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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 43 - Chip Comins, Founder & Chairman, AREDAY Summit

Chip Comins is the Founder and Chairman of AREDAY, a multi-day conference in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado devoted to “The Great Solution:” global leadership in technology for sustainability and global transformation toward a carbon-free, equity-based energy and economic system. Citing the amazing healing capacity of Mother Earth, as indigenous wisdom-keepers have articulated all over the planet, Chip describes the 5 Verticals of Solution: (1) stopping the burning (of fossil carbon-based energy resources); (2) direct air capture (of excess atmospheric carbon); (3) soil regeneration (for further carbon sequestration); (4) ocean stewardship (plastic-free, non-acidified, unpolluted); and (5) youth leadership. Chip adds, in all earnestness that there’s probably as much a need, too, for a 6th vertical: spiritual awakening and consciousness regarding our human existence on this precious planet Earth.

The 16th Annual AREDAY Summit, which occurs August 14-17, 2019, will be featuring a major potential break-through technology for energy generation: the HERO (Hydrogen Energy Release Optimization) catalytic technology of Star Scientific. HERO is a remarkable “drop-in” solution that can theoretically be deployed in all of the 14,000 operating coal-fired power plants world wide. This phenomenal break-through equates to the overall improvement of utilities’ operating budgets, as opposed to the stranding of $ Trillions of dollars of “sunk capital” invested in the incredibly expensive coal generating and energy transmission infrastructures.

Wisely recognizing that, although necessary and essential to a good future, technological transformation will not, by itself, provide for the equally important social and cultural transformation that is also required. Echoing Chief Seattle’s famous observation, “We did not weave the web of life… we are merely a strand in it” Chip also shares the foundational expression of gratitude and stewardship ethos inherent in the Lakota expression: “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin:” “gratitude for all of our relations.”

Our human civilization and species are at a critical inflection point on planet Earth, and Chip Comins and the global leadership gathering at the AREDay conference are collaborating to solve and resolve our most pressing existential challenges. Visit areday.net for more information.

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