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Episode 54 - Katie Garces, Director, Beautycounter

Katie Garces, NP, shows and shares the wonderful personal care and beauty products from Beautycounter. Did you know that the cosmetics industry, reaping $62 Billion per year in revenues, is only regulated in the United States by a 2-page document that was enacted in the 1930s? Our skin is our largest organ, and, the sad truth is that many of the make-up, soap, and sun-screen products on the market today are dangerous – dangerous to our own health as well as the health of the environment. There are over 1,400 substances that the European Union has banned, that Beautycounter excludes over 1,500 (the “Never List”) from all of its products (working in close partnership with the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Why play Russian Roulette with your health and well-being? You can avoid cancer-causing, neuro-toxic, endocrine-disrupting, and reproductive-damaging chemicals by making the switch to Beautycounter, a B-Corporation dedicated to People, Planet, and Profit. With a focus on Supplying, Educating, and Advocating for a systemic transformation of the health and beauty industry, Beautycounter is leading the way to health, well-being, stewardship, and sustainability. Now, too, they are transitioning all of their plastic packaging to glass – another tremendous step forward for a better future!

You can join the Beautycounter family by ordering through a special Y on Earth affiliate link (beautycounter.com/yonearth) – a great way to detoxify your life AND support the Y on Earth Community’s Stewardship & Sustainability Podcast series AND Community Mobilization events!

If you order in the month of November (perfect for Holiday gift giving!), you will be entered to win a Beautycounter Sunblock (reef-safe!) or Charcoal Cleansing Bar. And, if you’re interested in becoming a BC affiliate, reach out to Katie at: [email protected]. This is what a win/win/win and regenerative, stewardship-centric, community-based economy looks like!

Katie Garces received her BS in Nursing from CreightonUniversity before earning an MS at the University of Pennsylvania and becomingan Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She is also a Certified NutritionalPractitioner with a focus on Holistic Nutrition, serves as a coach and mentor empoweringwomen from diverse demographics to cultivate health, well-being and improvedqualities of life, and is the founder of the wildly popular Denver-based “BeyondBook Club.”


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Welcome to the YonEarth Communities Stewardship and Sustainability Podcast Series.

Today we are visiting in Denver with Katie Garcis.

Hi Katie.

Hi Aaron, how are you?


How are you doing?

Good, so excited to have you here.

Thank you.

It’s great to be here.

So we are at the beauty counter location in downtown Denver.

And if you’re hearing any urban noises in the background, that’s because we’re right

in the middle of downtown.

So hopefully that won’t be very distracting.

And I’m so excited.

We’re going to be talking about an amazing array of very healthy products for men and women

here at beauty counter.

And before we dive in, let me tell you a little about Katie.

Katie Garcis received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Creighton University in 1999

before studying at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Master’s in Science in 2003

to become an acute care nurse practitioner.

Later, Katie attended the Nutritional Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado and became a

certified nutritional practitioner with a focus in holistic nutrition.

She has completed advanced training and mentorships in eating psychology, spirituality, and

ongoing personal development.

Katie founded the wildly popular Denver-based Beyond Book Club and serves as a coach and

mentor, empowering women from diverse demographics to cultivate health, well-being, and improved

qualities of life through better self-care.

She is a director with beauty counter of B Corporation.

We’ll talk about that a little bit that provides natural and safe health, bath, and beauty

products for men and women.

And Katie is also on the board of the White Honors Community.

So she is a huge friend and ally and supporter of all the work that we’re doing.

So I’ll just kick right off by saying thank you for that, Katie.


Thank you for your support there.

And I’m so excited to get to talk today about beauty counter.

Tell us what is beauty counter, and why are we here?


Well, first of all, thank you for being here.

Thank you for supporting me and beauty counter.

Beauty counter is a mission-based company.

We are a wellness brand that is committed to getting safer products into the hands of


And we do that three ways.

We do that by creating and distributing high-performing safer products.

We do that by educating our consumer about why safer products are necessary, important.

And we do that by advocating for legislative change at the highest level of federal government.

So we feel by doing all three of those components, by getting products into people’s hands,

educating why it’s important, and working to get some personal health care laws changed,

we’re disrupting the beauty industry, which is really a destructive company at the end

of the day.

So it’s really exciting.

There is not much regulation of beauty and personal care products.

And I think a lot of people don’t realize that.

The beauty industry is a $62 billion industry in the US, which is huge.

It is currently regulated by a two-page document.

Two-page document.

The last time it had a significant or a real federal legislation on it was 1938.

So we’re looking at over 80 years since anything’s been written on this huge, huge industry

in this country.

So a lot of work to be done.

No doubt about it.

And Lord knows right now we need as much positive disruption as we can get in many of these industries.

I’m struck that the governing body of rules and law was created before the Second World War.

