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Episode 132 - Hanne Strong, Founder, Manitou Foundation

[The Magic of Crestone & the Manitou Foundation] Hanne Strong, Founder and President of the Manitou Foundation, discusses her work in the environmental, cultural, and spiritual arenas. With decades of work and collaboration at the global level, including at the first UN Summit on the Environment in Rio de Janeiro and many of the Global Economic Forum annual gatherings (about which Hanne expresses critical concern), Hanne has also worked at the hyper-local level in Crestone, Colorado, where her foundation has donated land to a variety of environmental, food security, and interfaith spiritual organizations from around the world. Her work led to creating the Earth Restoration Corps, a movement that mobilizes youth, communities, and even national militaries to deploy ecosystem restoration activities.

Spiritual Evolution and Earth Stewardship

Confident that we have the tools we need to address our most pressing challenges, Hanne invites us to cultivate a compassion-based environmental stewardship ethic from the inside out and shares the Gayatri Mantra and the Qigong practice of “tapping” as ways to anchor and deepen our personal cultivation practice. Citing her experiences in Kenya, and with indigenous leaders from the Iroquois and Hopi nations, among many others, Hanne also articulates the essential importance of reconnecting to the indigenous wisdom that carries deep knowledge for the regeneration and stewardship of our living plant – Mother Earth – and all of her inhabitants.  

About Hanne Strong

Hanne M. Strong serves as President of the Manitou Foundation, which she and her late husband, Maurice Strong, founded in 1988. The Foundation, based in Crestone, Colorado has granted land to spiritual, educational and environmental groups through the Manitou Foundation’s Land Grant Program and through the Strong’s personal land holdings. The Baca/Crestone Community currently houses many of the world’s wisdom traditions and is referred to as the “Refuge for World Truths,” accommodating thousands of visiting retreatants per year who seek to develop inner peace and balance within oneself and with nature. It is the largest intentional, interreligious and sustainable living community in North America.

Mrs. Strong has been an advocate for environmental conservation and restoration for many decades. In 1994, she established the Manitou Institute & Conservancy in partnership with Laurance Rockefeller and placed over 1,900 acres of the Foundation’s land holdings under Conservation Easements. The Manitou Habitat Conservation Program (MHCP) protects and preserves the pristine mountain range, wildlife habitats, and fragile eco-systems up slope from the Baca Grande development zone.

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Welcome to the YonEarth Community Podcast. I’m your host, Aaron William Perry. And today we’re in Crestone, Colorado, visiting with Hanne Strong. Hi, Hanne. Hi. It’s great to be with you today.

Thank you. It’s great to be with you too. We’ve got a lot to talk about. We do. And we’re going to dive into it in just a moment.

Let me just tell you a little about Hanne’s background. She serves as president of the Manitoo Foundation, which she and her late husband Marie Strong founded in 1988.

The Foundation based in Crestone, Colorado has granted land to spiritual, educational, and environmental groups through the Manitoo Foundation’s land grant program and through the Strong’s personal land holdings.

The Baka and Crestone community currently house many of the world’s wisdom traditions and is referred to as the refuge for world truths.

And it accommodates thousands of visiting retreatants per year who seek to develop inner peace and balance within oneself and with nature.

It is the largest intentional interreligious and sustainable living community in North America.

Ms. Strong has been an advocate for environmental conservation and restoration for many decades. In 1994, she established the Manitoo Institute and Conservancy in partnership with Lawrence Rockefeller and placed over 1,900 acres of the foundation’s land holdings under conservation easements.

The Manitoo Habitat Conservation Program protects and preserves the pristine mountain range wildlife habitats and fragile ecosystems above the Baka Grande Development Zone, which is where we’re currently situated.

Is that right, Hanne?

So that’s just a taste of some of her background and expertise and there’s a lot more and we’re going to get into some of this as we have our discussion today, but Hanne, you’ve done so much in not only this region and in Colorado and North America, but also worldwide in our environmental and social movements.

And I want to ask first to kind of kick things off, you know, here we are, 2023, recording on technology that can go worldwide within a matter of minutes.

Things were a bit different, right, in the 80s and the 90s when you were getting these organizations underway.

What were you seeing then that was inspiring you to move in this direction of service and maybe as a follow-on question, you know, what have you seen that’s changed, whether for the better or the worse or just different in those ensuing decades?

