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Episode 90 - Nicole Wallace & Tyler Bell, Vera Herbals Alchemy & Spagyrics


Vera Herbals is a boutique spagyrics and herbal alchemy purveyor, founded by Nicole Wallace and Tyler Bell, based in Carbondale, Colorado. Providing a wide array of medicinal hemp, mushroom, and herbal remedies, Vera Herbals uses advanced extraction and alchemical equipment to make high-potency salves, tinctures, spagyrics, and other healthful decoctions, without the use of any harmful solvents or other artificial ingredients. Vera Herbals works in partnership with several biodynamic, organic, and regenerative farms to source its ingredients, and collaborates with a handful of select boutique companies, including Wele Waters. Now, in a “vera” special collaboration with the Y on Earth Community, you can enjoy a 10% discount on Vera Herbals products using the link: veraherbals.com/partnerships/y-on-earth, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the Y on Earth Community’s regeneration, kindness, stewardship, wellness and sustainability mission.

In this unique episode, you’ll learn directly from Tyler and Nicole how the ancient arts of alchemy and spagyrics are being revived within the context of modern equipment and scientific knowledge. You’ll also hear about the essential connection with sacred geometry (found in cultures and traditions all around the world), including the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and the Merkabah. Learn about the “spirit,” “soul,” and “body” of plant tinctures, including the “salts” of the plants, and how a multi-step process transforms and recombines those different properties into transformed and transmuted herbal and mushroom-based remedies.

Nicole Wallace is co-founder of Vera Herbals and Arts of Ascension. She also teaches yoga, meditation and manifestation. Her passion for helping people live more in harmony with themselves, each other, and the planet is what has led her to using many modalities to do exactly that! She strives everyday to grow into her fullest authentic version of herself.

Tyler Bell is also co-founder of Vera Herbals and Arts of Ascension. He has a background in chemistry, alchemy, and is an intuitive healer. Tyler is the head of formulations at Vera Herbals and applies an alchemical approach to creating herbal remedies. He works one on one with every person possible, spiritually and energetically, to assist in raising their vibration with the vision of a Planet Earth that operates in its entirety from a place of love and respect for all of existence.



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Welcome to the YonEarth Community Podcast. Today we’re visiting with Nicole Wallace and Tyler Bell at Vera Herbals. Hey guys. Hey.

So great to be here with you and we’re behind the front part of the shop in the back where all the magic happens, huh?

This is a Spajurix Alchemy and herbal medicine lab.

So really excited about today’s episode because we’re going to be talking about different methods for making herbal medicines.

And we’re going to share toward the end of the episode with you guys a whole bunch of the Vera Herbals products which are in the front of the shop and we’ll look at the displays a little later.

And we’re also going to show you some of the amazing equipment here that might look like medieval alchemical equipment sort of upgraded into the 21st century.

So really excited about that and excited we have this opportunity to visit together.

Let me tell you that Tyler is co-founder of Vera Herbals and co-founder of the Arts of Ascension.

He has a background in chemistry, alchemy and is an intuitive healer.

He is the head of formulations at Vera Herbals and applies an alchemical approach to creating herbal remedies.

He works one on one with people spiritually and energetically to assist every person possible in raising their vibration with the vision of a planet earth that operates in its entirety from a place of love and respect for all of existence.

I like that. That’s a lot. He said that very nicely.

It’s important work. Nicole is also co-founder of Vera Herbals and the Arts of Ascension.

And she in addition to her work here also teaches yoga, meditation and manifestation.

Her passions for helping people live more in harmony with themselves, each other and the planet is what has led her to using many modalities to do exactly that.

She strives every day to grow into her fullest authentic version of herself.

So this is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be visiting with you guys today and to be able to share this conversation with our friends and audience through the wider community.

Yeah, we’re talking about plants and plant medicine and herbal medicine, but we’re also talking about some energetics and some of the subtler information, if you will, and love if we want to use that term, which I think we do, that goes into these healing products.

And I love behind us that we’ve got an image of the flower of life, one of the most prominent sacred geometry images found all around the world from all kinds of cultures and all kinds of time periods.

And it’s a real joy to have this opportunity to visit with you guys, sort of behind the scenes in the lab.

So thanks for having us and I want to ask first to start off, how did you guys connect and start doing this work together?

How do we originally connect at a electric music concert in Tallahassee, Florida, standing at the side by side?

Oh my gosh. This is one of those it was meant to be kind of things. Definitely.

It’s something we attracted each other for a reason.

And so that’s what we first met, and then when I was in Florida, because I broke my back, I had a back surgery, and then got addicted to pain pills for four years taking oxycons and delaudes, hands down the most important and best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life.

I quit doing that stuff, and that’s where we started making, at the time we were making, extracting marijuana in Florida, behind the, on the down low, and making different products to help my back pain, opposed to taking pharmaceuticals.

So that was in part the way you were able to get over an addiction to the opioids essentially?

It definitely helped me get over it, and it definitely helped me with the pain, and that kind of year after getting off them, when my body was kind of healing.

And so for the pain, for definitely help with the mental stuff, and you can’t do that stuff in Florida, and so I got arrested for a little bit of marijuana, went to jail for three months, and I never been in trouble for anything else in my whole life.

It was a wonderful experience, and then we moved to Colorado, and started learning a lot more, and then all evolved.

And so where did you guys meet in the course of that timeline?

