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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 154 - Sarah Arao, Founder, Mantle of Hope in Uganda

Celebrating Hope & Celebrating Service

Sarah Arao is the Co-Founder of Mantle of Hope, a Uganda-based charity that provides educational, vocational skills development, ecosystem restoration and environmental stewardship training as well as trauma healing and recovery services to girls, boys, and young women. Mantle of Hope provides these critical services through several projects: the Muzuri Project, the Young Green Warriors Club project, the Hope Skilling Project, and the Community Waste Management Project.

Through the Muzuri Project, Sarah and her team provide menstrual hygiene and health education services to girls and young women, which is a critical step in preventing them from falling prey to sex trafficking cartels and early or unwanted pregnancy. So far, the Muzuri Project has reached three to four thousand girls in 10 schools in the Lira District in Northern Uganda, and is expected to grow that number to nearly double across 18 different schools.

Through the Young Green Warriors Club Project, Sarah and her team have already planted 5,000 trees, and has an ambitious goal of planting 10 million trees by 2040 through their innovative “viral” geometric growth strategy through which they encourage the youth to commit to planting a certain number of trees each year.

Through the Hope Skilling Project, women and young girls are trained in sewing, shoe making, and hairdressing, and survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse are taught these skills as part of their healing and recovery process. Not only does this project provide a safe place for survivors to heal, it also gives them a hopeful and purposeful outlet to help empower other girls and young women to avoid similar traumas.

Through the Community Waste Management Project, one of Mantel of Hope’s newer programs, Sarah and her team plan to recover discarded plastic bottles from the environment and upcycle them as residential building materials in new housing projects. 

Support Mantle of Hope

Because payment processing is challenging in Uganda, you may make your donation directly to the Y on Earth Community (indicate “Mantle of Hope” in the notes), and Y on Earth will facilitate delivery of your donation to Sarah’s organization. Mantle of Hope is a registered charity that invests in women, girls, and young people in Uganda to break the chain of poverty, child marriages, and disease through education, health, environment and economic empowerment.

About Sarah Arao

Sarah Arao is the founder of Mantle of Hope & Inter-Rural Action Network, a non-profit organization that empowers girls, women, and young people through health education, skills training, economic empowerment, environmental stewardship. Sarah grew up from impoverished rural community in northern Uganda where girls’ education was never valued. Given away in marriage at 15 years, Sarah had to go through abuses to break the cycle of poverty through education. Through Mantle of Hope, she runs Hope Skilling studio where the survivors of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and street children get support through mental health counseling and practical hands-on trainings from different trades. Sarah is also at the forefront of addressing the climate change crisis through her Young Climate Warriors project – through which she leads thousands of school children to restore our planet and ecosystems through tree planting, environment training and community waste management. She also run Muzuri Project in rural schools and communities, supporting young girls to remain at school by providing them with hand-made feminine sanitary pads to facilitate their school retention and to prevent early and forced marriages. Sarah holds Master of Arts in Development studies from Uganda Martyrs University, Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Human Rights from Makerere University and Diploma of Education secondary from Kyambogo University. Sarah envisions a world where humanity and planet are thriving in a peaceful co-existence. Sarah is part of the Le Ciel Foundation global network, and, during the annual symposium near Barcelona, Spain in the autumn of 2023, connected with the Y on Earth Community where she is now an Ambassador and on the organization’s Global Advisory Board.

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Connect with Sarah Arao on LinkedIn and email her at: [email protected]

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