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  • Episode 57 – Mohawk Women Leading the Three Sisters Sovereignty Project
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 57 - Mohawk Women Leading the Three Sisters Sovereignty Project

The Three Sisters Sovereignty Project, led by three Mohawk women, is based in the Schoharie Valley of central New York, the ancestral homelands of the Mohawk people. Tiffany Cook, Fallan Jacobs, and Kaweenniiosta Jock discuss how this profoundly important effort – in fulfillment of prophecy – is being launched with future generations in mind.

The Three Sisters Sovereignty Project focuses on three core objectives: Food Sovereignty, Energy Sovereignty, and Cultural Sovereignty. At the heart of the near-term plans is building an educational long house – mixing both traditional and modern techniques for sustainable design – teaching the Mohawk language, ceremonial and cultural traditions, and growing organic food and medicinal herbs using soil stewardship and regenerative agricultural practices. The project can be supported through their Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ThreeSistersSov.

Tiffany Cook is a grandmother and mother of three who runs a successful juicing and nutritional support initiative to bring healing through food to her tribe. She has a farm and indoor grow facility where she grows all of her own micro-greens for her business.

Fallan Jacobs is the mother of four children who has worked closely with the Ahkwesasne Mohawk reservation community on economic development, labor market information, and small business support initiatives. She works with indigenous youth and familiies to rekindle, restore and enhance their sense of cultural identity, land-based teachings, and community connections.

Kawenniiosta Jock is the mother of five children, who helps develop traditional support, cultural teachings, and cultural preservation of the Mohawk tribal ways. She works with women, children, and men who suffer from domestic violence and sexual assault. She is also a self-taught seamstress and has a small business making traditional dresses as well as her own clothing line.

More information at: threesistersproject.org and gofundme.com/f/threesisterssov

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