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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 28 - Scott Black, E.D., Xerces Society

[GOT BUGS?] We are in the midst of the 6th great extinction on planet Earth. Whereas the geologic record indicates the previous five were caused by great cataclysms like massive vulcanism and giant meteor strikes, this sixth event is primarily human-caused.

Scott Hoffman Black, Executive Director of the Xerces Society (named for the Xerces Blue Butterfly, made extinct by human development of the San Francisco Bay Area), and world-recognized thought leader in biodiversity preservation generally, and insect and pollinator preservation, specifically, discusses the Context and What We Can Do About It! Studies from Germany show a 75% decrease in flying insect biomass, in just 27 years! The foundation of Earth’s ecosystems – especially pollination-dependent food crops, birds, salmon and other fishes, so much of our life-ways are completely dependent on these little creatures. And they are disappearing at alarming rates! By planting pollinator-friendly gardens all over our yards, neighborhoods, towns and cities, and by completely detoxifying our environs and households, We Can Reverse this Awful Trend!

Scott shares the three key problems: Habitat Loss, Poisons like Pesticides; and Diseases exacerbated by Climate Change. And, he also shares the key solutions: Grow A Buffet of Wildflowers, Stop Poisoning Inside & Outside, and Talk with Your Neighbors and Community about This! More available at: xerces.org, and yonearth.org.

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