Well, I think I’ll go even a little further back.


In the 70s, we made very good friends with Shakwisto.

And this is during the first conference on the environment in Stockholm in 72.

And of course, he was there and we kept up the friendship and this is the first warning to the world, you know, over 150 governments came to Stockholm and it was the first warning about climate change coming to the world.

So Shakwisto was absolutely alarmed, you know, when he was sitting, listening to all the scientists from the Pasta Institute in Germany, the most brilliant German scientist.

And so he decided that he would do a study, a computer study and talking about equipment, you know, the computers were room size.

So the study he wanted to do was what is the carrying capacity of Mother Earth without ecological systems breaking down? How much can she take? How many humans can she take without breakdowns of ecosystems?

So anyway, he fed all the consumption and, you know, he did North America and Europe, but now the rest of the world, China, India, and Africa, which is going to be the biggest population point on the planet soon.

Now everybody wants the cars, the fridges, the houses, the this, the that. People in China are not vegetarian anymore, well, some are.

People in India, you know, want meat and fish and whiskey and whatever, everybody wants, wants, wants.

So he fit in all the, you know, consumption that humanity is part taking in.

And the computer spit out 700 million. This is in 72 and three. That is what Earth can support. He was totally shocked.

So anyway, he read it the entire study and it came out no 400 million if people consume the way we’re consuming today.

So that means we need 10, 12, 14 Earth to support what’s going on now. I mean, look at that one.

I mean, that’s, you know, shocking. It is totally shocking, but that’s the truth. That’s where we’re at.

And, you know, people are going to have to scale down drastically on consumption. And certain people are going to have to come up.

So, top are going to have to come down and the bottom, I have to come up a bit.

But even with that, you know, it seems to be including our latest meeting in Egypt that people are not going to stop consuming.

The big climate summit in Egypt, it happened late last night.

Yeah. And you look at it before that Glasgow, it was a joke, blah, blah, blah.

So, and before that Paris and Copenhagen, I mean, I mean, in Copenhagen, I mean, this is where I’m from.

During the climate summit, mid-winter, people came from the poorest countries with, you know, no, winter coats.

And they had them stand in line for eight to ten hours to get in.

And also, you know, people were demonstrating, you know, people dressed up as polar bears and this.

I mean, you know, cute. They brought out the tanks and hosted them down.

No kidding. Well, come on.

What’s driving that? That sense of wanting to have the military and the barriers between the officials and the rest of the people?

No, no, the people are afraid. I mean, governments are afraid of people, bottom line.

And, you know, in real, you know, my husband raised about fifteen million dollars to bring in the people.

The indigenous peoples, you know, the NGOs, the environmentalists.

I mean, came from all over the world because he raised the money separately.

Governments didn’t want those people there. They don’t want them because they’re trouble.

You know, so governments are not really working for the people.

And they don’t want them involved. So, anyway, we’re in a dire strait.

So, we’re in a very challenging situation. And there was a wonderful piece recently done on you and your work in Cosmos, the journal for Global Transformation by Raven Burrell.

And fabulous piece will probably include a link in the show notes so that you guys can check that out if you’re interested.

You’ve done so much work over the years. And I’m curious now, right now, given the ongoing challenges what has been referred to as a permacrisis or a polycrisis.

What are you recommending to people? What do you think we should be doing?

Well, you look at it. I’ve been in this game and it’s a game for fifty years.

And the conclusion that I have come up with, there’s only one thing we can do.

I mean, you know, one thing that will make a huge difference.

And we have a proposal out for the Bezo Earth Fund for forty nine million dollars to train five hundred master trainers that will go around the world

and train young people in how to restore the earth. But first, how do you restore your own consciousness?

And then how do you become one with the element of earth, the element of fire, the element of water, and the element of air?

Because you have to be an integral part of the elements.

So it’s the only answer that I have come up with, you know, race the consciousness of humanity,

teach the next generation how to restore ecological systems that have been so damaged.

And then the third part of the Earth Restoration Corps is how do you make a living that does not destroy earth, green livelihoods?