And we know through a lot of our work in the food and agriculture arena that during

and after the Second World War, we started creating so many chemicals, pollutants that are

potentially carcinogenic, potentially really dangerous for us.

And it’s remarkable that with our skin being our largest organ, we have a real need and

opportunity to much better understand what we’re doing in the way of safe products versus

unsafe products that we’re putting on our bodies, right?



And when we talk about safer, a lot of people say, well, what does that even mean?

So we really are just aiming to get any hazardous ingredient chemicals, I mean, chemical is

a, you know, everything is a chemical, right?

But there are over 80,000 chemicals on the market right now.

Many of which have no safety data.

We just don’t know what they do or don’t do or could do to our health.

And a lot of those are in our beauty products and our personal care products.

And so it just makes sense to want to have more information and more transparency.

And that’s really what beauty counters asking when we’re talking about legislative change

is we just want companies out there in the beauty industry to be transparent.

We should be able to go into any Walgreens or any department store in the country and look

on a package or a label and know within our product and know whether or not it’s safe.

And the way things are now, that’s not the case.

And so with that many potential ingredients out there, I think the EWG in 2018 said that

the number 186, so 186 different unique ingredients come into contact with a woman.

So a woman comes into contact with 186 unique ingredients on an average day, on an average


And so if we don’t know what’s going on with those chemicals from a safety standpoint,

if we don’t know what’s happening between those chemicals in our body, because none of

that’s been studied, in my opinion, it’s kind of like,

saying Russian roulette with our health, right?

I mean, we care about what we eat or what we put in our body.

I think we should equally care about what we’re putting on our body and on our skin,

on our children’s skin.

Nothing how this work came about for me.

As you mentioned, I do holistic nutrition.

And so the quality of our food and our food sourcing and how that directly supports

our health, our longevity, our vitality, it makes sense that if I do care about what

I’m putting in my body, then I definitely want to care about what I’m putting on my body.

So when we’re looking at product safety and ingredients, we’re looking at things we want

to avoid that are potentially leading to cancer, potentially endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins,

reproductive toxins.

So all of those things, beauty counter, it’s the top of their priority to make as safe

as absolutely possible.

This is really interesting.

So EWG is the environmental working group, right?

And I understand that beauty counter.

And by the way, I just want to get right out early in our discussion that beauty counter

is a new partner with the Y-Unerve community.

And we’ve set up a beautiful framework so that folks, you can do some of your holiday,

shopping, some of your ongoing, shopping for yourself, for your friends and loved ones,

and support the Y-Unerve community at the same time.

And we’ll talk about that a little later on in the show.

And I’m excited because we’re also going to do a little tour with some of the products

here, which I think is going to be a lot of fun.

So I just want to give a little foreshadow there.

Before going there, let’s talk a bit about the environmental working group in this really

important relationship that beauty counter has with that third party research entity.

Yes, I’m sure most of your listeners are familiar with the EWG Environmental Working


They’re a pretty massive database of products, food, household products, anything you want

to kind of learn about.

They’re very transparent.

They include all the ingredients.

And they actually have sort of a subset for skincare beauty products, personal care products

called, it’s the EWG Skin Deep.

So you can search that on their site.

EWG also has a free app.

You can have on your phone that you can scan any product with a barcode, whether it’s

food or other products, and it will give you all the ingredients, all the information

they have on that.

On the Skin Deep section, on that database, they are able to rate products on a scale of

one to ten.

One being the best rating the EWG will give, ten being the worst.

Beauty counter has nothing rated below a four on the EWG scale with most of the products

above that.

There’s also something called the EWG Verify product.

And so that is a lot more rigorous, third party verified, notification or other word

is, but where those products have been verified by third party to be at the highest standard

of the EWG.

So we are pleased to say that several of the Beauty counter products are EWG Verify, including

our brand new skincare line which just launched this past summer, counter time, and we’ll

take a look at those in a few minutes, but those, the six products in that skincare

line and all of them are 100% EWG Verify.

So that’s pretty exciting and it is top priority for us to get more of our catalog EWG Verify.

It is a top priority for Beauty counter and our products, so we’re really proud of that.

This is super exciting and I think, you know, one of the things that it seems we in this

country in particular, are learning more and more about, seems almost every day, is

the degree to which we’ve been playing Russian roulette with our healthcare products, with

our bath and beauty products, with our food products.

And I’m struck that when we’re talking about these various substances that are known

to be harmful or thought to be potentially harmful, here in the United States, I understand

we’ve only outlawed or banned a few dozen, whereas our friends, our colleagues, our compatriots

in the European Union have something like 1400 ingredients, right?

And Canada to the north, ten times the number we’ve got here, something like 300 ingredients.


I’m curious, Katie, from your perspective, what does that look like when you’re out visiting

and talking with other people?

Obviously, you work primarily with women in terms of that awakening to the reality of all

of these kind of grand experiments we’ve been part of here in this country.