It was after all that, maybe, and then you had moved away, right, and had moved back, so maybe like two years after you’ve gotten, or year after?

Well, I got off the pills, I went to Seattle, and Seattle was where I started realizing that even without the drugs, I still hated myself, and I didn’t know why.

So that was where I started wanting to know how I let it get that far, because I was not taking them for my pain, and what inside of me was my life the way it was.

And so that was where I first started understanding that my mind shaped my entire reality, my way of thinking, my self-conscious.

And so that’s where I started understanding the energetic, because I never was taught any of the energy side of things.

And I started realizing that I could change my reality based off changing my inside, and then that kind of started the whole energy side, and I moved back to Florida, and then met her, and it was still using cannabis to help my pain at that time.

And then I went to jail for it, and then we chose together a few months later that we had to go somewhere where we could go learn more about that plant.

And then that went into an obsession with mushrooms, and medicinal herbs, and all this, as we kept learning the energetic side.

And to answer your question, I met him before he went to jail for the marijuana, and then, like he said, we ended up looking.

That was maybe two years before we met two years before we moved out to Colorado.

And we just kind of started to realize that the other parts of the plant, the THG, have so many medicinal properties.

And I made the first staff in our kitchen, this old liquidy, and not the right consistency, and made like two more staffs, and then like six staffs, and finding, you know, how to write, and then what’s in there?

Yeah, and so I love that experimentation with plants and saves, and some I’ve been playing with for many years as well.

What you guys are doing is obviously at the whole other level, but there’s a certain joy, right, and just kind of tinkering in the kitchen and making products that way.

And I think it’s, I don’t know, for me it’s good for my patients, and like mental ability to not, you know, be okay with nothing for the first time.

You know, what you’re speaking to, and Tyler, what you’ve already shared in the first few minutes of this episode together, is to be so potent because it really speaks to the need and the opportunities.

We all have in different ways, and we have throughout society, to recognize when something is not healthy, and to work to change it, or to recognize when something is not working well, and to change it.

And I think one of the things that’s absolutely inspiring to me as your friend, is the degree to which you have created change in your life.

And now the degree to which you guys are helping a lot of other people create substantial changes in their lives, in part working with the various plant medicines.

And we know that in our society right now, there’s a whole lot of dysfunction, there’s a whole lot of disease, and a whole lot is coming from our mental pathos, if we want to call it that.

And so a big part of your message and sharing seems to come from what’s going on on the inside in our minds and spiritual lives, huh?

Yeah, yeah, I guess since this is my first time ever being on a camera, I should mention that I was shooting up the lauded in heroin, and not just taking pain pills.

And when from a person who was violent, angry, hated myself, wanted to die every day, to a person that is in complete love with every single being on this planet that plants the animals, I live every day to the fullest, loving myself unconditionally, and with nothing but love surrounding.

And my life couldn’t be more perfect.

So, you guys can do it too.

Yeah, thanks for sharing that tonic.

Yeah, we can stop the episode right there.

I don’t know how important it is.

I mean, it really is.

And, you know, we have some of our friends and colleagues in the wider community are doing incredibly courageous and grave work in healing, in communities healing various traumas,

addictions, and so on.

And I think a big part of the energetic tones we can set forth into our communities is acknowledging where we’ve come from, acknowledging some of the pains and the real struggles, and the incredibly low and dark places that we’ve been in the past.

So, to be able to share the story to where you are now is really tremendous.

So, I’m thinking you, and on behalf of the community, thank you for sharing the story publicly.

Yeah, absolutely. The darker it goes, that’s how much more you can shine your light.

Yeah, amen.

So, you’re Nicole also working in other healing modalities, and a lot of it is somatic, right, is working in the physical.

What are you doing out there when you’re not here in the lab and in the shop, and how are they integrated?

Yeah, so I taught a yoga just classes for the last three years, and I think even when I, well, my first yoga class I ever took, I knew I was going to teach.

I came out of the class, so I’m teaching this, and I think it took me three years or something, and then I got my certification.

And so I did that, but I was always very interested actually in the breathwork part and the meditation part.

I think that the physical body is where a lot of us are at, and it’s a beautiful gateway to get to some of the more deeper things.

And then when you can combine especially breathwork into the physical practice, and of course, before meditation or just into your life in general, it’s so powerful and so transformative.

I think even way more than just the physical loan.

So I have very recently actually just led into doing one-on-ones only, and my focus is really on breathwork and meditation.

And I’ve kind of transformed that with other things I just have passions about, you know, taking some trainings here and there, and of course there’s this.

And to create just to help people live, like you said, more in harmony with themselves.

And I think that when we heal ourselves, we heal everything around us.

So it has an impact on our society, but also the earth.

And you know, I feel like alchemy does very much the same thing.

You know, we think of this physical tincture as this physical thing, but I think that’s one of the reasons that we were so drawn to Spigerics was, wow, you’re actually combining intention and things that maybe aren’t good.

Things that maybe aren’t tangible into a physical thing.

And to me, I think that’s what our world needs.

I think when we combine things that we can’t see with our eyes into the physical.

And I think that’s why I’ve always loved meditation with the physical practice.

That’s where you get a holistic approach.

So to me, they’re one and the same.

It is yoga.

It is yoga.



I love how focusing on our awareness on breath is one of the most immediate ways we can connect with the plant kingdom.

Because we are literally breathing in what they breathe out.

And vice versa.

