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  • Episode 67 – Hunter Chesnutt-Perry, Youth Responses to Climate Crisis
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 67 - Hunter Chesnutt-Perry, Youth Responses to Climate Crisis

Hunter Chesnutt-Perry, son of Y on Earth’s Aaron William Perry, shares his CSPAN Video Project about Climate Change – a requirement for his AP Language class as a high school senior. Hunter shares his knowledge about the climate crisis, and what can be done about it. From dietary choices to soil regeneration, Hunter is already engaged in multiple actions – which also have the benefit of improving health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Our podcast interview format is a bit different in this episode, as part of the time Hunter is interviewing his dad Aaron, part of the time Aaron is interviewing Hunter, and then the last several minutes are the video project that Hunter created.

According to his dad, Hunter Chesnutt-Perry has a heart of gold (like a Lion), is a gifted visual artist and athlete (he’s captain of his varsity basketball team), and has an extraordinarily mature and well developed penchant for health, wellbeing and optimal performance – the foundation of his personal fitness training and coaching career. Hunter and his dad share a profound love for wilderness excursions, road trips, and have enjoyed many outdoor adventures, road trips, and Y on Earth Community Soil Activation Ceremonies throughout the United States together.

Bonus Material: Bloopers/Outtakes begin at 1:00:35, and

Hunter’s CSPAN Climate Change video begins at 1:03:20.

Find Hunter on Instagram at: huntercp_lifting_

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