I think a lot of people just aren’t aware, they’re just not aware, and I think that’s

one of the reasons that I’m so passionate about this work in this company is because once

you learn this stuff, it’s kind of like you can’t unlearn it.

I can’t unknow that, like you mentioned, the US has literally banned partially banned

30 ingredients.

You compare that to what the UK has done in the last couple decades, so I think it bears


Up to 1400 ingredients banned in the EU, beauty counter has something we call the nevelest,

and our nevelest includes over 1500.

Close to 1700 last I’ve heard, but officially over 1500 ingredients that we will never use

in the formulation of any of our beauty counter products or any of our products at all.

So I think that is pretty important, and when we compare that to the 30 that the US

fans, it’s pretty eye-opening, and so to your point, I think it’s really about education,

and beauty counter isn’t about being all proprietary and they just use our products, we’re truly

about getting safer products into the hands of everyone, and like I mentioned before,

whether it’s beauty counter or a product at your local department store, we just want

you to know what you’re using and how it could be affecting your health.

So that’s a huge piece of our education, our advocacy, so I mean, we believe in love

our products, and we want everyone to use them, but at the end of the day, we just want

people to learn, to educate themselves, and to choose the safest product that they can

for their health.

I really love the transparency and the focus on education, the focus on the greater good.

It seems that we need a lot more of this in our world, and I’m thrilled that the B-Corp

community is really helping lead the way, and we know some of our other partners like Patagonia,

our B-Corp’s, and it’s just wonderful knowing that beauty counter is a B-Corp.

I know for me personally, it allows me to feel that much more comfortable and confident

promoting beauty counter and sharing the beauty counter message and products to our audience.

We can happily say YonEarth approved, and this is in part because of the third party

verification work that the B-Corp mechanism provides, and I’m wondering, let’s talk about

that a little bit.

Why is beauty counter a B-Corp, and what does that mean?

Yeah, so I had to do a little bit of digging myself.

I know that in order to become B-Corp certified and have that designation, it is another very

rigorous process.

It’s not easy.

There’s not a lot of companies that have that designation, and so what I learned is

a B-Corp is somebody that puts equal emphasis on people, planet, and profit.

That means that the work we’re doing is not just about obviously our bottom line, but

it’s about products that are going to keep people safe.

It’s actually also about how we treat our employees and how we treat the earth in the environment.

Something really exciting that’s happened, you’ve been happening in the last several months

with beauty counters that we are in the process, we’re almost there, converting most of our

plastic packaging products containers into glass.

So that’s been a huge undertaking as you can imagine, but something that we feel really

passionate about, and all of our boxes and packaging we’re minimizing where we can.

We are using recyclable materials, reusable boxes for our holiday line, this October actually

we’re trialling a recycling program called CleanSwap, where we’re having women bring

all their old personal care products, makeup, and all those little containers that are

kind of just collecting dust in your bathroom.

Those are notoriously hard to recycle because of the small size and the way that recycled

machines work and sift through things.

So we’re collecting those, we’re shipping them back to beauty counterhead quarters this month

for them to be properly disposed and recycled to those standards.

So that’s really exciting, we’re hopeful that that will become something that we can

offer, you know, forever, but this month is just another attempt of how can we reduce our

carbon footprint, reduce reuse recyclable as much as we can, it is the top priority of

beauty counter.

It’s absolutely wonderful and I’d love, it really speaks to the depth of commitment that

beauty counter is making and has made, and I know Ardom, many of you know, has a real passion

around what we’re doing with plastics.

And when we’re thinking about plastics, when we’re thinking about other potentially harmful

chemicals in our health and beauty products, when we’re thinking about food, really the

big opportunity right in front of us is reversing a lot of negative trends that we’ve seen

since about the time of the World Wars.

So what you guys are doing with the conversion from plastics to glass exploring that is really

helping to about face make a 180 degree turn with certain products and materials that

we know are really harmful for people and for the planet.

So I’m excited to know you guys are working on this and I think it’s a great aspect of

the commitment that beauty counter is making.

Yeah, it feels, it gives us a lot of pride as consultants and as part of this mission that

we’re not just, yeah, we’re educating, yeah, we’re getting awesome products out there

for people, but they’re hopefully making a change and bringing awareness.

A lot of people weren’t even aware that plastic containers weren’t, you know, the best,

I’m sure your audience is like, what, you don’t know that, but a lot of people, there’s

still a lot of education to be had is my point.

And so if we can bring that in the form of beauty products and getting that word out there

that way then, yeah, all more for it.


So I’m Katie, as we were discussing a little before we started recording, I’ve got a little

shopping to do for my mom, her birthday’s coming up and you know, I imagined that perhaps

some of these products are a little bit more expensive than the cheapest I might find

at a drug store or what have you, but it to me is so important to understand that often

these very cheap products are really not good for us and it makes me think about this quote

from Joel Salatin who’s really leading the way with regenerative agriculture and he says

if you think organic food or if you think these healthy harmful product free products are

expensive, have you priced cancer lately, right?