I mean, whether you make mud breaks or collect seeds, organic farming, you know, whatever it is you do, solar wind,

you will have the tools and, you know, we have the tools to teach how to make a living that is, you know, doesn’t destroy your spirit and doesn’t destroy the earth, green livelihoods.

So just restore yourself, restore my earth, and then green livelihoods.

Yeah, I’m curious on the raising of consciousness. I recently had the opportunity to interview Bernard Amade, the founder of Engineers Without Borders.

And he actually recently joined the Y and Earth communities Global Advisory Board and we’re really excited to be collaborating with him.

And he talks a lot about the iceberg model where so much of what we see, the tip that’s quote unquote above the surface, actions, behaviors, impacts is actually stemming from the deepest psychological and spiritual depths are constructed worldviews and that we need to do a lot in that arena.

And I think that notion resonates with what you’re talking about when you say raise consciousness and I want to ask you, how do we do that?

What are the keys, the tools?

Let me first give you something to support your thesis.

In 83, there was a huge famine in East Africa. You know, Ethiopia, Somalia, Chad, Sudan.

And my husband took on the job of bottom line the emergency office for Africa as an undersecretary general.

So his first action was to bring all the governments together in Geneva and then commit to funding this.

In one week he raised five billion dollars.

So he had enough money to, you know, two million people had vanished already from the famine.

But there was another 200 main that needed to be fed because there was no food at all.

So he started buying food from all over the world to be shipped in.

And so we were in Ethiopia and I figured, well, I should see the spiritual leader, you know, of the Orthodox Church and ask him, you know, what did he think?

Was the cause of this terrible famine?

So, you know, I set up a meeting with him and I said, what do you think caused this terrible famine?

And he said, well, it’s, you know, it’s in our text.

In our text goes way earlier than your text.

So anyway, he said, in our text it says, when brother fights brother, the land dries up.

The hatred, the energy of this hatred, killing the land dries up in a fear of wow.

So it supports what, you know, he was saying that it’s a psychological disturbance.

And most people are traumatized. You know, something happened in their lives.

So how do you get rid of trauma?

Actually, there’s some very absolutely amazing techniques like the body cold.

Even things like EMDR have for me personally been super helpful.

What is that?

The eye movement desensitization, re-something or other, I forget the full acronym.

But it’s a very simple technique that rewires neuronal connections in the memory centers of the brain.

So you go in with a therapist to remember certain traumatic experiences while you’re working with this very simple technology.

It’s usually light-slashing back and forth in little pulses on either fingers, back and forth.

And sometimes earphones with a tick-tock sound going back and forth.

And it’s working across the hemispheres of the brain.

Nice thing.

And one day I was in very intense rush hour traffic running my business with lots of stress and responsibility and so on.

And all of a sudden I realized, wait a minute, I’m not nearly as stressed or reactive as I used to be what’s going on.

And I thought, ah, maybe this EMDR stuff, this work I’ve been doing with my therapist is helping now.

But you look at it.

Most people on this planet cannot afford a therapist.

This is a good point.

And there’s work being done for that. But yeah, there’s other things we need to do.

No, no, I mean, it’s got to be self-help.


And it’s got to be easily accessible.


And some of the techniques that, you know, like I mentioned this body code.


It zeroes in on what traumatic experience is causing this for you today.

And then you move like a credit card through the credit card machine and it takes…

How does that work?

It seems to work.

No kidding.



And how do people find out about that or how do people access that?

Well, if, you know, my daughter got access to it years ago.

And if we hadn’t had that, I mean, every time there’s a meltdown, you know, with the kids and so on.

You know, she uses it and it works every single time.

Goodness gracious.

All right. We’ll have to look into this.

And we’ll see if we can provide a link or some sort of resource for folks to learn more about the body code.


And then, you know, like, you know, the Gayatri Mantra.


Which is supposed to be the first prayer mantra ever given to humanity by the divine.

It was written in the sky.

And the Rishi’s brought it in, brought it down.

And what it does, you go out in the morning as the sun comes up.

You have your palms like this.

So the sun hits your palms.

You have slanted eyes.

You can’t, you know, you know, like you can’t look directly at the sun.

But there’s a little pick, you know, little window.

So you do the mantra.

And what you do is you align yourself with the highest energy in the universe.

And you work within that energy all day long.

Because at noon, and at night, when you say goodbye to the sun,

and I can actually give you…

Om bhuvaswaha.


