Soil Werks

Soil Werks provides regenerative soil boosting products and services. Launched as a Social Enterprise in the Y on Earth Community ecosystem, Soil Werks donates all of its proceeds to the Y on Earth Community’s mobilization, soil stewardship, climate action, and neighborhood resiliency work.

Soil Werks collaborates with organic, Biodynamic and Permaculture farms throughout the United States and world-wide. Our specialty soil products come from a special network of practitioners and farmers who combine traditional expertise with advanced innovation.


Biodynamic Garden Bath Bomb

This unique product combines traditional Biodynamic 500 and Soil Activator / Horn Manure preparation in a specially formulated “bath bomb” casing of Magnesium Sulfate (a naturally occurring plant fertilizer), and special garden-boosting blend of medicinal herbs (nettles, dandelion, hemp).

It’s easy to use! Simply stir your Biodynamic Garden Bath Bomb into 2-3 gallons of luke-warm water, and then spray or sprinkle it onto your garden and yard with a watering can or other gentle liquid applicator. It’s fun for all ages, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and extra vitality in your garden!

Connect with Y on Earth

Connecting with the Y on Earth Community provides you, your organization and your community powerful, accessible tools and hope-filled inspiration to enhance day-to-day health and well being while deeply aligning with global strategies for regeneration, stewardship and sustainability.