Episode 40 – Kimba Arem, Sound Healing, Water & Medicinal Music

By Aaron Perry

May 14
Kimba Arem Podcast

Episode 40 – Kimba Arem, Sound Healing, Water & Medicinal Music
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Kimba Arem is an international performer and recording artist, molecular biologist, and sound engineer who specializes in the healing and consciousness-expanding properties of sound and music. Having produced 13 albums (including one with Dr. Andrew Weil called “Self Healing with Sound & Music”), and the movie Secret of Water, Kimba is assisting the planet in a “gentle awakening” through sacred sound and vibrational medicine. She is a classically trained pianist and flutist, who has expanded her repertoire to include a variety of traditional, exotic, and ceremonial instruments. In this special episode, you’ll hear her playing a didgeridoo specially made from quartz crystal, a most mysterious sounding water harp, and an enchanting 4-piped wooden flute.

Kimba discusses the healing frequency of 432 Hz, along with the essential geometry of the Flower of Life (the pattern associated with the Heart Chakra), and its relationship to the structuring of flowing water crystals in our bodies and throughout all of the living biosphere on Earth. Her near-death experience in 1992 awakened Kimba to the reality that sound is healing – a reality known by St. Francis and Buddhist monks alike – and that all of the phenomenal world is made up of vibrating rhythms – Nada Brahma. She shares how so many instruments are played through the human breath – connecting us directly with the Divine Spirit (Atmen, Spiritus, Atmos) in the phenomenal world.

Kimba encourages us to incorporate healing sound and music into our lives, to awaken and remember our deep purpose of the heart (Dharma), and to help cultivate coherence, resonance, kindness and stewardship in our own lives and in our shared world. Learn more at gaearth.com, radiancehealth.com, and secretofwaterthemovies.com.


About the Author

Aaron William Perry is a writer, public speaker, impact entrepreneur, consultant, artist and father. The author of Y on Earth: Get Smarter, Feel Better, Heal the Planet, Aaron works with the Y on Earth Community and Impact Ambassadors to spread the THRIVING & SUSTAINABILITY messages of hopeful and empowering information and inspiration to diverse communities throughout the world. He resides in Colorado where he is continually in awe of the weather, appreciate of the singing birds, and entertained by the antics of his backyard, free-range (and free-thinking) chickens.