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  • Episode 69 – Corona Virus Special w/ Ryan Zinn, Dr. Bronner’s Regen. Projects. Mgr.
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 69 - Corona Virus Special w/ Ryan Zinn, Dr. Bronner's Regen. Projects. Mgr.


In this special COVID-19 episode, Ryan Zinn, Regenerative Projects Manager at Dr. Bronner’s, discusses the immediate impacts on global supply chains, the regenerative organic imperative, and the opportunities for stewardship and sustainability in the time of Corona. He shares several resources (links below) for our global regenerative work.

Leading the way with the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC), Dr. Bronner’s is (along with many organizations on the forefront like the Rodale Institute, Patagonia, and Demeter) helping to establish and scale-up organic soil stewardship, fair treatment of people, and equitable economic dynamics throughout the entire world. Part of this work is getting farmers off of the pesticide treadmill – one that is both poisonous and a form of economic slavery. The ROC delivers a “suite of values” that helps all of us as ethical consumers purchase and support the products helping to make the world a much better place.

Ryan discusses how COVID19 “forces our hand” to look at supply chains, food security, community resilience, and a myriad other essential themes. All of these are imperatives for dealing with the climate crisis as a global community, and for overcoming the many interconnected, systemic challenges that we face world-wide. Ryan highlights that at Dr. Bronner’s the top-paid executive’s salary is limited to 5x that of the lowest paid employee – that’s what regenerative economics looks like. That’s what equitable economics looks like. That’s what a sustainable, beautiful future looks like. (Echoing this, Aaron quotes Gandhi, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”).

Ryan Zinn supports Dr. Bronner’s international organic and fair trade supply chains in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, in countries like Ghana, India, Paraguy, and Sri Lanka. Ryan has worked the last 20 years with small-scale farmer organizations to develop agro-ecological strategies that are just and resilient. Ryan also supports non-profit partners, like the fair trade advocacy organization, Fair World Project, and the small farmer crowdfunding platform, Grow Ahead.


Small-scale Farmers Cool Planet – (youtube.com/watch?v=GjD8URaGe88) Journey to Pavitramenthe – (youtube.com/watch?v=pkkk5FjNyQw&t=3s) Regenerative Organic Alliance – (regenorganic.org)

Rodale Institute – (rodaleinstitute.org)

Climate Collaborative – (climatecollaborative.com)

Grow Ahead – (growahead.org)

Dr. Bronner’s Supports the Green New Deal – (drbronner.com/all-one-blog/2020/03/we-support-green-new-deal/)

Y on Earth / Wele Waters Monthly Giving Program – (yonearth.org/wele-waters)

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