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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 97 - Ron Lemire, Founder, Liquid Trainer

In this fun “self-care” episode, Liquid Trainer founder, Ron Lemire, shares stories and insights from his years as John Denver’s personal chef, director of security, and personal body guard. Ron is a multi-modal health and wellness practitioner who has worked with NBA basketball athletes, professional musicians, and scores of others seeking optimum health and performance. His decades in Boulder and Aspen, Colorado, during the “cultural Renaissance” that saw the convergence of Eastern and Western traditions, has imbued Ron with a sense of hope and optimism in these extraordinary times of transformation.

The Liquid Trainer is a biofeedback device that balances both hemispheres of the body and brain with the use of water and ground reaction force. When you explore the movements, you will discover and connect with your fluid nature. Where Fun meets Fitness! The Liquid Trainer is offering the Y on Earth Community audience a 20% discount – your purchase includes the Liquid Trainer and access to instructional videos. And, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the Y on Earth Community’s community mobilization and ecosystem restoration work! (Use code: YONEARTH at liquidtrainer.com). The Liquid Trainer is an excellent addition to your at-home self care and exercise routine – especially in the time of COVID and the cold winter months!

Having worked on ocean ships, Ron developed a unique understanding of fluid dynamics and structural integrity. The contrast between life at sea and on land led to his understanding of the “ground reaction force,” which is essential to the movements and benefits of the Liquid Trainer technology. Inspired by John Denver’s time aboard Jacques Cousteau’s “Calypso,” and by Buckminster Fuller’s wisdom, Ron shares his insights into proper body care and custodianship of our shared planet.

Ron is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and became a Marine Engineer. He then worked out at sea for a few years on oil tankers, mud boats and seismograph boats covering all aspects of oil development from searching for oil fields to drilling for oil by delivering mud to the rigs and transporting oil on tankers. Sometimes he didn’t see land for six months! After becoming disenchanted with the oil industry he wanted a change, and drove to Boulder, Colorado. While heading west, as the Rocky Mountains appeared in the distance, John Denver’s famous song, “Rocky Mountain High” was playing on the radio. After years of deep study in Rolfing, Moshe Feldenkrais, Science of Centering, and Body Centered Psychotherapy, Ron received an invitation to Aspen to provide a healing session to an anonymous client – – whom he would soon discover was John Denver. This set his life on a new trajectory, including spending most of the 1980s traveling with John Denver. Never returning to the sea to work, but deepening in his commitment to body healing, Ron would incorporate his experiences and body-centric knowledge into developing the Liquid Trainer “Aquarian technology” – which you can get today with a 20% discount!


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