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  • Episode 80 – Adrian Alex Rodriguez, Bodai, Mushrooms, & Biodiversity in Mexico
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 80 - Adrian Alex Rodriguez, Bodai, Mushrooms, & Biodiversity in Mexico

Adrian Alex Rodriguez is the founder of Bodai International, an innovative environmental platform using social media as an active tool for documentation, creativity, inspiration and activism. Born on the Sea of Cortez, and residing in Mexico City, Mr. Rodriguez is a leader in EarthX Mexico, has expertise in triple bottom line sustainability – economic, natural and social – and curates impact strategies for artists and nature.

From the Sanskrit meaning “awakening of consciousness,” Bodai International has over 46,000 followers on their Instagram page, and links creatives, scientists, and environmental activists all around the globe with nine focal points: (1) nutrition, (2) news, (3) healthy lifestyle, (4) plants, (5) animals, (6) fungi, (7) initiatives, (8) recommendations, and (9) “expression Bodai”. In 2020, Bodai launched a Bodai Project for Diversity, encompassing territories from the Sea of Cortez to critical coral reefs. With over 25,000 identified fungi species, and with the Sea of Cortez, the “aquarium of the world”, Mexico is the fourth most bio-diverse nation in the world. In this context, Mr. Rodriguez tells us that there are 2,000+ endangered species in Mexico alone, and that action for conservation and sustainability is essential.

Producer of the Mushroom Festival of Guadalajara, Adrian is a leader in the burgeoning culinary, ethno-pharmacological, and medicinal mushroom movement. Adrian is an adherent to the wisdom of Maria Sabina, the “Queen of Mushrooms in Mexico”, and the first contemporary Mazatec shaman to allow Westerners to participate in psychedelic mushroom veladas (healing ceremonies). Calling fungi the “internet of the Earth,” Mr. Rodriguez exudes enthusiasm for the potential of this potent, magical kingdom to help heal our world.

Mr. Rodriguez has participated in several climate strikes, including in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and in the Global Climate March in New York City with Xiye Bastida and Greta Thunberg in September, 2019. He tells us that “revolution comes with a symbol,” and has thus launched the Eco Symbol (eco-symbol.com).



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