And I think it really behooves us to think about the whole picture, the whole system

and cycle and the ways that we’re impacting our very own health and well-being in those

of our loved ones when we’re making these purchasing decisions.

Absolutely, and honestly, yes, the price tag will probably be more than what you would

see in a drug store, but definitely on par with what you might see in a department store.

So really not that, you know, not that much difference and for what you’re getting and

what you’re supporting, like we’ve been talking about, like you said, it’s worth it now,

for sure.


I love it.

Well, let’s talk a little about holiday shopping and there’s a special collection, there’s

stuff for men and I want to mention too that folks, you can go to beautycounter.com slash

Y on earth and do your shopping there and some of the proceeds will actually come back

to Y on earth to benefit the work we’re doing through the nonprofit and so that’s a huge

win-win for everybody, right?

Yeah, love that.

Yeah, so I’d love to talk about some of our products.

So yes, we do have a wide variety.

We have skincare products, we have color cosmetics, we have a kid and baby line, men’s line

as you mentioned, an anti-aging line.

So over 130 high performing products that are available, so pretty much something for


And I always kind of like to mention, when I first got on to beauty counter there, I call

them my gateway drug products, like the ones that, I mean, I was still pretty resistant.

I was like, no, I have my skincare line, like don’t touch that, but I’ll check out your

sunblock, for example.

Well, that kind of hooked me and I love our sunblock.

Sunblock is notoriously, can be notoriously dangerous as far as the chemicals and toxins

and even for our environment.

So I wanted to talk about our counter sun, which is our sunblock line.

This is a mineral-based sunblock, so it’s a non-nano zinc sunblock, so it is a direct,

it’s like a physical block, it’s a poster of a chemical block, so it will literally

bounce the sun’s rays off you.

So there’s chemical sunblocks, sunscreens and physical, so this is an SPS 30 block UVA

and UVB rays, and because it is, oh, it oxygen-butane-free, so it’s going to be reef-safe, which

is huge, as you know, why it’s even fanned, those sunscreens that are not.

So safer ocean, safer planet, and we also have a spray, a mist, which I also love, especially

for those of us with kiddos, easy to spray the kiddos.

The mineral-based sunscreens are really good for those with sensitive skin, good for kiddos,

and what I like about this spray is that it uses air-powered, so it’s not a chemical propellant,

which a lot of the sprays in the sunscreens are.

So again, we’re looking at environment safety and safe health safety with that as well.

So my favorite is this little guy, and it’s so small that it will fit in any cursor bag,

any backpack, any golf bag, and it’s just great to, you know, especially if you live

in Colorado and all, you guys, do I know that the sun, the weather can change so quickly

that I was with having one of these years for my face, or my shoulders, or whatever,

but this was one of my gateway drugs, and I have one in every bag that I own.

So love the counter sunscreens, for sure.

I did mention counter time, which is our brand new skin hairline.

It is for maturing skin.

We don’t love anti-aging, as a word we like, maturing skin, the better with age.

But what is exciting about counter time is that most, for those of you who are aware of

anti-aging lines, retinol is typically the ingredient that everyone wants in their anti-aging

line because it helps, you know, with the anti-aging process.

But retinol actually has an EWG rating of 9, which if you recall, 10 is the worst rating

you can get by EWG.

So for that reason, beauty counter hadn’t had a similar retinol or a similar ingredient

for several years until this last summer.

We finally came out with our new line counter time, and it has a retinol alternative ingredient

in it called bacuchinol.

Now bacuchinol stands up to retinol in studies, as far as outcomes and benefit of the skin,

but it has an EWG rating of 1.

So that’s pretty significant going from a retinol EWG rating of 9 to bacuchinol rating

of 1 and still standing up head to head in the studies as far as anti-aging.

So we’re really excited about that.

Also, if you’re familiar with retinol, it’s not great for sensitive skin.

You can’t be out in the sun with it.

You cannot use retinol when you’re pregnant or nursing.

And with bacuchinol, with our counter time line, safe for all of the above.

So that’s huge for people to be able to use that and still get the anti-aging benefits

from it.

So we can take a look at that line, if you’d like.

I definitely want to mention the counter man, so our men’s line, that’s relatively new

as well.

And kind of the exciting ingredient there is our Sequoia stem cell compass, which I know,

it’s very exciting, but what that does is it really protects the skin and the hair from

bare metal stressors that you just come into contact with every day.

So that’s pretty exciting as well.

And as part of our holiday line, we have a little travel size kit, so you can really

try out any of the products there’s for at a little bit of a, you know, smaller and lower

price point.



