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  • Episode 12 – Maureen Hart – Exec. Dir. Int’l Society of Sustainability Professionals
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 12 – Maureen Hart – Exec. Dir. Int'l Society of Sustainability Professionals

Maureen Hart, Executive Director of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), discusses the importance of systems thinking (vs. narrow, short-term thinking) and balance in both environmental and social systems as fundamental to sustainability. In her discussion with Aaron Perry, she makes the business case for sustainability – especially with the rising tide of Certified B-Corporations. Maureen also shares a bit from her personal life, and how cycling, eating organic food, and walking in the woods instead of shopping are key aspects of her personal stewardship and sustainability practice! She reminds us that “you can’t repeal the laws of nature!”

Listeners can enjoy a special $25 discount on their ISSP membership fees – act now as this is only available to the first 25 who respond!

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