And it creates this reciprocity, I think, this relationship that is so essential to being human on planet Earth.

And we call it the people of the plant.

I’ve never thought of it that way.



Well, in this bit about the intention and consciousness, right, we’re going to throw down, by the way, we’ll define Spigerics where you don’t worry.

A few years ago, I hadn’t heard the term.

But we’re thrown down a few terms here that for some of us can be a bit of a stretch, you know, at the least.

And maybe for others are really challenging.

However, what’s interesting to me about the time we’re living in is, you know, our science is now so advanced.

And most of us aren’t keeping up with the advances of the sciences if we’re not in particular disciplines ourselves.

And really, the science is now pointing at the intersection between the subatomic quantum realms and the realms of consciousness.

And that there really is, they’re also a reciprocity.

And so this isn’t just woo-woo, whatever.

We’re not even in Boulder, Colorado.

We’re in Carbondale, Colorado, Carbondale, near this beautiful mountain called Wimagua in the, in the euth, the old word for the mountain, meaning the sacred heart of the mountains, referring to the Rocky Mountain chain.

Which, if you want to look at it, is a spine of the planet that runs from Alaska to the southern tip of South America.

And my son, Hunter, who’s behind camera, this is I think his third podcast operating as cameraman, Hey Hunter.

How’s it going?

He and our head enough to do some ceremony up on the mountain tomorrow.

And it was a perfect opportunity to stop in and say hi to Tyler and Nicole and spend some time with them here today.

And so it’s really exciting to me, because in our work with the winers community, some of the times we’re speaking with scientists who are themselves having challenges with language and what’s accepted, especially in this country, right, where there’s been such a concerted effort to undermine science here for many years now.

In particular, around things like climate change. And however, we’re also talking about talking with indigenous elders who are very tuned into the spiritual into what’s happening with consciousness.

And so it’s a lot of fun, I think, for us to be able to kind of bridge across these different domains of knowledge and understanding and language.

And so, you know, please, if you’re having a feeling of being stuck or saying, no, I don’t buy any of that, look into some of the science.

Rupert Sheldraig’s been talking about some of this lately.

And I might even make a little note to myself to include a few resources that you might want to check out that will relate to some of these topics.

Of course, Frijoff Capra, the great physicist and author of the book, Doubt of Physics, back in the 1970s, is excellent to get into how these are converging in our understanding of that.

So I’m making a quick note on that.

Okay, so, okay, this word spigerics. What the heck is spigerics?

So spigerics is to separate and recombine.

And so, an herbal alchemy and spigerics use everything in alchemy, everything comes from three principles.

The mercury, the sulfur, and the salt. Mercury representing the spirit, the sulfur representing the soul, or the essential oils of the plant, an herbal alchemy, and then the salt is the body.

So, by separating these principles and then through transmutation, you purify them.

So, there’s pure form, and then you recombine them.

And in doing that, you create the purest form of that plant, that medicine that you can.

And this is done in conjunction with depending on which herb you’re using, starting your masterations on a certain planetary data, certain planetary hour, and with a certain intention is what we found works the best.

And then you end it, obviously, on the same, on a planetary data harvest those energies that are out, and then complete it in a different ritual type of way.

Everyone has their own different thing they do.

And that’s the basis of it.

It’s so, it’s so good.

I just was going to add that how we actually got into it was originally we made, like we said, with the canvas plant.

And so we started with the topicals.

I mean, when we went to go to the oils, we were seeing what was out there, and we just didn’t like any of it, like any of it worked.

We tried all these, oh, sorry to interrupt you, but we switched, because in Florida we were using like high THC.

When I moved out here, I quickly found that the high THC was not really helping my back pain.

It was creating inflammation actually, and it does not, for me personally, it was not helping my meditation.

I found that it was not giving me the mental benefits I thought it was doing.

And so that’s how we found this lower THC canvas plant that we now use.

And then when we came across this generic, there was actually another local guy who had it in the shop, and we were just blown away by how incredible it was.

And I don’t think at that time we understood really the depth of what Spedgerix was.

We wanted to make stuff that really helped people.

And so we were drawn to it because it actually worked and actually helped people.

And so, you know, I think now I mean, it’s funny to say what I mean to now, because a couple years ago, I probably would have never even…

It was not, I would not say a spiritual person.

So, as someone who understands what it’s like to be skeptical, I would say, is very fascinating to me to see, like, and watch with, you know, I do my best to be non-biased.

How, at least in my experience, in my opinion, how intention, which is unsangible, or planets which are unsangible, seemingly great.

I mean, with obviously some other physical things of this Spedgerix process, I could create a really out as well.


Yeah, to me it’s so exciting to think about this kind of frontier of knowledge and where our skepticism through experience might turn into understanding.

And I’ve had that kind of experience not only with urban medicine from a relatively young age, but also more recently with the biodynamic approach to agriculture and land stewardship.

And I’ve had personal experiences there where it’s like, yeah, I can’t explain this, but something happened, I’m going to try that again.

And it’s interesting to me too that the alchemical origins of what we now call modern chemistry, or even biochemistry and biopharmacology, you know, that is the pharmaceutical industry.

And so a lot of these processes, you know, this isn’t just, you know, some weird 15th century thing with candlelight, you know, there are many multi-billion dollar multinational companies using these kinds of processes to isolate and sometimes amplify certain attributes of different medicinal plants from around the world.

