Massively Mobilizing Sustainability

Deep Leadership for the 21st Century

May 17-19
Star House Private Retreat Center
Boulder, Colorado

Featured Speakers

Aaron W. Perry

Massively Mobilizing Sustainability

Y on Earth Community

Author & Founder

Brad Lidge

Leadership, Grit, Performance

World Series Champion

Philadelphia Phillies

Claudia Nanino

Breathing for Deep Leadership & Organizational Transformation

Advertising & Marketing Division

Wall Street Journal (formerly)

Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis, MD

Resilience, Adaptability, Hope – Leadership Excellence in the Age of VUCA

President & CEO

Craig Hospital

Artem Nikulkov

Mastering Our Digital Noosphere – Messaging, Audience, & Mission-Driven Communication

Media Marketing Strategist

Earth Coast Productions

Catherine Greener

Creating A Finer Future – Mobilizing & Scaling Goodness Globally

Natural Capitalism Solutions


Greener Solutions Inc. 


Kevin Townley

Life Force Based Leadership - an Alchemy of Humility, Intention
& Collaboration

Alchemist & Geometer

Patricia Frazier

Massively Scaling Regeneration & Stewardship: The Biodynamic Alchemy of Hope

Biodynamic Association & Josephine Porter Institute

Brett KenCairn

Climate Change
Doorway to Transformative Change

Senior Sustainability Advisor

City of Boulder

Dr. Adam Blanning, MD

Rest, Resilience & Human Development in an Accelerated World

CEO Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies

Dayna Seraye

Embodied Wisdom & Movement Alchemy for Deep Leadership


Hanuman Academy

Dan Matsch

Mobilizing Community Soil Stewardship - 
Neighborhood by Neighborhood



Maria Cooper

An Exquisite Cuisine for High Performance,
Heart-Based Leadership

Executive Chef

Highland City Club

Darren Silver

Nature Connection: Deep Wisdom, Deep Intelligence.

Rite of Passage Educator

* Preliminary speaker line up

Full speaker line-up will be confirmed and announced in the weeks leading up to the Summit

  • Early Bird Sale $499 (March 2019)
  • Main Sale $799 (April 2019)
  • Last Minute Sale $999 (May 2019)
  • Customized Group Pricing Available for 3 or more*
  • Non-profit & Educator Subsidized Price: $199

*Contact us to discuss custom group pricing

Current Sponsors of the Summit

Facilitated by Aaron W. Perry

Aaron William Perry is a nationally-acclaimed author, speaker, business consultant, and sustainability expert, who works with communities, corporations and universities throughout the US.

“I have designed this “Massively Mobilizing Sustainability” Summit using our Y on Earth Community framework, which has two key pillars: Thriving & Sustainability. I have personally selected and invited the speaker line-up, and am curating this unique experience in order to inspire and empower you to enhance your change-making impact. I will be the guide and facilitator of the entire 3-day experience, and am looking forward to collaborating with you to help cultivate a culture of stewardship and sustainability together!”

Conference Attendees Will:

  • Have exclusive access to premier speakers, leaders, and visionaries
  • Receive intimate, expert leadership training for cultural transformation
  • Receive $100s in books, resources, and product give-away prizes
  • Hear and see ancient secrets and modern insights for transformational leadership
  • Understand the Economic and Ecological Context in which we’re globally situated
  • See and hear how Soil, Water, and Atmosphere are the 3 Keys to Sustainability
  • Understand the 5 Biggest Risks Our Society Currently Faces
  • Receive & Deploy the 6 Most Powerful Solutions to Transform our Culture
  • Meet & Connect with Other Business and Educational Leaders for Cross-Pollination
  • Inherit unlimited user-licensing on powerful technologies to deploy in your organization
  • Receive a Powerful, Life-Changing Download of Strategies & Tools to Transform Your Organization & Community
  • Relax & Immerse in Nature in an Exquisite Private Retreat Center in the Mountains outside Boulder, Colorado.


Gain the comprehensive perspectives and insights needed to navigate the risk-filled and opportunity-rich waters of the coming years and decades. Equipped with a Sustainability Marketplace Map, Recommendations for Sequenced Action, and Quick-Uptake Tools to Share with your team, you will rapidly transform your company culture, customer messaging, and stewardship legacy.


Utilize the Most Advanced Comprehensive Framework for Stewardship & Sustainability Curriculum and Pedagogy. Propel and Equip your Students for Life-Long Learning, and Social Equity and Environmentally Restorative Careers – across all disciplines!


Scale Deep Sustainability and Deep Success, but minimize the Stress!

Advanced and Holistic resources to align and mobilize your enterprise and your leadership for massive impact. Ensure that your enterprise has a rock-solid Foundation of Stewardship at the core of its business model - and that you're telling this story with expert acumen!

  • Early Bird Sale $499 (March 2019)
  • Main Sale $799 (April 2019)
  • Last Minute Sale $999 (May 2019)
  • Customized Group Pricing Available for 3 or more*
  • Non-profit & Educator Subsidized Price: $199

*Contact us to discuss custom group pricing

Lodging Options

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  • Millenium Harvest House                   $$
  • St. Julien                                                 $$$$

Connect with Y on Earth

Connecting with the Y on Earth Community provides you, your organization and your community powerful, accessible tools and hope-filled inspiration to enhance day-to-day health and well being while deeply aligning with global strategies for regeneration, stewardship and sustainability.