Bhaagurvasya dimahi.

Diyoyonam prakchurayat.


So you align yourself with the energy of the sun.

That costs anything.


But can you translate that for us, or tell us what it means in essence?

Yeah, well, basically, you’re asking for illumination.

Just not for yourself, but for all beings.

I’m a struck that in our society that we see so much hyper focus on the individual,

on what’s in it for me?

What can I do for my, you know, betterment?

Ego, ego, ego, ego, ego, ego, ego, ego.

How do we work through that in a way that is inviting many, many others into the tent with us for folks who are already…

No, I mean, this is one of the biggest problems, because everybody’s out to save themselves.

But the suffering, you know, you cannot escape the suffering that’s going on in the world.

I mean, I feel it.

I feel the suffering of the earth.

I feel the suffering of the people in Ukraine.

And, I mean, East Africa.

It’s hell right now.

Yemen, Syria.

I mean, you can go from country to country to country and look at the level of suffering.

It’s unbelievable.

And of course, we are not, you know, we can’t escape that energy.

It’s everywhere, the energy of suffering.

So it pays to help alleviate the suffering.

Relief suffering.

You feel better yourself.

But, you know, most of these people haven’t got a clue.

I mean, you look at the Davos crowd.

Oh, my God.

My husband actually helped set up Davos.

Oh, really?

He gave him his first money, first avenues, and so on.

And he created the monster.


Well, okay.

So you and your husband have done so much to contribute to and develop institutions in our world right.

So like, when you were in Kenya, wasn’t that instrumental in starting the United Nations Environment Program?

Well, he, you know, he started, you know, the first UN headquarters in a third world country.

And, you know, I mean, I was shocked.

And even in those days, there were huge squatter areas.

And that’s when I first started Earth Restoration with this foundation,

where we took the street children, taught them how to plant trees and food.

That was in 73.

So, you know, this was to alleviate the suffering.


I mean, you look at these squatter areas and these kids.

I mean, belly eating horrific.


And were those, were those tree planting and food sovereignty projects successful?

Did they endure?


Yeah, totally.

No, no.

We had, you know, Richard Leaky on board.

And Langada Muthai, who later started the tree projects.

And later got the, you know, big awards.

And this is not for her work.

Richard Leaky, Langada Muthai.

And then we had Mory, one of the most corrupt presidents ever.

He was on the board for 20 years.





That must have been interesting.


Very interesting.

What do you think just back to the Davos crowd?

I often wonder about that milieu.

And what do you think is motivating?

And it’s great to hear that.

Ego, ego, ego, ego, ego.

Big grants, you know, from the Bezos.


And they don’t think we can spend it right.



So yeah, like, how do we, how do we reconcile that situation?

We’ve got this hyper concentration of capital in the hands of a very few on the entire planet.

How do we, how do we navigate that, do you think?

Well, my next victim is Larry Fink.

He’s the one that has a massed $34 trillion worth of investments.

And he doesn’t trust people.


In fact, that Shaman I was telling you about earlier, his father was BlackRock.

So I’m going to.

There he is.


Right, Larry Fink.

You took the name.


Anyway, I got his email.

You know, when I was doing the research for my novel Vereditas, I did a little piece on BlackRock in the story because they developed a super advanced computer.

I think they call it Aladdin that is connected to exchanges and.

No, no, he uses, yeah, no, no, he uses artificial intelligence.


He does not trust the judgment of people.

It’s like connected to like some huge percentage of the entire globally.


That’s right.

And some of them, you know, oil companies, weapons, you name it.

Not good thing.

So Larry Fink also though, just in the last couple of years, made a very public stance saying that they’d only be investing in companies moving in the direction of sustainable development goals.

Do you think that was nonsense?

If you already think it’s genuine, how do you interpret that?

No, no, you look at it.

They all come to Geneva, go to Davos and talk about what good guys they are.

If it wasn’t for them, there would be no jobs.

There would be no economy.

There would be nothing.


So what first restoration core, and this is why they don’t want to fund it, would change that.

The next generation would not be consumers.

And you can’t manipulate them because they would have lost their fear.

You cannot have fear.

You cannot be afraid of these people.

And that’s part of the vision quest.

