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In this special Thanksgiving episode, host and author Aaron William Perry discusses regenerative economics, the power of consumer demand, and provides links for discounts on products from 10 affiliate companies. From Zeal Optics (sunglasses and ski goggles from plant based and recycled plastics) to EarthHero (7,000+ non-toxic, compostable, eco-friendly household goods), and from Wele Waters (biodynamic hemp-infused aromatherapy soaking salts, massage oils, and salves) to Soil Werks (biodynamic soil-activation blends for your garden, farm, and houseplants), Vera Herbals, Growing Spaces, Earth Water Press, ZenBunni, Purium, and Chelsea Green Publishing – Aaron covers B-Certified, Fair Trade, Organic and Biodynamic products from these great companies. The links and codes below will get you discounts, and some of the proceeds will be donated to support the Y on Earth Community – an excellent example of the “win/win/win” attributes found in regenerative economics.

Regenerative Economics flips the conventional construct on its head. Instead of a system that views Earth and people as “inputs” to feed the economy, which in turn exists to serve the elite finance sector, a regenerative system views the finance system as a locus of service to the economy, and, hence, to the people and the Earth’s ecosystems upon which it all relies. Sharing diagrams from his book “Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better, Heal the Planet”, Aaron presents an alternative to the four-node, linear model of economic value-creation, which has been the dominant model in the post-colonial era of the past 200 years: (1) primary production, (2) secondary manufacturing, (3) tertiary sales & service, (4) information, legal, accounting & data management (the rarefied “quaternary” stage). Instead, a regenerative economic model is circular, in harmony with the natural cycles of our planet, and includes a new, fifth node (the “quintenary”), where the hyper-intelligence of stewardship, regeneration, and sustainability practices are guided and infused throughout the other four nodes.

Citing the work of thought leader John Fullerton, and referencing seminal works by Bernard Lietaer (“The Future of Money”) and William Irwin Thompson (“The Meta Industrial Village”) Aaron provides an easy-to-understand introduction to this essential topic. He also shares the four keywords that the Y on Earth Community uses to ground its mobilization, leadership and education work: Humus, Oikos, Wele, and Adamah.

Below are the companies, discounts provided, links and codes (if applicable) that you can use for your holiday shopping and giving, knowing that you’re choosing products good for people, good for planet, good for regenerative economics, and good for supporting the Y on Earth Community… Happy Thanksgiving, and… Happy Shopping!

CHELSEA GREEN PUBLISHING – 10% discount – Code: YOE10 – chelseagreen.com
EARTHHERO – 10% discount – Code: YONEARTH – earthhero.com/?ref=yonearth
EARTH WATER PRESS – 10% discount – Code: YONEARTH – earthwaterpress.com
GROWING SPACES – 5% discount – growingspaces.com/yonearth
PURIUM – 25% discount – ishoppurium.com
SOIL WERKS – 10% discount – Code: YONEARTH – soilwerks.com
VERA HERBALS – 10% discount – veraherbals.com/partnerships/y-on-earth
WELE WATERS – 10% discount – Code: YONEARTH – welewaters.com
Y ON EARTH – 10% discount – Code: YONEARTH – yonearth.org/market
ZEAL OPTICS – 10% discount – zealop.link/yonearth
ZENBUNNI – 10% discount – Code: YONEARTH – zenbunni.com/?afmc=YONEARTH

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