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  • Episode 141 – Nathan Stuck, Founder, Profitable Purpose Consulting, on B-Certifications
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Episode 141 - Nathan Stuck, Founder, Profitable Purpose Consulting, on B-Certifications

[“Don’t Bet on Dinosaurs – Good Business is Good for Business!”] Nathan Stuck, Founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting, discusses his deep expertise and extensive global network in the triple bottom line business movement now sweeping the planet – especially the B-Corp / B-Certification credential that has been earned by thousands of conscious companies throughout the world already, and that thousands more companies are endeavoring to earn in the next three years. Developed and administered by B-Lab, the B-Certification is among the most comprehensive, independent third-party business credentials that indicates extensive vetting and verification across social, environmental, governance, and community impact KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). In other words, companies that earn the B-Certification have shown that they are out-competing their conventional, “single-bottom-line” counterparts across a variety of essential criteria, and, as the world’s citizens (sometimes referred to as “consumers”) are increasingly demanding products and services from companies committed to strong environmental and social stewardship practices, B-Certified companies are realizing increased competitive advantage, talent retention, earned media, and profitability as a result. And, Nathan is one of the premier corporate consultants in this rapidly growing global ecosystem, helping companies prepare for, attain, and maintain their B-Certification credentials. Through Profitable Purpose Consulting, Nathan and his team of experts are among the best to get your company “vetted and vouched for” through B-Certification.     

About Profitable Purpose Consulting

Under the leadership of Founder Nathan Stuck, Profitable Purpose Consulting provides companies world-wide with custom-tailored advising and management consulting services oriented around the B-Certification performance credentials. As a special member of the Y on Earth Community’s Partner / Supporter community, Profitable Purpose Consulting is offering a 15% discount on advising and consulting services – see the links below to connect with Nathan and to enlist him and his team to help you and your company.

About B-Lab and B-Certification

Launched in 2006 with the idea that “there’s no Planet B,” and that a different kind of economy is not only possible but necessary, B-Lab creates standards, policies, tools, and programs that shift the behavior, culture, and structural underpinnings of capitalism. Thus far, B-Lab has certified over 7,000 companies world-wide, and as the “regeneration renaissance,” “circular economy,” and “stewardship ethos” are gaining momentum throughout the global economy, B-Lab and its global network of businesses are, by many accounts, just getting started. 

About Nathan Stuck

A “hyper-networker,” Nathan is an award-winning leader in the B Corp community and the Founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting, a culture, impact, and B Corp consultancy. He founded and chairs B Local Georgia and serves on the board of B Academics, a nonprofit organization committed to research and experiential B Corp learning opportunities. Nathan teaches an MBA course on B Corps at the University of Georgia, is a regular speaker at conferences and on podcasts around the world, and hosts the B The Change Georgia podcast. His first book, Happy Monday: Designing Your Career With Purpose, was released in 2022. Nathan reminds us that, “We the People have all the Power we need to decide what version of capitalism we want to live with,” and that, “Fear can make [falsely] people believe that what we do won’t matter.” Colleagues can connect with Nathan to join his special online meetup that Nathan curates for executives, entrepreneurs, and other change-makers the second Friday of each month. And, be sure to catch our “behind the scenes segment” – exclusively available to Y on Earth Community Ambassadors (click here to become an Ambassador).

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