From consumers to stewards, huh?

No, no, and you look at it, that’s the last thing in the world these people want.

So it’s like to give us money is like doing themselves out of a future.

That’s how they look at it.

Well, that’s unfortunate, isn’t it?

Very unfortunate.

So we have to outsmart them.

And that’s what I’m pondering right now.

How do you get the money from Ego maniacs that think they’re right?

See, that’s the worst part.

They think they’re right.

And we’re useless eaters.

No, no, I mean, that’s how the Republicans look at people, useless eaters.


Well, that’s not very kind.


They don’t deserve to eat.

If you’re poor, you…

There’s a certain meanness that has emerged in the recent decades.

Oh, wow.

Well, you look at this guru here.

He laid it out.


And, you know, that I am convinced is the truth.

1200 years ago, that’s when he lived.

Who is he?

Guru Rinpoche.

One of the greatest mystic saints of all human history.

He predicted everything that’s happening now in his prophecies.

Climate change.

Murderous of men will become the leaders.

Psychofence will be listened to as, you know, wise people.

I mean, he goes on and on and describes exactly what’s going on.

And then he said,

The golden threats that keeps the demonic forces in bondage will be severed.

And you look at the Catholic Church.

Good Catholic boy are advertising for exorcists.

People are coming into the Vatican to get exercised because they get possessed.

And I’m sure half a workington is possessed.

It’s the only explanation.

How can you be so mean, so cruel, and so unaware of the reality of the situation?


It’s not human.

It’s not human.

It’s so sad.

It’s not human.

Because, you know, there was a time where people were luminous, you know,

and a period of about 2,000 years when everybody was enlightened and luminous.

And then the new migrations came in, killed all the good guys and started wrecking havoc.

No, and you look at it, the Hobies.

You know, what they’re talking about is we’re in the fourth world now.

And every world behind, you know, before us was either, you know, people started out good, humble.

And then the ego said in, and technology, and, you know, people, you know,

they came out of control with negativity.

So, one world had to be cleaned up by fire, one world by water, the last one, the flood.


That’s a common story all around the world.

Yeah, that’s right.


So, we end the fourth world going into the fifth world.

And what they’re calling this time in history is the purification.


Earth has to be purified.

And so we’re in the purification and that’s the droughts, the fires, the floods, I mean you.

Everything he laid out, drought, fire, flood, and everything.

And then he said, the sign of the times where this is going to happen

is when fashions change rapidly.

And they look crazier and crazier.

I mean, you look at it.

I mean, if you ever look at a fashion magazine,

a lot of times since I’ve looked at one of those.

Yeah, well, one of you they look like birds and then the aliens and then the,

you know, and no traditional clothes is worn anymore.

That is the sign when this is happening.

So anyway, he saw it.

And what did he share with us to prepare or to consider if we happen to be alive in these times?

Well, it’s very interesting. He said there are two remedies.

One, reinforce the planet.

Second remedy is called the treasure vase.

You fill either golden vase or clay vase with precious objects.

You know, precious stones, seeds, and, you know, crystals.

And you bury it in certain parts of the earth that is like an acupuncture point

that spiritual beings can feel and see.

And that regenerates mother earth.

And the same thing with the cookies.

You know, the cookies came up here a few times.

And they call it Pacamento.

Payback to mother earth.

See, you know, we take and take and take and take and take.

And all we give back is garbage and poison.

So what these ancient people, it’s like the treasure vase.

Beautiful gold rubies and crystals and, you know, precious, precious things.

And they bury it in the same acupuncture point.

And it regenerates earth.


This reminds me a little bit of some of the biodynamic practices

that a lot of our friends and colleagues work with.

Right, right, right.



But, I mean, the use of cow horn would harden.

This is precious objects.

Some of it’s crushed crystals and amethyst and peridote and other good things like that.

Okay, well, yeah.

Obviously nobody was doing.



So, anyway, that was the remedies.

And then, of course, when you restore the soil, I mean, it’s completely chemicalized.

And, you know, these, oh my gosh, when you see these planes viewing out.


Oh my gosh.

Yeah, we are waiting a chemical war on the planet.

And we have been for quite a long time.

Yeah, but I mean, not just, I mean, this valley is bombarded with them.




And it has nanoparticles in it that causes all summers.

