Politicians and Executives are not getting dirty enough – they need to get dirtier!

Especially if we are going to succeed as a society and persevere in the face of the immense challenges looming before us – we need our leaders to get really, really dirty.

Down and dirty!

We need leaders with iron-clad strength of spirit, unwavering courage and fortitude, and the special intelligence that understands how to navigate the perfect storms of social, political, economic, and ecologic risks endemic to these blustery times.

Our leaders must not falter, they must not waiver, and they must not hide in the comforts of their gated communities, high-rise executive suites, or the exclusive, lofty climes of their private jets.

Our leaders need to be firm and steadfast in the performance of their duties and obligations. They need to get down to Earth and get really, really dirty.


Why – what’s the problem? Well there’s actually a huge problem, and a widespread problem.  You see…


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