Soil Stewardship Handbook (Print)

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Soil Stewardship Handbook (Print)

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First Edition paperback copy of Soil Stewardship Handbook – an integrated, informative and inspiring exploration of the many connections between thriving and sustainability in the 21st Century.


The Soil Stewardship Handbook is a concise overview of humanity’s dependence upon soil for health and wellbeing. Soil is essential for climate stabilization, for healthy, nutrient-dense food, for ecosystem vitality, and even for our own immune system, cognitive, and endocrine system performance. In this beautiful handbook, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of soil essentials, as well as dozens of concrete, actionable soil stewardship steps you can incorporate into your daily life at home, at work, and in your community. Climate action, soil regeneration, thriving and sustainability – all begin with soil stewardship!

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