-term carbon sequestration.

Soil Activator – specially prepared by our friends at Sustainable Settings, this biodynamic soil preparation is a powerful probiotic booster for your soil! It will activate biological activity in your soil and is a great way to inoculate your biochar so that it’s teaming with life in your soil.

Y on Earth – keep this Thriving and Sustainability treasure and resource by your bedside, on your coffee table or anywhere else where you’ll have easy access to its many “life-hacks” and “at-your-fingertip” stewardship practices!

Y on Earth audiobook – now you can experience the 33 chapters of Y on Earth while out gardening, on your way to work, traveling, or on the go around town!

Soil Stewardship Pledge – beautifully printed on certificate quality paper, and with an original endorsement signature from Y on Earth author and founder Aaron William Perry, you’ll want to sign and hang this powerful statement in your home or office!

With the Y on Earth books and resources, you’re ready to take your gardening, stewardship and soil-based well-being practices to the next level!

Learn more about Biochar at High Plains Biochar
Learn more about Soil Activator at Biodynamic Source

Get your hands in the dirt and cultivate well-being in your life with the Y on Earth Garden Bundle!
You’ll get equal parts inspiration, information and special soil-building ingredients for your garden, yard and houseplants!

Rowdy Yeatts

High Plains Biochar

BioChar is a carbon rich product that is extremely porous with massive amounts of surface area, essentially a blank carbon sponge. As a soil amendment this sponge retains water and nutrients as well as provides a home for beneficial microorganisms to grow.

100% Y On Earth Approved Products

The products in this Garden Bundle are Y on Earth Approved. The Y on Earth team has officially selected these soil building products from artisan manufacturers of high-quality products that are ideally suited for organic gardening, farming and landscaping.