And that has obviously turned into a huge industry and in many ways has been causing a whole lot of harm and damage in the world in the last several decades in particular.

There’s been a lot of good as well.

So, you know, just connecting some of these dots that these processes are things we as humans have been learning and developing for many, many centuries and possibly millennia.

And different cultural traditions have different ways of combining and recombining and changing and transforming and transmuting substances to help make medicine, right?


And Spagiers was the way to make medicine back at a long time ago, you know, and it got lost and a lot of it had to do with the weird energetic side of it, you know.

And then it was passed down from different alchemists to these different herbal labs and now it is becoming more known, which is, I think, amazing.

And there’s a big, a big Spagieric lab in Germany that does, they’re like a, like we, like one of the labs you’ve mentioned, like a wealthy lab that does it all, you know, as top shelf as they can, you know, for real deal, like laboratory, top shelf, kind of laboratory, like a pharmaceutical laboratory.

And they make a ton of Spagieric, everything they make, and it’s good medicine.

Yeah. Is, you know, is Bach flower remedies with that count as Spagieric?

So, is that a lot of…

Because it’s only a pathic, which…

A lot of essences and essences and essential oils, correct?

Essences for sure, I’m not even sure whether to use any oil.

So, I don’t know anyone that makes a Spagieric essence personally, but it would be really easy to do, so I’m sure they do.

So, sample settings makes a lot of amazing essences, but they don’t, they don’t do the end process.

They’ve started doing it with some other stuff that I make for them.

Yeah. So, sustainable settings, some of you have heard that name before.

It’s a wonderful biodynamic farm just outside of Carbondale here in Colorado.

And Brook and Rose Levan founded it 20 plus years ago.

And Brook’s actually been a guest on the podcast fairly early on, and so has Stephanie Seisen, who grows a whole bunch of herbal medicines out on that farm.

And so, yeah, it’s good to give them a shout out.

You guys are getting some of the biodynamic hemp grown there along with other products.

And some herbs.

Yeah, it resources as much as we can.

As much as we can, we get from…

And you do, and I’ll explain later, or whenever you want me to, the kind of breakdown associated process, when you use the biodynamic stuff, you see a huge difference.

Yeah, break it down to this. I’d love to hear that.


Okay, so, you know, the traditional traditional, you will take your plant, you’re going to separate the sulfur, the sensual oils out of your plant.

And then you will do a fermentation to create the alcohol of the plant.

So, you have the mercury, the spirit, the sulfur, the sensual oils of the sulfur.

And then, for the salt to purify the body of the plant, you’ll burn the plant down all the way to a white ash.

And then from that ash, you will mix it with the distilled water, pull it through a filter, a certain number of times, usually in threes.

And then, you will evaporate that water to create, it will be crystallized, a bunch of mineral salts.

And so, the alcohol, and a lot of people are kind of weird about alcohol.

Alcohol is the quintessential of a herbal alchemy. It’s the best carrier of the spirit of the plant.

And so, it doesn’t matter what plant the alcohol is from.

And I guess this could be my opinion also, but, and a lot of others would gears this opinion.

So, like what we tend to do is we’ll take a botanemic alcohol possible, do a maceration.

We like to do…

What’s maceration?

So, when we soak our herbs in the alcohol to extract the medicinal properties.

A lot of people, we do…

Soxilic extraction is awesome.

And soxilic extraction is a way to make a herbal tincture relatively quick and uses heat.

And we found, we like to do it the old school long way, to soak all the herbs for a certain amount of days.

What’s the quick way called?

Soxilic extraction would be…

How do you spell that?


And so, it’s the toxic extraction.

Essentially, you’ll boil your solvent on the bottom and then have a chamber that has your plant matter,

or if I’ve got a matter, whatever you’re using.

And then, as the solvent, the ethanol will boil.

It’ll go up, condense, and the condenser then fall back through and circulate.

And that creates a…

You can make tinctures in three hours to twelve hours.

And then, it’s a really cool process.

But we found a lot of herbs are heat sensitive.

And so, we found just doing it the longer way.

So, after that, we’ll strain off all the plant matter.

I will…

Then, if we want to concentrate on more, we’ll use a machine to concentrate that down.

And then, you take the plant matter.

I get a good burn in a ceremony away, down to that ash, and then do the rest of the process.

And then, we can modem in another ceremony away.

And so, the plant gets released back into the universe.

And you’re left with the most pure essence, synergy of that plant,

opposed to western medicine focuses on single chemical compounds, you know, like TBD or THC.

And so, and a lot of people would make regular alcohol tinctures, which work great.

But you stop at that point and that’s that by doing the intentional way

and getting all the salts out, recombining everything,

you capture the full essence and synergy of the plant.

And it’s a much, much higher energetic medicine.

Really beautiful description, thank you.

And when you’re doing it, when you say ceremonial, what does that, what does that mean?

So, we do, did you want to…


You know, a lot of times, I mean, it can be a variety of things that also depends…

It depends on, like, if Kyler is alone, or if it’s me and Kyler,

or sometimes there actually happens to be more people.

That’s actually, sometimes even more beautiful, especially.

So, Kyler explains, but you’re against such a beautiful, detailed way.

I think of it in my brain sometimes just very simply of like it sits in the alcohol, goes

to the burning, you filter that ash with water, you have mineral salts in the mineral salts

go back in that original texture.

