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  • Episode 100 – Aaron William Perry Interviewed by Artem Nikulkov
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 100 - Aaron William Perry Interviewed by Artem Nikulkov

In this special episode, Aaron William Perry, founder of the Y on Earth Community and host of the Y on Earth Community Podcast is interviewed by Artem Nikulkov, founder of Earth Coast Productions and member of the Y on Earth board of Directors.

Celebrating 100 episodes, Aaron discusses highlights from past episodes, collaborations and accomplishments, and looks ahead to new resources and partnerships being developed. From regenerative economics and the Y on Earth Approved ecosystem of affiliate partnerships to biodynamic soil restoration, and from organic herbal tea to understanding our collective deep history, Aaron contextualizes the essence and urgency of the Y on Earth Community’s mobilization work for climate action, soil regeneration, neighborhood resilience, health and wellness, and the cultivation of a culture of kindness.

Recalling past episodes with Brook LeVan and Stephanie Sysons from biodynamic farm Sustainable Settings, to Nancy Tuchman of Loyola University – Chicago’s School of Environmental Sustainability, author Judith Schwarz, Green Faith director Reverend Fletcher Harper, Ecosystem Restoration Camps founder John Liu, and the Capital Institute’s John Fullerton, and David Beasley of 2020 Nobel Peace Prize recipient World Food Programme, Aaron shares a comprehensive view of regeneration, stewardship and sustainability – across both ecological and economic domains.

Aaron discusses several key initiatives and campaigns in the works for 2021 and beyond, including resources for Home Owners Associations (HOAs), the third children’s book with artist Yvonne Kozlina’s beautiful paintings (“Celebrating Water”), the completion and publishing of an epic novel currently in the final writing stages, video and resource production in collaboration with Nick DiDomenico and Marissa Pulaski at Elk Run Farm and Drylands Agroecology Research, and many more great podcast episodes to come. He also announces a brand new partnership with Patagonia and Patagonia Provisions – adding to the Y on Earth Approved ecosystem of companies like Earth Hero, Purium, Zeal Optics, Vera Herbals, Growing Spaces, Liquid Trainer, Wele Waters, Soil Werks, and Chelsea Green Publishers.

Sipping biodynamically grown herbal tisane with nettle, dandelion, chamomile, hemp, and calendula, Aaron discusses the essential importance of our direct relationships with plants, soil, water, and community, and shares how heart-centric action is necessary for the transformation of our global economy, culture and the restoration of our shared Earth.

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