So I want to just mention that we’re going to do a special in November for anybody who

wants to get any of these products through the Y on Earth link there that we mentioned

BeautyCounter.com slash Y on Earth.

We’re going to, you’ll be automatically entered to win either a sunblock or a charcoal

bar, and we’ll figure out which it is.

Maybe it’s a conversation with the winner.

What’s the charcoal bar all about?

I know you’re excited about this, we’re talking earlier.

This is another product that I got excited about earlier on and a lot of people do.

So the charcoal bar, we’re trying to say, I want to come out that way.

And I can grab one.

It’s a bar.

It’s a soap, it’s a cleanser, but it helps detoxify the skin and it’s just a very clean

way to, it’s a skin face wash, but people love it and it’s It’s just a very detoxifying that helps with any acne, it helps with all kinds of

fish starting blinking out on the skin.

It’s probably with exfoliation too.

A little bit.


It helps even out skin tone.

That’s what I was trying to come up with.



Even out skin tone.

So that’s just another one of those sort of exciting products that gets people in the

door and they’re like, oh, what else do we have?

What else do we have?

So that’s a real fun product.

I love charcoal because we also, those of us working in the soil are working with things

like biochar.

And we know that sometimes if we need to detox inside our own digestive systems, we’ll

use charcoal for that too.

Charcoal is amazing.


It’s soil-building and it helps with our own health and well-being, right?


We also have a charcoal mask, which is great.

People love that.

Putting a big black mask on your face and having just your eyes.

It’s fun.

But that’s really great.

Again, with that, even in an up skin tone, clearing up blemishes, that’s like that.

So cool.

Yeah, charcoal is an amazing ingredient.

Yeah, truly.

I know we kind of jumped over this, Katie, but I want to hear a little more and share

a little more with our friends and audience.

How did you get into all this?

Like, what was your path into working with these products?


I think I touched on just being into holistic nutrition and holistic living, really caring

about the foods that I eat, the foods that I prepare for my children.

As I learned more about after my children were born, they’re eight now.

Any kind of thing.

You can’t unknow that.

You know, when you’re reading about food quality and what’s in a lot of our food, I could

go back and I wanted to learn more and I wanted to know how I could affect change within

my family for my children and then obviously for others, which is why I now do this as

my work as a coach and as a nutritionist and wellness coach.

So as we know, it’s not just about food, it’s about our environment, it’s about the products

we clean our house with, and it’s about the products we put on our bodies.

So whether it’s what we bathe within the shower, the makeup we put on, our sunblock, it

all adds up.

And so I always say if people, because sometimes people get a little bit of a paralysis, because

it feels so overwhelming to try to switch everything out at once and you don’t have to.

Even if you do one swap a week or one swap a month with a household product or a beauty

or personal care product or upgrading your meat from conventional to organic grass said,

every little swap that you make will, I think, exponentially benefit you as you go.

And so that’s what I like to help people learn how to do, because like I said, it can

be overwhelming and so sometimes people feel overwhelmed, they just decide not to do

anything and every swap that you make, every change that you make really can benefit

you, your family, the environment, and your health long term.

So I just get really passionate about that and so that’s why, you know, we work together

on the board and so supportive of all the work you’re doing, I just feel like there’s

so much to do, we can’t do it all.

The work you do is so important, the work beauty kind of is important in a different, you

know, realm, but if we’re all kind of on board, I think we can really create change.

Absolutely, absolutely.

Well, and in the book, yonearth, you know, there’s a chapter called Make that talks

about all these different products and materials and various chemicals that can be harmful

for our own health and for environmental sustainability.

And it’s around page 300 where we get into some of the top, top tier, most carcinogenic

toxic chemicals, a few of which go into these kinds of products.

And you know, I’m struck, I know for some people thinking about our own personal health

and well-being is enough to make switches, that process of education, certainly for many

people thinking about the health and the well-being of our children or our grandchildren is

enough to be motivated.

And for some of us, we’re thinking even more about impacts on wildlife, impacts on environment,

impacts on the ocean.

And one of the things I’d love reminding people right here in Colorado, land locked

Colorado, is that, you know, we’re just a couple of few blocks from the plant river,

which flows into the ocean.

And so every day when we’re showering, when we’re rinsing our face at the end of the

day, whatever we’ve put on our body is basically going out to the ocean.

And so that’s a whole other point of connection for us to really understand, particularly with

water, right?

It’s the great solvent.

It carries and transmits all kinds of things throughout the geography of the world.

And for us to become, I think, more mindful about our impacts there is a whole other reason

to make this kind of a switch that we’re talking about.


That’s such a great reminder, too, because as you said, land locked Colorado, we don’t,

we think we’re so far from the ocean, we’ll talk about reef safety and like the reef

is so far.

But it is all part of, you know, the reef’s right here.



So that’s a great reminder.