So a lot of times when you’re at that process where you’ve got the mineral salts and you’ve

got like you said what would in theory just be the alcohol texture and you’re going

to put the mineral salts back in we’ve done some like meditations and then all you know

depending on who’s there like I said you know take in turns to put the salts back in with

intention usually with specific intentions, loving intentions, things like that.

So I personally feel like they can vary but we usually have it focused around love because

I think you can’t do it enough so yeah yeah beautiful well and I am excited to get

a peek at some of the equipment and of course products let me just give a quick shout out

that to say to folks if you want to check out Vera Herbles products and learn a bit

more you can go to www.varaherbles.com and on Facebook it’s Vera Herbles LLC on Instagram

it’s Vera Herbles and we’ll have these links in the show notes and I of course want to

remind our audience this is the Writers Community Podcast I’m your host Aaron Perry and we’re

visiting with Tyler Bell and Nicole Wallace here at Vera Herbles in Carmandale Colorado

and I want to give a quick shout out to our several sponsors who make this podcast series

possible and that includes Earth Coast productions the Lidge Family Foundation, Alpine Botanicals,

Purium, Earth Hero, Vera Herbles, Growing Spaces, Soil Works, Earthwater Press, 1% for the

planet, Dr. Bronners and Waylay Waters and of course a huge shout out to the individuals

in the Writers Community who have joined our monthly giving program as some of you already

know if you join at certain levels you’ll get monthly shipments of the Waylay Waters

hemp infused aromatherapy soaking salts and we’re starting to play with Waylay using

some of the hemp essence that Vera creates and so it’s a really fun collaboration to

be playing with that right now too. I also want to mention that in our partnership when

you go to Vera Herbles to do some holiday shopping or hemp hint you can get a 10% discount

using the code Y on Earth and this is another one of our beautiful regenerative win-win economic

relationships where a portion of the sale will be donated back to the Y on Earth community

for our community mobilization work for health, well-being, regeneration, stewardship

and sustainability. So great opportunity to check out a bunch of wonderful products for

yourself, your self, your family, your friends, for the holidays and we’ll show you the

products toward the end and before we get a tour of the equipment I just want to ask

you got a very special shirt on there under that dapper jacket Tyler and there’s some special

geometry on that, can you tell us a bit about that?

So this is a Metatron cube, it is very special to me and it is all over this lab and it’s

a very powerful energy tool that can be used for, it really can aid in as a person is

raising their frequency along with these other ones. It contains the platonic solids,

you will also be able to find this in there, and the cedar life in there and yeah it

also contains the mercurative, which is a very powerful tool for meditation for manifestation

for healing, energetic healing and I highly recommend researching it indeed. Yeah it’s been

for me personally a passion, an interest for a few decades now and I’ve been struck that

we humans have developed so much knowledge and understanding the realm of sacred geometry

over millennia but that at the same time in this culture right now there are a whole

lot of us living in real you know darkness and ignorance of that knowledge and information

and there are historical reasons for that that we can look at and understand but what brings

me joy and enthusiasm is knowing that more and more of us are reconnecting with this reality

in this knowledge and able to activate more of this love impulse into our relationships

and communities as a result and it’s a really beautiful thing and it’s something we humans

have been doing for a long time. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. Yeah, really awesome. He didn’t even

mention his parodome echo that we’re offering. We’re going to go on the parodome and

share. Let’s talk about that. I know what I know how this feels to me and I feel like

this parodome opens up your heart so that you can receive the universe with grace and

ease and we have been actually filtering all ours the Jared Mineral solution through

parodome so that whether anyone knows or not their heart energy center is being opened

up when they take any of our things and yeah, it’s awesome. Thank you. I actually got

some air in Perry. I actually have one on two. Yes, I love wearing this stone and this

parodome I’ve been learning about. It’s one of two stones that we understand gems to

come from way deep in the earth, the other being diamonds. It’s also a stone that can come

to us from outer space. It’s interesting. It can come from way deep within and above

there which some of you who maybe have heard of the hermetic axiom of azabah so below

might say, huh? Interesting. Indeed, it’s also affiliated with Archangel Raphael who has

a relationship with the hermetic energy and entity out there. It’s a psilosatius, if

that’s the right way to say it, gem has silica and it also has iron and magnesium and

oxygen. At the molecular level, the structure has tetrahedra which relates to the platonic

solid. The heart chakra is right and that’s geometry and information that goes way back

in time in both the eastern and western cultures and it’s the color green. It also relates

very closely to this phenomenal miracle that happens here on earth which is a continuous

streaming of light energy information in some would say love from the sun to the planet.

173,000 terawatts of energy continuously streaming onto our planet and about 1% of that is converted

into food and the stuff of life here by plants in this green frequency or strangely

they’re actually absorbing the red and blue and radiating back the green. So it goes

way back about a thousand years ago that German mystic Hildegart fund being in spoke of

this green healing energy, very detox that she experienced and it seems to me there’s

a connection in an opportunity as we’re working more with the plants to also work with

certain stones and elementals in organic elements that stand here on the planet that can

help with all of this work of raising the love frequency and activating the heart even further.

