Episode 24 – David G. Haskell – The Songs of Trees

By Aaron Perry

Jan 08
David Haskell Podcast

Episode 24 – David G. Haskell – The Songs of Trees
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The Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature’s Great Connectors

Professor David Haskell, the author of “The Songs of Trees” and “The Forest Unseen,” discusses the amazing world of trees, and their vital role in terrestrial ecosystems world-wide. Moreover, he describes the importance of human relationship with trees – whether in dense urban cities or vast wilderness expanses – and of “listening to” their essential, vivifying effects on our minds, bodies and spirits.

Winner of the 2012 National Outdoor Book Award for Natural History Literature, and the 2013 Reed Environmental Writing Award. Dr. Haskell delivers a unique perspective grounded in modern biological/ecological science and enriched by a more prosaic and timeless cultural ethos of connection and biophilia. His most recent book, “The Songs of Trees,” was named one of the Best Science Books of 2017 by Public Radio International’s “Science Friday,” and was selected by Forbes.com as one of the 10 Best Environment, Climate Science and Conservation Books of 2017.

Enjoy this discussion between author David Haskell and podcast host Aaron William Perry – set in close proximity to towering Cottonwoods along the gently flowing Boulder Creek with scores of ducks in the background!


About the Author

Aaron William Perry is a writer, public speaker, impact entrepreneur, consultant, artist and father. The author of Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better, Heal the Planet, Aaron works with the Y on Earth Community and Impact Ambassadors to spread the THRIVING & SUSTAINABILITY messages of hopeful and empowering information and inspiration to diverse communities throughout the world. He resides in Colorado where he is continually in awe of the weather, appreciate of the singing birds, and entertained by the antics of his backyard, free-range (and free-thinking) chickens.