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  • Episode 45 – Adam Eggleston & Alex Martin – Madera Outdoor is Planting Trees!

Adam Eggleston and Alex Martin discuss Madera Outdoor’s innovative and regenerative business model. Providing light-weight hammock and hiking/backpacking gear, Madera is partnered with Trees for the Future to plant trees with each purchase in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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This unique blend of Nature Connection, Conscious Consumerism, and Forest Gardening (aka Silviculture), is a signature feature of the Madera Brand led by Adam Eggleston, and Wilderness Culture partner, led by Alex Martin. In three words, the mission is: People, Planet, Quality.

By simultaneously providing durable, high-quality gear, helping to reforest and afforest communities in Africa – enhancing the livelihoods and socio-economic opportunities of forest-farmers who market the fruits, nuts, seeds, and holistically manage livestock in these food and fiber forests – and encouraging people to connect with nature, Adam and Alex are cultivating a culture of stewardship and sustainability on a global scale. And, with over 100,000 Madera Ambassadors world-wide, their impact is far-reaching, and their Community Mobilization is scaling-up rapidly!

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