Well, let’s, let’s do a bit of a look around, let me, before we do that, I’ll probably

jump behind camera.

But I want to remind our audience, this is the YonEarth communities, stewardship

and sustainability podcast series, and we’re today visiting with Katie Garcis here at

the beauty counter store in downtown Denver, Colorado.

And I want to be sure to thank our partners and sponsors, which, of course, now includes

beauty counter.

It also includes the Association of Walder Schools of North America, Earth Coast Productions,

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And a huge thanks to all of you, your partnership, your support, and the ongoing collaborations.

I know we’ve got some really exciting things cooking with a few of those organizations.

And I also want to thank each and every one of the people out there in the YonEarth

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That’s included in there, of course.

And just a huge thanks for everybody who’s already part of our monthly giving program.

Again, if you want to join, you can just go to yonearth.org slash support or just go

to the homepage and hit the donate button and you’ll get there.

And so I think Katie all jumped behind camera so we can kind of get a little more close

up on some of the stuff we’ve joined with.

Let’s see here.

We can do just sort of a quick glance at some of our color cosmetics here.

We’ve got our lip glosses and lipsticks, lip shears and lipsticks.

This was my second gateway drug in the beauty counter.

I absolutely love all the lip glosses and lipsticks.

We’ve got a full array of your color cosmetics, blushes, mascaras, concealers.

I do want to comment on our foundations.

This is one of our most popular, the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer.

So this does have SPF in it as well and our tinted skin.

These are our foundations.

I do want to comment that all of our color cosmetics are tested.

I believe up to five times four heavy metals.

And our threshold for heavy metal is even below some of the beauty standards out there.

So we’re really careful about heavy metals.

You can feel very safe about that.

I do want to, these are some of our holiday sets here.

Rosewood Trio is our lip.

That’s what I have on today.

We have our starlight palette.

I’ll show you a few more of our sets.

But what I love about our holiday sets is that you can give it as a set

or you can get these sets and break them up and divide them into.

I know a lot of people are always looking for teacher gifts or hosted gifts

around the holidays.

And yeah, okay to get another bottle of wine or another Starbucks gift card.

But why don’t you get something new, exciting, safer, support wine

or with some of these fun holidays that I will show you a few more of it.

Make sure you check out holiday in the Wanners Beauty Hunter link too.

Let’s go over here.

I’ll show you the counter man that I talked about.

So counter man is our men’s line.

We have a beard oil regimen.

We have facial cleansers.

This is our holiday collection for the men.

It has a face lotion, an exfoliator, a little bit of a charcoal

body wash and a shampoo.

This is a brand new ingredient.

So you can see those are a way to kind of again test those athletes products.

Gonna feel of them all travel size as well.

You can see down below we have our sunblock, which I’ve already talked about.

Way down below we have some of our kiddo and baby stuff might be a little hard

to see my kids use the body wash and the shampoo.

Great guess for new babies and you can see more of these online as well.

We can pop over here.

We have some of our bath and body.

So everything from body wash to shampoo’s and conditioners.

We’ve got body scrubs.

This is our holiday line, which has our shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion.

Again, a great way to test out a little bit smaller size so we can check those out.

And over here, this is where I get pretty excited.

These are our skincare regimens and what we call our counter plus line.

So counter plus being some of our skin treatments, theorems, face oils, our overnight peel.

Where did it go?

Overnight resurfacing peel.

This is one of our most popular products, and if you can see at that, this is a peel that

is safe enough.

So similar to a chemical peel, you might get at a salon or a spa, but safe enough to

use at home up to three, four times a week.

You wear overnight, gentle enough again to do at home.

It’s gonna help the resurfacing of your skin.

You’re gonna be brighter, lighter.

It’s done a lot for fine lines, wrinkles, malasma, skin and sun aging spots, has changed

people’s skin.

So this would be definitely be a go-to product that I would recommend.

Our face oils are extremely popular as well, sorry right over here, and they are, they come

in larger sizes, but for the holidays, once again, you can try them out.

Our holiday set has all three of our face oils in small little containers so you can try

them out.

Number one has vitamin C in it.

Our number two helps with fine lines and wrinkles, and our number three helps with brightening

our skin and balancing it.

So those are a must have as far as I can turn holidays a great way to try those out.

And then this is the counter-time line here that I was mentioning before.

This is the EGWG verified brand new anti-aging skin line.

So formulated for more mature skin.

This is the line that has that retinatural bacutinol that I was talking about that alternative


It’s literally been changing skin, super, super hydrating, love that.

We do have other skin care lines I haven’t mentioned.

I can definitely, we can go into those on the website.

We have a counter-control line, helps with acne, so if you have teenagers, kids, or if you

are blemish prone, even in older age, or as you still have trouble with that oily skin,

or acne or blemish prone skin, it’s an amazing line.