I mean, they’re everywhere.

And who the hell is paying for it?

Who is paying for these guys to do these campsites?

You know.

I don’t know.


We had one guy that started investigating, living here in town.


And he was told that I’m not threatened, that I’m not.



It’s a lot to consider.

Now, I want to shift gears just a little and ask you about one of your friends, mentors,

teachers, Leon Shenandoah, who was chief of the Iroquois.


And, you know, I shared with you before we started recording that I have in my own personal heritage,

connection with the Iroquois League and the Haudenosaunee.

And, yeah, it’s to me, there’s so much wisdom to learn from these traditions that know of the original instructions.

And it seems when we see people, men, often, sometimes women who are so egoic and so out of service to humanity,

things run amok, but in many of these indigenous and traditional cultures and life ways,

we understand our roles as men and as women to be working in stewardship and service for the greater, good, the greater whole.

Well, if there’s anybody out there that’s not doing well, you know, that’s how they look at it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tell us a bit about your years of time with him and what was that like for you?

Well, every day was like being in a PhD class of spiritual knowledge.

And he came here on harmonic convergence, I think it was 87.

And he said, Hannah, now we have crossed the line, there is no return.

Doesn’t matter what we do, it’s over.

But, you know, I mean, of course we have to try.

But I can give you one of his speeches that he gave at the UN, which is absolutely the most brilliant speech I think has ever been given at the UN.

Wonderful to share that. Maybe if we can find a link or somewhere to share that with our audience, that would be great.

That would be great.


No, no, this is so bright, so brilliant.

And, you know, pregnant.

Did you spend time with him traveling?

Was he here in Colorado?

Were you back on the East Coast?

He would come out two, three times a year.

And then we invited him to Rio de Janeiro for the Earth Summit and both him and…


Orin Lions, yeah.


We’re brought in as part of the 124 hits of State.

And, of course, the prayers was filming all these heads of State coming in and blah, blah, blah.

But the minute they saw it, Orin and Leon, everybody went for them.


What a moment.

What a moment.

I mean, the only one that really went back and did anything about implementing what, you know, agenda 21,

which is what was, you know, the main purpose of the meeting is to come up with an agenda for humanity.

And, of course, you know, Black Helicopters, people have freaked out about it and this and that.


But the only one of 124 heads of State that went back and did anything to implement it was Castro.

And when he went up on the stage, you know, everybody was worried about him talking for hours.

You know, he would talk for four or five hours.

So as he worked up on the stage, he goes like this to Maurice.

And in five minutes, he gave the most brilliant speech you have ever heard.

No, it was so incredible.



I’m going to check that out.


Did you see the picture of Maurice and the 124 heads of State?

Was that in the article you shared with me?



No, I don’t think I did.

Anyway, that would be a good one for you to use.

Yeah, we might be able to include that in the show notes as well.

We can include some images.

I got one over there, but all the first ladies.



So, Hannah, given that it’s probably not an exaggeration to say the cards seem stacked against us or our ability to work through these times and have a soft landing,

how do we, in your opinion, how do we move forward with a sense of purpose and hopefulness without getting totally discouraged, despondent or even resigned?

How do we, how do you continue doing the work that you’re doing, knowing what you know and having heard the things you’ve heard?


Isn’t it easy?

No, I’ll tell you.

See, it has to happen on a scale.

You know, I mean, there’s beautiful people all over the world, you know, eco-villages.

You know, people that removed themselves are ready because they don’t agree with the way things are going.

So, you got all these eco-villages, you know, which is fantastic, but it’s a drop in the bucket.

We need huge shifts.

And the thing is, I think that things are going to have to get much worse before people start shifting.

Speaking of the future, it sounds like you’re, is it your grandchildren who are?

Well, one of them.

Okay, and some friends.


Sounds like they’re moving through the scene here.

Hey, everybody.

Keep quiet and nail, okay?

Yeah, if that’s true, and I hope it’s not as a father and as a community member, I hope it’s not true that things have to get a lot worse.

Is that the only way?

Is that the only possible pathway to wake up?

For people to wake up?

Yeah, I don’t know.

Well, I mean, people are not waking up.

Some seem to be, it seems like there’s some people.

No, no, no, it is, but it’s still a drop in the bucket.

