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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 132 - Hanne Strong, Founder, Manitou Foundation

[The Magic of Crestone & the Manitou Foundation] Hanne Strong, Founder and President of the Manitou Foundation, discusses her work in the environmental, cultural, and spiritual arenas. With decades of work and collaboration at the global level, including at the first UN Summit on the Environment in Rio de Janeiro and many of the Global Economic Forum annual gatherings (about which Hanne expresses critical concern), Hanne has also worked at the hyper-local level in Crestone, Colorado, where her foundation has donated land to a variety of environmental, food security, and interfaith spiritual organizations from around the world. Her work led to creating the Earth Restoration Corps, a movement that mobilizes youth, communities, and even national militaries to deploy ecosystem restoration activities.

Spiritual Evolution and Earth Stewardship

Confident that we have the tools we need to address our most pressing challenges, Hanne invites us to cultivate a compassion-based environmental stewardship ethic from the inside out and shares the Gayatri Mantra and the Qigong practice of “tapping” as ways to anchor and deepen our personal cultivation practice. Citing her experiences in Kenya, and with indigenous leaders from the Iroquois and Hopi nations, among many others, Hanne also articulates the essential importance of reconnecting to the indigenous wisdom that carries deep knowledge for the regeneration and stewardship of our living plant – Mother Earth – and all of her inhabitants.  

About Hanne Strong

Hanne M. Strong serves as President of the Manitou Foundation, which she and her late husband, Maurice Strong, founded in 1988. The Foundation, based in Crestone, Colorado has granted land to spiritual, educational and environmental groups through the Manitou Foundation’s Land Grant Program and through the Strong’s personal land holdings. The Baca/Crestone Community currently houses many of the world’s wisdom traditions and is referred to as the “Refuge for World Truths,” accommodating thousands of visiting retreatants per year who seek to develop inner peace and balance within oneself and with nature. It is the largest intentional, interreligious and sustainable living community in North America.

Mrs. Strong has been an advocate for environmental conservation and restoration for many decades. In 1994, she established the Manitou Institute & Conservancy in partnership with Laurance Rockefeller and placed over 1,900 acres of the Foundation’s land holdings under Conservation Easements. The Manitou Habitat Conservation Program (MHCP) protects and preserves the pristine mountain range, wildlife habitats, and fragile eco-systems up slope from the Baca Grande development zone.

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