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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 128 - Ruby Au, Head of North America, Ecosia Search Engine

“Searching” for Climate Action

Ruby Au, Head of North America at Ecosia, discusses how the transition to stakeholder capitalism is enabling more positive impact for people and planet than business as usual. Reflecting on her international experience as an impact and social entrepreneur, Ruby observes how differently business is approached in different cultures, including how the “calculations” tend to take different variables into account, whether formally or informally. At her current post at Ecosia, a social enterprise search engine that dedicates its profits to climate action, Ruby heads their North American division of operations. Learn about climate action, ethical business practices, purpose-driven and service-driven technology companies, and more in this inspiring episode.


“Make Ecosia.org your default search engine browser!”

– Ruby Au, Head of North America, Ecosia.org

About Ruby Au

Ruby Au is the Head of North America at Ecosia, where she is responsible for Ecosia’s user growth and market strategy across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Prior to joining Ecosia, Ruby worked in Nairobi’s social impact & tech startup scene, where she founded and exited Lumen Labs, a Nairobi-based EdTech company. She later launched the African office for San Francisco startup Endless Computers as their Business Development Lead in Africa. Ruby holds dual degrees in Business and Environmental Science from the University of Southern California. 

About Ecosia

Ecosia is a not-for-profit tech company based in Berlin, Germany that dedicates 100% of its profits to the planet. It finances tree-planting projects as well as other environmental and social initiatives, such as solar power plants and community-driven climate projects. By offering users a green alternative to search and browse online, Ecosia has been able to plant over 160 million trees worldwide. The company is B-Certified, and maintains high standards of transparency, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship throughout its operations and spheres of influence. Additionally, the company maintains strong data sovereignty practices so that its users are not trailed by the same digital footprint found in other for-profit search engines and digital marketing platforms.



Chicago project: https://blog.ecosia.org/openlands/ 

Los Angeles project: https://blog.ecosia.org/urban-tree-equity/ 


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