We got eight billion consumers.

I’m not even calling them people.


Consuming, consuming, consuming, consuming.

Taking, taking, taking, not giving back.

So, to wake up, that number of people.

And she also with the Earth’s Restoration Corps.

Our plan is to use the military around the world.

They are the only ones that have, you know, the facilities.

They have the money.

Yeah, logistics.

All the capabilities.

That’s the only way it can happen.

But this is for restoration of ecosystems.


Using the military infrastructure for those directions.

Yeah, but we have to use it too for the consciousness.

How does one do that?

Well, let’s take one of the people I met in my life.

Grandmaster Lee, Ilchi Lee.

He re-woken an ancient technique of Chikung.

He got it into the Korean army.

He’s Korean.

But this is a 10,000-year-old technique.

And that was brought down by a divine king.

And for 2,000 years, there was enlightenment.

Everybody was in balance.

Luminous, happy, till the new migrations came.

Got rid of the good guys, like I said earlier.

But he got it into the army of Korea.

We got Earth Restoration Corps into the army of the Philippines.

Because we had a top-much contact who was Secretary of the Interior.

In charge of the army and the police.

So we got it into the army.

But the minute you do this Chikung, you clear your channels every day.

Get rid of every negative emotion in your body.

Tapping in a very particular way.

And again, it’s free.

It’s easy.

Anybody can do it.

And you know, they have videos and stuff we can put out online.

Yes, they’re one you’d recommend.

It’s called Don Hark.

How do you say that?

Don Hark, D-H-A-N, Don H-A-K.

Energy, study of energy.

So what you do is you start the morning,

getting rid of all negative emotions.

And it’s true tapping.

And then you do a meditation.

And then you start moving with the universe.

You dance with the universe.

Mmm, beautiful.

And I mean, it is so powerful.

And anybody can do it.

Love this.

And it’s free of charge.

What a wonderful resource.

Thank you so much for sharing that.

That’s beautiful.

And also they have another technique, which is very interesting.

You know, like you think how is Israel palestine ever going to get it together?

Because the hatred has been passed down for thousands of years.

It’s like in everybody’s DNA.

It’s in your memory.

So they have a technique, you know, where you have the hippocampus.


In a glass of pure water.

And then you have that water moved through the hippocampus,

removing all the negative memories.

Wait, you’re taking out a hippocampus out of the…

Well, you visualize it.


No, no.

You visualize the hippocampus in a glass of water.


And the water moving through it.



And what is the significance of the hippocampus?

Well, that’s where all these negative memories are stuck.


From, you know, I mean, a lot of people, you know,

their trauma that they bring into this world

doesn’t happen, you know, it doesn’t have to be from this life.

It can be previous lives.

You know, I got burned on this date.

It may be you too, huh?

No, I’m not sure about that.

Let me just remind our audience.

This is the YonEarth Community Podcast.

I’m your host, Aaron William Perry.

Today, we are in Crestone, Colorado, visiting with Hanne Strong,

one of the visionaries and leaders in decades of environmental and social work

around this region and all around the world.

And I’d like to take a quick moment to mention if you’d like to learn more,

you can go to spiritatmanitu.org.

And we will also provide some of these other links and resources in the show notes

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It’s a real win-win and a regenerative economic ecosystem model.

And it is such a joy and a privilege and an honor to have this opportunity

to visit with you today.

And we met years back.

I’ve been coming down to this area since I was in high school, actually.

And ran into each other at the big seed exchange event over at joyful journey.

And of course, our dear mutual friend, Elaine Blumenheim,

has been on the podcast talking about that beautiful healing sanctuary.

And it’s such a joy to be able to connect with you and hear more about the work you’ve been doing.

And what you’re up to currently.

And I’d like to ask, you know, what can other people do to get involved

with what you’re doing, support what you’re doing, learn more about what you’re doing?

What’s the best way for them to engage?

Well, let’s talk about first what we have planned.


All right. We have planned a, we have the most beautiful piece of land left.

To give away, we’re giving it to the native people of this land.

I was in a Sufi retreat and I hear this voice.

Now you have all the traditions of the world here.

Now it’s time to honor the native people of this land.

I mean, we have tried before but anyway.

So this would be the Thunderbird Lodge.

