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Episode 143 - Cynthia Tina, Founder, Community Finders

[Got Community?] Cynthia Tina, Founder of Community Finders, shares her myriad experiences with a diverse array of intentional communities around the world, and provides expertise to help connect people who are seeking to connect with well-aligned communities and ecovillages. Like an ecosystem pollinator flying from Slovenia to Costa Rica, and from Scotland to India, Cynthia has visited dozens of intentional communities and ecovillages, and is a permanent resident of an intentional community in Vermont. She discusses the many benefits that people enjoy as a result of living in intentional community, including enhanced quality of life; tool, childcare, task, and resource sharing; reduced isolation and depression; and shared garden, landscape, and commons spaces. You are invited to take the Community Finders quiz for free to explore what communities might be best fits for you, and, if you’re interested in doing so, to explore opportunities to visit! (Cynthia leads “ecotourism” excursions to intentional communities in Slovenia, Costa Rica, and elsewhere – inquire to learn more and book your spot on the next adventure!)

About Intentional Communities

There are thousands of intentional communities world-wide, ranging from urban settings to suburban co-housing settings, and from rural “homesteading” projects to ecovillages that may have only a handful of residents or many thousands of residents, as in the case of Auroville in India. People are generally attracted to intentional communities by a desire to experience more authentic connection (with people and place), to engage in values-driven relationships, to live with sustainability and Permaculture ethics and life-ways, to experience the strength and resilience of local community connections, and to grow food together. Some are organized around shared religious and spiritual beliefs, and others around shared lifestyle choices. There are over 2,000 intentional communities in the United States, and several thousand more world-wide (including the well-known Findhorn in Scotland, Ecovillage of Ithaca in New York, and Auroville in India, as mentioned above).

About Cynthia Tina

Cynthia Tina is the “community matchmaker” and founder of CommunityFinders, offering programs to help people join and start intentional communities. She’s also the founder of Ecovillage Tours, bringing people on inspirational journeys to sustainable communities. She has visited more than 150 intentional communities around the world, including the Vermont ecovillage where she lives in her self-built passive solar home. 

Formerly the co-director, Cynthia is now a spokesperson and educator with the Foundation for Intentional Community. She’s a former trustee of the Global Ecovillage Network and former director of the youth ecovillage network, NextGEN North America. She holds a degree in Sustainability from Goddard College, as well as certificates in Permaculture and Ecovillage Design, and Yoga Teacher Training.

Get started on your community journey with a short quiz to find out which type of community is a fit for you! https://communityfinders.com/quiz


Community Finders: communityfinders.com

Ecovillage Tours: ecovillagetours.com

Foundation for Intentional Community: www.ic.org/ref/135

Global Ecovillage Network: ecovillage.org

NextGEN North America: nextgenna.org

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