And it’s a lot of fun. And I’ll share that it’s I feel a little vulnerable you know talking

about these kinds of things on camera because you know I know we’re reaching a lot of different

folks and that you know some of us might feel very comfortable with this kind of conversation

for others it might be really challenging and you know it’s also it’s interesting for me

to have a mixed heritage of indigenous Germanic and indigenous Celtic and indigenous Mohawk

Indian in my background to where you know when we’re thinking in terms of like cultural

sensitivities it’s kind of okay to talk about the feathers and the stones and the water spirits

and the plants but suddenly when we’re in the kind of western rational discursive context it’s like

well wait a minute you’re maybe undermining your credibility and it’s like oh golly which

and so yeah I think another one of the great challenges and opportunities we sit with right now

in this culture is how to approach and consider integrating the both and perception of reality

and where perhaps we’re finding those no way that can’t be true inside ourselves that might be an

opportunity to sit with that question just a little further are you certain it’s not true

and if you’re certain how can you be certain it’s not true and in there you’ll find some of the

deepest philosophical debates that have been happening in the west including Kant and others

I assure you there has been a lot of thought applied to that question and we might

ourselves cultivate a bit of humility in the face of these great epistemological inquiries

and heck if we lighten up a little and have a little fun we might even smile and have a higher

quality of life as a result so what a time to be alive huh oh it’s amazing fantastic

that was a little soapbox coming from my insecurity around talking about something

we can make it weirder and take that light off of you

I love it absolutely what do you think should we look at some equipment sure that’s

I’m good so I didn’t I was I think I asked you before but is veritas and veritas

veritas yeah veritas veritas right to make notes mountain I’m not lying so because that’s

what we got the word bear from yeah so my understanding is okay this word veritas veritas the

Latin means truth my understanding is hildard funbingen who worked with stones and plants

and was a devout christian nun Catholic nun who ran more than one convince she was an incredible force

in her time she coined this term veritas which is her own twist or variation on the very

toss meaning truth but this now means the truth of the green healing energy that she was having

direct mystical experience with this she wrote about so they’re not the same words but they’re

related I see thank you all the way back around yeah and this that’s this uh stone right here

it seems this stone contains that green healing energy yeah that she speaks of that’s really

asked the Egyptians were quite into this stone as well a fair bit was harvested on an island in

the red sea between Egypt and the Saudi Arabia the Arabian Peninsula and now that island is called

the Isle of Saint John which some of you out there may say oh wait a minute that rings about

and so yeah some of the history is quite interesting and we source and work with some of the

perido stone from Saudi Arabia area as well as from a a patchy reservation community and tribal

nation down in Arizona so there are different spots around the planet where this can be found

and uh yeah it’s interesting looking at some of the history goes way back at least into the

Egyptian times yeah so the stuff show the stuff so we’ll uh go over this way first right cool

so um this is our awesome press whenever we we see big into edibles um so we just make a lot of

edibles that um uh that’ll take in the beginning for my back pain um but when we moved out here we

wanted to our original plan was to um get into the more THC type of things and we were making these

dehydrated fruit um bites with with cannabis in them um we don’t like the a lot a lot of the

extracts people use butane and different um solid and stuff we did not like to eat so we wanted

to do it with this machine so essentially with this machine we would um and what we still do is

we’ll take the plant um make a hash with it um by freezing it or with uh ice water and then we’ll

take the hash pack that into um a 72 micron filter bag and then just press it with heat and

pressure with this machine and create an incredibly um high grade concentrate of of cannabis

whatever type you like um and so then that can put strain to food and that’s what we were doing

is putting it into edibles um and we stopped doing the edibles um but now we put this into all of

our sabs and we make some liquids with it um so this is a way to make a high grade extract with no

no solvent um wonderful for eating wonderful medicine um and we actually with us the jerks we

to introduce traditional spe jerks you’re going to be using alcohol um they didn’t have this way

back in the day so we started actually we still um we’ll make this extract and we’ll spend it in

MCT oil and then we’ll still burn the the plant down um get the mineral salts and and reach this

as back to the extract um preserving more of the essence and trying to create a higher energetic um

medicine um uh this is the softest extract that i was talking about this is a small softest extractor

can you see it in the cool um yeah so this is a way to you put your plant material in here

um this will have your your your alcohol or ethanol and this is a condenser that uh ice water

cold flu will be flowing through and so as your ethanol evaporates and it pulls up through here

to recondense and fall back through your uh your material um and that’ll cycle back and forth and

create a really uh uh the things are fast but i kind of like the slow method

personally um but it’s really cool um and yeah you’ve made the kind of see over here but we

we have these big pots this is where we’ll um uh make big batches of different herbs um so

as many medicinal herbs and get from sustainable settings and we sell everything on a different

amount of days um um um yeah that’s really that um and then i’ll take it from there we will do all

of our allowance about here but we’ll we’ll filter that next run it through a filter a bunch of

uptimes and then this is our giant roto evaporator um and then we’ll bring that product that’s

filtered um and this will allow us to concentrate herbal tinctures um or with the the hemp we

usually will um for just a pure hemp um extract will evaporate off all the alcohol so this

machine is meant for or if um um to evaporate organic solvents so no matter what you are trying

to extract from your plants you have your um organic solvent in here and this machine will evaporate

it’ll recompense and you can recollect it to to use it again um or to concentrate your

when you make a concentrated tincture you can evaporate off um observe percentage of the alcohol

that you would like to concentrate that that down um this is a big black box um this is the machine

that we make hash with but that’s not it and you’ll notice we have the i don’t know if you got

we keep the shriansha um in our home and our office areas at all times um and the other ones

you saw and if you don’t know anything about the thicker geometries even if you just think they look

cool i recommend putting them all over your life and uh you’ll see some amazing results