Or as Sikoke’s call it, house of original thought.

The original instructions the creator gave to humanity.

He called together all the colors of man.

And gave the instructions how to live on this earth.

Simple, humble, enlightened.

And the, what he said was, it’s really funny.

The Korgis explained that the reason the white race didn’t get the message,

how to live on this earth was because when he was telling the original instructions,

the white race went to sleep and they didn’t hear it.

So anyway, so this would be like a United Nations of Indigenous elders,

spiritual elders.

And it’s right next to the cigarette.

It’s beautiful, then.

Looking straight at the Sacred Mountain, Sisnagin,

a hopaku to Kawi according to the Hobbes, eastern mountain,

where the light comes into the world.

Right down here.

I look at it every morning.

They say it’s the emergent point from the last world.

Cipapoo is here too.

Yeah, and some of our audience may not be familiar with the many different organizations

who are located right in this area with this incredible interface community.

Yeah, let me just mention one more thing.

Leon Shenendora is the one that told me that this valley is the sacred center of all of Turtle Island,

which means from the Arctic down to Columbia.

This is the sacred center.

And then, you know, the old prophet that came and asked me to do this,

he said that the purpose of this place is to bring forth a new civilization

of people that are evolved, good-hearted, you know, illuminated.

And the kamapaset endless illuminated people will come out of this place through the practice.

And that this place is where the Tibetan culture will survive.

Because, you know, like the Dalai Lama, a couple of years ago,

said that Desplo has been dealt to Tibet.

But I’m lying.


Well, I hope for folks in our audience who have not come to the San Luis Valley yet

and experienced some of the amazing stupas and other spiritual and meditation centers

right here in the crestown area.

And these mountains, by the way, the San Grata Christas are absolutely magical and powerful.

A special invitation to come for an event.

There’s all kinds of beautiful events that are hosted here.

And Hanne, you’ve been obviously central in making all of this happen here in the communities.

The community of this region.

And of course, you know, on behalf of so many, thank you.

On behalf of the audience, I know many have been here and have been able to experience some of the fruit of those labors.

And so a humble thank you for that work.

Thank you.

That’s rare.

That’s rare.

Well, let’s do it again.

Thank you.

And before we sign off our podcast episode, and we’re going to do a little behind-the-scenes, five, ten-minute segment for our ambassador network.

Again, if you’d like to become an ambassador, get access to some of these additional resources.

Go to the wine.org website to do so.

We’d love to connect with you and collaborate.

We’ve got a lot cooking for collaboration.

But before we sign off for the main podcast episode, I just want to invite you, Hanne.

If there’s anything else you’d like to share with our audience and tell us.

Wake up.

Wake up.

You heard it right from her.


Well, thank you so much.

It’s wonderful.

Thanks for coming on this way.

Yeah, it’s our pleasure.

And I’m on a strategy and a ski trip with one of our dear friends and board members,

who are part of Nickel Cobb, who’s behind the scenes here and give them a quick shout out,

who runs Earth Coast Productions, which is so instrumental in our podcast series

and many of our other online offerings and in-person offerings.

And so, since we’re given thanks out another thanks to Hanne and thanks to you two,

Arden, behind the cameras.

All right, one more thing.

Yeah, we got it.

There we go.


It’s everybody’s responsibility.

Every human on this planet has to work at reaching the highest level of consciousness possible.

And it is your responsibility.

And the tools are there.

And we will make a list of tools.



So another one we’re working on is the food security.

Greenhouses, farms that will grow enough food to feed this community in case everything gets shut off.


Including the medicines, the herbs, you know, the medicinal herbs.

And then we’re planning on a farm school for young people so they can learn how to farm the proper way.


If you want to help, drown us in money.

Support the work that’s being done.

It is so important right now in these times.


May the vast sums of needed resources flow into the hands of those doing the work.

I know.

No, I mean, it’s, you know, the money we get will go all around the world to help train young people.

And, you know, set up these camps of restoration.



And, you know, these people are struggling.

I mean, there, you know, nobody wants to fund this because it’s going to change the paradigm.

The reason that Lawrence Rockefeller spent $6 million here, because he was convinced that this would help change the paradigm of this country.

The seeds have been planted.


That’s right.

Thank you, Honda.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Goodbye, everybody.


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