Activating & Amplifying the Regeneration Renaissance

Stewardship. Sustainability. Wellbeing. Prosperity.

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Thriving Now & Cultivating a Culture of Stewardship & Sustainability

The Y on Earth Community is a movement led by Ambassadors that empowers people with practical, hands-on information and inspiration to enhance health and well-being (Thriving) while deeply aligning our lives and communities with global strategies for regeneration and stewardship (Sustainability). By combining joyful practices, fun meet-ups, workshops, and positive, hope-filled stories and celebration, the Y on Earth Community balances courage with humility, action with reflection, and cultivates love (or motivation) as we work and play to transform ourselves and our world.

Connect with Y on Earth

Connecting with the Y on Earth Community provides you, your organization and your community powerful, accessible tools and hope-filled inspiration to enhance day-to-day health and well being while deeply aligning with global strategies for regeneration, stewardship and sustainability.


The Y on Earth ecosystem of unique content, products and Community Impact Ambassadors is activating essential and powerful behavior change for peak performance, for community cohesion and for global sustainability. Our core framework for Thriving has five essential themes: 

  • Food & Drink
  • Nature
  • Movement
  • Soil
  • Well Being Practices

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Who is The Y on Earth Community

The Y on Earth Community works humbly in many diverse communities, activating powerful change at individual, community and organizational levels that are helping to cultivate a global culture of stewardship and sustainability. Through our growing Ambassador network we empower people and organizations as we:

  • Communicate & Facilitate
  • Inform & Inspire
  • Document & Celebrate

Who is Aaron William Perry

Author and founder Aaron William Perry is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker consultant and father. The author of Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better, Heal the Planet and his recently published "epic eco-thriller" Viriditas: The Great Healing Is Within Our Power, Aaron works with the Y on Earth Community and Impact Ambassadors to spread their THRIVING & SUSTAINABILITY messages of hopeful and empowering information and inspiration to diverse communities throughout the world. He resides and works on a regenerative farm in Colorado where he loves to hike in the mountains, is continually in awe of the ever-changing weather, and entertained by the hilarious antics of the free-range (and free-thinking) ducks and chickens.