and the burning if you don’t do it here yeah we don’t have the burning here but we

kind of break it down a bit i forgot i had not bring it over there but this is um something

not just made from a small batch um so this will be the the minerals the the white ash that

then will be mixed with distilled water uh tomorrow um and we will actually use the peridog

i told you to filter that through and then that is where all the minerals also be pulled out of

um and then reintroduced into the the tincture usually right here

that’s that for Rebecca beautiful um before we go to the front of the quals or anything you’d

like to add or to uh yeah i guess for me you know i’m not as involved with the actual extracting um

one thing that i think is really awesome about the rock and brass and i don’t think tell

i’re talking about a lot but um it’s just that no solvents ever touch it so alcohol being a solvent

not necessarily a bad thing uh like tell i said it’s the quintessential element and alchemy um but

all right to me it’s just so fascinating that you can use just heat and pressure it’s actually a more

advanced technology but it’s based off a hair straightener uh and it just squeezes out the medicinal

properties without any harsh chemical ever having to touch it so you know it’s where we started but i

also um it’s like you can see with how quickly tell her explain the processes are actually

they seem complex when we’re talking about them but they’re actually quite simple um and yeah

yeah the the the reason that um the the reason that we find apart from the energetic side wise

which is not really known in the western or it well it it’s not it’s not the best business model

it’s um um just because it it is a long slow process and there’s no reason to do that process

unless you’re into the energetic side you know and so no one really it takes weeks to make a

tincture you know and to and to do your whole thing so um both of the processes are are not

so mainstream but we really feel that they really keep the integrity of the herbs and the the

plants um and their highest um you know getting into more the ham side and going back to the

rosters maybe if we didn’t talk about it all earlier um it’s just because no solvent touches

that it never degrades so um yeah like you said they’re not they’re not very mainstream but uh

we really strive to uphold really just making stuff that actually works and not just cell

it doesn’t the so the rosin with um making the rosin does not pull out any chlorophils

or or lipids and and waxes and stuff so it um it is a very

pure um in product um and she uh she uses that the most um and then this for gears which a lot

of people think is very undesirable um well I guess you can you could distill um remove all all

those unwanted properties chlorophyll and stuff but um but you know the traditional for gears is

going to be um you know pretty dark um and a lot of people think it’s not pure then I always

ask people do you remove the chlorophyll and all the wax and waxes and stuff from your salad

no yeah and so um so I think this is extra work that we do but then all these other places

you still like to work to get all that stuff out and um and uh I think I think there’s something about

having that whole all of it in there yeah you know the whole host of it uh all of the plant has

offered yeah yeah there is this sort of fetish in the culture around clear and I remember even

what was it like 20 years ago when these diets so does were clear and everyone thought

oh they must be even better for you and it’s like well wait a minute what is so yeah I mean

these plants have uh by their very nature you know the gift of of creator of the divine uh these

incredible compounds and substances in them right and into your point why pull this to that out yeah

yeah and I guess we should do a salad to share pressure um

that’s actually what we have a machine from and I love it unconditionally

it’s actually really cool also when we just kind of discovered this recently um so we really

focus on sustainability so we have a couple um package packaging for our products that’s

compostable and we use recycled stuff whenever we can and glass whenever we can and

locally whenever you can and you can actually so uh first the hemp goes through this black box

and the hash um it collects at the bottom and then it goes through the raven uh press so

actually you can do the raven and then the plant matter that went through the sister actually can

then be put through this material process so it’s almost like upcycling the plant matter

which is pretty cool that’s really cool yeah well what do you say we show some finished products

and we can uh help folks think about their uh their shopping and uh think about holiday gifts

and all that kind of stuff you know so here we are now in the front of the shop and this is where

Decolon Tyler will receive uh friends and clients and customers who are local um and we get to see

the display here of the products and uh I’m gonna jump out of camera so that you guys can focus

on what you have to share there of course uh this is all available online so that’s the good news

for the rest of us who aren’t local so I’ll start with what we talked about um a bit so um we

have just a few different saves here um just different strings for different needs um let me

say that it’s also the raven press so it’s all the less no harsh chemicals ever touch it um

we infuse actually we’ve got two different strengths of an athletic sub and they are to infuse

with some local um wildcrafted arnica um as well as hopefully i think we’re gonna infuse it with

st. John’s work and what’s that there and come free in our uh the whole oil uh and then

we’ve got our tinctures here so where you guys there’s a couple different strengths uh we’ve got

this figurics three different strengths uh 500 milligrams those and and that is this cvd content

we do not put our emphasis on cvd um but these are our hand products in the bottom here um

uh but all of our hand products are lab tested so that is the amount that you see on the front

there um and then we have a raven uh plus is what we call it because we do that we put the

mineral salts back in which is a part of this figuric process um with our raven extracts um and

again those are completely solid lengths um and you also all of the things that all of our products

are third party lab tested which is important if you’re buying hand products but it’s monstrous

someone else um yeah cool so i wanted to add one little thing really quick this is a jig so i

just learned this recently um something that i did not read in any sugeric book that i just learned

from a very very um intelligent man um named Kevin um was to extract your ball of house salts um

first this is for the sugeric um folks out there i thought this all about it but um and if you

just a burn the plant you are um you’re losing all the ball of tile salts so before you do your

maturation is better you can extract the ball of tile salts save those um um and then you get

