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  • Episode 91 – Finian Makepeace, Co-Producer, Kiss the Ground Movie
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Episode 91 - Finian Makepeace, Co-Producer, Kiss the Ground Movie

Finian Makepeace, co-producer of the Kiss the Ground Movie, discusses the power and importance of soil regeneration for carbon sequestration, climate stabilization, enhanced nutrition, improved health, cleaner water, AND better economics for farmers and ranchers. The stunning and must-see documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson, features soil experts like Ray Archuleta, ranchers like Gabe Brown, and large-scale ecosystem restoration leaders like John Liu, and covers regeneration projects from China’s Loess Plateau to America’s heartland.

Citing Kiss the Ground’s new mission: “Awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration,” Finian describes regenerative agriculture as having three major themes: (1) indigenous, place-based knowledge, (2) holistic management, and (3) cutting edge science. Like “waking a sleeping giant,” the wide-spread adoption and support of regenerative practices is a clear and feasible pathway to sequestering atmospheric carbon to stabilize our climate, to heal and detoxify farm landscapes and drinking water throughout the world, to enhance and regulate precipitation patterns, to engender economic vitality in rural communities, to reduce rates of cancer and other chemical-caused diseases, and to relieve farming communities and families from the untenable stresses endemic to extractive, chemical-input based crop production systems that are a leading cause of extraordinary suicide rates among farmers world-wide.

Encouraging us to each cultivate “Regeneration Think,” Finian discusses the tremendous advances in our scientific understanding of soil ecology in the past few years. We now have some notion of the amazing ways that plants and trees inhale carbon from the atmosphere, create sugars through photosynthesis, exude various life-giving molecules like Glomalin (a “Carbon Glue”) underground, and feed the mind-boggling diverse and complex microbiology clustered around the plants’ roots. It is by collaborating with and enhancing these natural functions (using Biomimicry) – not fighting them with toxic chemicals and the disruption of mechanical plowing – that we will halt the loss of 30,000,000 acres of soil per year – and each of us plays a role in supporting this global imperative, by purchasing regenerative food and clothing products whenever possible.

The Kiss the Ground Movie is a must-watch, and the Kiss the Ground organization provides a variety of pathways for people to take action – especially including their “Find Your Path” tool kit and “Regen Ag 101” course. Additionally, partners at Regeneration International provide a global map of regenerative farms, and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps network is growing a world-wide consortium of large-scale regeneration projects.

Finian Makepeace is the Co-Founder, Policy Director, and Lead Educator of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. His dedication to Kiss the Ground’s mission of “awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration,” has motivated him to develop training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people around the world to become confident advocates for this growing movement.


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