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  • Episode 68 – Corona Virus Special w/ Aaron Perry & Artem Nikulkov
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 68 - Corona Virus Special w/ Aaron Perry & Artem Nikulkov

Spring Is Not Cancelled!

In this special Corona Virus episode, Aaron Perry and Artem Nikulkov discuss five keys to staying healthy and resilient during these unprecedented times. Our immune systems stay strongest when our stress levels are low, when we spend time out doors, when we use herbal medicines, when we take hemp aromatherapy baths, when we get our hands in the soil, and when we connect and converse with good friends. As Stephen Hawking put it, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Recognizing that “VUCA” aptly describes our global situation (marked by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), they discuss how “VUCA PRIME” (Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility) is the key to staying grounded, focused, healthy, and a positive resource for our communities. (This framework was first shared by Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis in Podcast episode #30).

A special invitation to join the Wele Waters monthly giving program for CBD hemp infused aromatherapy soaking salts is also shared – and the first 10 people to join will receive a free tin of the new salve line (yonearth.org/wele-waters). Artem and Aaron also discuss the wisdom of Brigitte Mars (episode #19), who emphasizes Dandelion, Nettles, and Hemp as three potent plants to include in your daily self-care and wellness practices.

“#springisnotcancelled” is the Y on Earth Community’s motto for these challenging times. Let’s get outdoors, prepare our gardens, connect with the living biosphere, listen to the birds, and deepen our gratitude and appreciation for being alive on this beautiful planet! As community leaders, it is imperative that we keep ourselves healthy, strong, and grounded – that we focus on Strength, Stability, and Sensibility in our daily lives.

Aaron and Artem also discuss how the Y on Earth Community and Earth Coast Productions are adjusting and adapting their near-term plans in response to the Corona Virus. This includes the acceleration in developing several “Social Enterprises,” including: Wele Waters, Soil Werks, Earth Water Press, and others in Y on Earth’s incubator ecosystem (See Podcast episode #65 with Eric Lombardi for more on Social Enterprises). Stay tuned. Buy Wele Waters (100% of proceeds support the Y on Earth Community). Become a Y on Earth Ambassador. Read books. Stay grounded and thrive in these unprecedented times!

More information: yonearth.org/wele-waters; earthcoast.com; yonearth.org/sign-up-as-ambassador; yonearth.org/global-map

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