We have a nourishing line, which is a very simple line.

So good for pre-teens, teens, sensitive skin, so lots of great options there.

And then counter-match is a line that’s also great for hydration.

It kind of matches the skin’s hydration needs.

So you’re not going to get too much, and you’re not going to get too little.

So we’ve got some great technology around all of our skincare lines, so definitely worth

checking out.

And then just right down here, a couple more of our cute little holidays, and if you can

see, we’ve got a lit jelly set.

So these are sort of reminiscent of our teenage days.

These are actually lightly sweetened with stevia.

These jelly’s down here, you can see.

Oh my gosh, that’s up so far.

Super super cute.

I mean, I’m obsessed.

It’s just seriously hanging you back to like 12 years old.


And then-

Katie and I have known each other since we were 10, so I can counter-remember when we’re

youngsters, and the girls would show up with these amazing smelling and tasting lip glosses,


And this is our lip gloss vault, which is really fun.

Lots of different shades and flavors, if you will, in there.

Again, this is another great set that you could easily break up and gift out to multiple


Great stocking stuffers.

We have some lotion sets, body butters in our holiday lines.

So again, I think it’s such a great idea to be able to purchase some of these sets and

break them up as holiday gifts.

So that’s kind of-

There’s so much to choose.

There’s a lot to choose from.

There’s a lot to choose from.

It can be overwhelming.

So definitely working with somebody who knows a lot about the products, I’m sure Aaron can

link my email, and I’m happy to answer any questions.

If you have specific skin care concerns or skin care needs, I am well versed in all of

these lines, and I’d be happy to help to make recommendations.

We do have a skin care quiz on our site.

So if you go to the beauty counter, dot com slash on earth and search a little skin care

quiz, it’ll come up and it’s a really quick quiz like a minute and it will actually help

guide you to the skin care set or regimen that would be best for your skin type.

It’s pretty cool.

It’s so exciting.

Well, hey, can we just go look at lipsticks for a moment because as a painter, I love color.

And as a guy, I don’t generally play with the color-founded cosmetics, but boy, these lipsticks

have so many amazing colors.

I’m going to kind of get close up here, see if we can catch any of the color on the


I don’t know if it could.

Maybe over here.

Maybe over here.


It’s just an incredible array to choose from.


So much fun there.

Lots of great colors.

And these are what are these?

Those are makeup brushes.

So these are blush and bronzers.


We have a great eye makeup remover.

This is brow gel, concealer.

And then this is back where we started.

Back when we started.

I should also mention the price points of the holiday line.

We have 19 sets of holiday sets, which is a ton to choose from.

There’s something for everybody.

14 of those 19 sets, maybe 16 of 19.

A lot of our sets are less than $49.

So the price points amazing.

And it’s a nice combination of some of our classic or hero products that I showed you with

the skincare link mixed in with some of our fun, festive, playful, like the jellies.

So the nice mix of products you can try that we’re always going to be here and then just

fun holiday products that are really good price points.

So definitely check out holiday.

This is so exciting.

So I got to ask because I’m kind of curious.

So say when you’re traveling, how many different things do you usually carry with you?

That’s a good question.

How does that work?

I don’t take my whole regimen, but I’ll take a handful of my favorite products.

If I know I’m going to be in a drier climate, for example, I might choose accordingly, but

it is hard to choose.

And I do have a lot over the years, and I’ve collected quite a bit.

So yeah, it just kind of depends on how much space I have in my bag usually, but we actually

were in Europe this summer, and I had just gotten counter time.

So I brought all of the very big bottles because I was just so obsessed with the skin regimen.

So I was really happy to have that with me.

This is so cool.

You know, just the other day I was talking with our friend Maria Cooper, the executive chef

who is an incredible health and nutrition coach who’s written this beautiful cookbook

for people with various dietary needs.

And we’re just talking about, for those of us engaged in this sustainability stewardship

regeneration work, how important it is that our own self-care practices are really robust

that we’re taking care of ourselves in terms of rest, again, in terms of what we’re eating,

and of course, in terms of what we’re putting onto our bodies every day.

And it just, for me, seems like a perfectly complete picture with beauty counter in the

mix in addition to our food and beverage discussions and friends and advocates.

And it’s so cool that you’re doing this, Katie, bringing this together for the people

you’re working with, your clients who are making those lifestyle choices and changes to

enhance health and well-being to thrive, right?


Yeah, people love it, they love the mission, they love that, you know, yeah, we can affect

our diet and our lifestyle, but that’s also affect all of it, right?

So we get that more holistic picture of health and self-care, right?

Like you mentioned, some of the stuff is, you know,

you feel the little indulgent, you know, to go take a sugar scrub bath or whatever,

but you know, if it is part of our self-care or our relaxation, then you’ve done that

with whaling waters as well.


But it’s all kind of part of that overall mind-body health is taking care of our mind-body

and spirit, and I think this is a great way to do it.

