State of the Soil Address 2018

By Aaron Perry | Soil Stewardship

Jan 31

State of the Soil Address 2018 by Aaron William Perry: “As President Franklin Roosevelt told us, ‘A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.’ Friends, our soil needs our help…”


About the Author

Aaron William Perry is a writer, public speaker, impact entrepreneur, consultant, artist and father. The author of Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better, Heal the Planet, Aaron works with the Y on Earth Community and Impact Ambassadors to spread the THRIVING & SUSTAINABILITY messages of hopeful and empowering information and inspiration to diverse communities throughout the world. He resides in Colorado where he is continually in awe of the weather, appreciate of the singing birds, and entertained by the antics of his backyard, free-range (and free-thinking) chickens.

  • Susan says:

    Thank you Aaron for presenting this crucial issue in a format which folks can understand. Motivating us to join with other humans in stewardship. If people can see the large issue of climate change as being influenced by personal choices, we can make more conscious and healthful choices. I want to connect with others regarding soil stewardship!

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