the most most out of your process all right then you said so yeah those teachers we make um

we make teas um we all love teas we teach from meditation all this um letting things go

that i just says well all of you guys read it um yeah we read it out loud because it was great news

all right well good names oh yeah let it go it just they also had a funny little this one says let

that shit go what’s the first one i love it um well as much yeah um you know we got focus

no no Spanish so what does that mean um well it’s a little uh it’s it’s an incorrectly spelled

version that is um supposed to be kind of joke um but only one person’s ever say anything meaning

good night yeah yeah this one i just want to help you fall asleep um the the lab goes at the end

of the day whenever you are just kind of fed up um you let it go we drink out i don’t know in the

most um and i like to put we make a damn good tincture um it’s actually called a damn good tincture

but um this has botanamic cally poppy wild lettuce and hemp um sugeric and so i’ve been putting

all bio dynamic in that one yeah and um and i harvested uh the medicinal herbs um both the

uh cally poppy and wild lettuce from stethany at same old settings yeah she has to harvest

her herbs so you can make that connection with them which is really sweet um yeah and then the

focus is in mint for meditation it doesn’t it says i’m see growing back so those are weird people out

at the beginning but um that’s for meditation then your uh rise and shine to help you get up in the

morning and put a big smile on your face um and then detox um made with a bunch of different good

things to help you just push out um then here these are the amazing willay waters products made by

Aaron Perry um these are also the ceremonial later and i can honestly say um not just

here that these are the best bath salts that i have ever um used or um where you’re really seen

the the consistency everything it’s awesome um so these these are great and then something we

haven’t talked too much evolved out to me this is a guy who makes pyjamas named Warren and um he’s

awesome so um you know i would credit what he does to us kind of finding pyjamas and um and wanting to

pursue making ourselves so thank you Warren um mushrooms we are a huge mushroom people um

these aren’t hassle aside but um you can’t tell how they get these are uh different

medicinal mushrooms that um we have seen just magic um come from them um all these products also

they’re they’re they’re not they’re awesome by themselves but in combination with the

energetic side of things all thicknesses things that people come here and they want to body

some mushrooms for um these detox teas um every single time these these are manifestations of

what’s going on inside of us so a true illicit approach um and it is okay we all we hit messages

from our body um in all different shapes and forms and it’s an amazing thing it’s um and so when

we get those there’s something that we need to change energetically these these are the physical

side so these products we’ve seen some amazing uh space of these these mushrooms that i can get a

troll for saying um um because it goes because it gets modern medicine um but we’ve seen them

share things and do amazing stuff consult your doctor first um but when you combine that with um

with gratitude and with breathing and with lifestyle changes um 91% of our thinking is subconscious

so even today i’m saying oh it’s amazing i feel great this is awesome if my subconscious has been

programmed for 20 years to be ungrateful and angry and not happy and chasing all these materials

that was firing off and so that’s what’s being traded morality so when you go inside and you

reprogram those ways of thinking um that have caused these different businesses and you combine

with this it is a crazy success rate um obviously i work every single time i’ll be honest with you

um see how’s all rainbow but um but yeah so mushrooms are incredible um um and we we they’re

you know one in one extract so they’re potter form but then um we get them encapsulated

they’re vegan they’re also lab tested um fun guy it’s or everything they grow in so um that’s

always a good thing and then there also not grown in any greens or rice or fillers which is

sometimes you’ll see that in the industry so they’re grown all the way to the floating body uh

so there’s mushrooms in there uh and that’s an important uh thing well um so no matter what your

um ailment is it’s worth looking into to mushrooms and that could be a whole another podcast

um we talk for weeks about but um uh good idea actually we should probably do that in the near future

yeah yeah um you know research them um look into them they’re um the work taking it and just

you want to make sure that your mushrooms that you’re gonna buy wherever you buy them um don’t have

grains and and all their fillers in there um and the other ingredients and you don’t

any add starches um so with your mushrooms that have the uh that uh the the floating body um

one out of your starches your starches and there was something else I was just

we didn’t talk a lot of our other herbal tinctures but um we do um like we mentioned the hemp

but we also do specific with like he mentioned the damn good tincture but we have a couple others

and um really awesome rain and your traffic tincture coming out um student as well so um that’s sort of

where we get the most excited I think right now yeah and we love doing for jerseys so if anyone

wants to talk about how to make for jerseys wants to call me you can and um we love uh we were

with a lot of other farms and different farmers who have us um creates for jerseys and their herbs

and their uh they’re fun guys so um you guys are interested call me and talk about for jerseys

absolutely beautiful so thank you guys so much and to close out I’m going to I’m going to just say

that silly uh disclaimer and we have to say about products these products are not intended to

diagnose treat or cure any diseases right they are not meant to do any uh um and I also want to

just uh remind folks go to baratherbals.com and if you’d like to use the code YonEarth you’ll get

a 10% discount and uh clearly uh you guys are such a wealth of knowledge and it’s a very generous

offer to invite folks to reach out to you I imagine they can do the website and um what a joy to

have this time with you and thank you so much for sharing all this information with us and giving

us a tour of your lab and uh it’s a lot of fun talking to you guys yeah thank you thank you

thanks for being on the planet you know what you’re doing plunger we’re all in this together it turns out

you’re all right all right you just love each other

indeed a lot hug everybody oh we love it cool great thanks guys and thanks Hunter for

thank you man the camera of course yeah all right guys take care

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