You know, I’m really struck too that you’ve been doing a lot over the years with respect

to your spiritual journey, and just in the past year or two, you’ve been doing some very

specific things in that arena, and I thought it’d be fun to just ask you about that a little

Katie, not to put you on the spot, but I think for some of our audience, right, who,

for whom this is really important, I think it’s cool to be able to share that a little

if you don’t mind.

Sure, sure.

No, I took a self-imposed sabbatical, basically for nine months, just actually kind of coming

out from that.

So you’re really pushing pretty hard in a business sense, pushing hard on myself.

Very type A, you know, performer, achiever, anti-gram 3, so those of you who are familiar

with the anti-gram, to the point that I really needed to step back, both for my own self-care,

and also to just get that clarity and space from all of that work that I needed to, to

remind myself that I’m not defined by my work, or my success, or lack thereof, and really

kind of get to the deeper aspect of what that is from spiritual sense.

So still a lot of work in that arena, which was really helpful, really healing, allowed

for a lot of growth personally, and allowed me to step back into this work that I am passionate


I don’t want to not do this work.

I just need to learn how to do it in a way that supports my, my, my body health, and

the extremes in the past of my efforts were not supporting that.

So when I came back to work, I looked at all the variety of things that I have done for

work in the arena before, and I said, what is the most fun, what is the most useful thing

for me to step back into?

And the most obvious question or answer was with Beauty Hunter, actually.

So I, that was the first thing I sort of stepped back into this past summer, and I’ve been

working with Beauty Hunter on and off for four years.

So it’s not new to me, but to step back into it and step back into it fully, it was really

exciting to see that take off for me personally, for my clients, doing things like this, and

getting my own art involved in Beauty Hunter has been really exciting.

So I find myself gauging a lot of my work now on how much fun I’m having, and does it

drain me, and yet some of our work is going to be work.

But at the end of the day, how lit up are we with about it, and the work that Beauty

Hunter is doing is so proud to support and be a part of, so that that’s almost like

a natural progression for me to really step into this work a little bit more fully.

It’s really, really beautiful, and as a lifelong friend, I just, I’d love seeing how your

path and journey is unfolding.

It’s, it’s inspiring, and it’s fun to be able to share a little glimpse of that with

our greater Y Honors community and friends out there.

And I’m wondering, Katie, before, before we sign off, is there anything else you’d like

to share with the Y Honors community in general?

I think I want to make sure everybody knows, again, that it’s super easy to support Y Honors

through your purchase of Beauty Hunter, again, BeautyCenter.com slash Y Honors, and if you

can’t remember that, and you go to BeautyCenter.com, just in the little search area of the Y Honors,

and all of your purchases will, commissions will go supporting Aaron and the Y Honors community.

There are only two or three actual retail stores in the country, so we’re pretty lucky

in Denver to have this retail store, and if you are local to Denver or Colorado, you can

still support Y Honors and shop here, just when you come and check out, let them know that

you would like your porters to go under Y Honors, so that’s good to know.

And it’s fun to come down here and actually see the shades and test everything out if you’re

able to.

So, and then yes, if you all purchase in November, whether they’re holiday purchases or anything,

will be entered to win either a sunblock or a charcoal bar from us.

So that’s really exciting.

We just really want you guys to get into this testing now.

Most people, once they try it, they absolutely love it.

We say our products are our employees, they sell themselves.

I really don’t have to do much, except share the mission, and once people are on board

with that, these products really do, they work, they’re high performing, they sell themselves,

and we want to get, again, we want to get these products.

And we want to get them into as many hands as possible.

So, thank you, thank you for getting our word out, our mission out.

Yeah, we can’t wait for you guys to try it.

And just one little side note, right?

There’s a store also in New York.

Is that right?

New York.

I know we’ve got a lot of friends in New York.

Anywhere else?

There’s one in Nantucket, and I think that might be it right now.

I know there’s some rumblings about maybe one or two opening on the East Coast, I’m sorry,

the West Coast.

But yeah, so Nant Matten, Denver, and Nantucket.

Cool, that’s great.

So yeah, if you’re out on the East Coast, you can check that out.

And as a lot of you know, increasingly YonEarth is connected to a number of really

exciting projects on the East Coast in the New York area in particular.

So, who knows?

Maybe we’ll see you over there at some point.

And Katie, thanks so much for taking the time to visit with us, and thank you for all

the background research and prep that you’ve done to share this information with folks.

It’s, I’m really impressed by how much has been packed into this 45 minutes or whatever

it is that we’ve had to share together today, and really appreciate your time, your passion

and your dedication to all of this.

And of course, thanks again for all that you do for the YonEarth community.

My pleasure.

Thank you for having me.


It’s been great.

Thank you.

Thanks, Katie.

Bye, everybody.


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