Episode 46 – Xiye Bastida, Global Youth Leader: “Strike with Us!”

By Aaron Perry

Aug 27
Xiye Bastida - Y on Earth Community - Stewardship & Sustainability Podcast

Episode 46 – Xiye Bastida, Global Youth Leader: “Strike with Us!”
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Xiye Bastida, 17-year-old climate activist and global youth leader, discusses the world-wide climate crisis strike planned for September 20, 2019. Extraordinarily articulate, insightful, and dedicated, Xiye encourages all of us to engage in these critical times, to participate in the “Fridays for Future Movement,” and to take action wherever we’re located, joining the millions of people in 130+ countries, being organized by 6,000+ youth leaders!

Joined by her mother, Geraldine Patrick, Xiye discusses her blended indigenous background (part Celtic, part Otomi-Toltec), and her deep connection with the living water that animates all life on planet Earth. Understanding that the essential role of humanity is to take care of life, she also discusses maintaining balance – health and well-being – in the midst of leading an urgent global movement with colleagues like Greta Thunberg. Her advice includes: maintaining the flow of friendships and family, connecting with nature, the importance of sleeping, eating well, and self-care practices.

Not only is Xiye a profoundly effective leader and organizer, she is also still a high school student! Recognizing that the gifts we are each given are in fact responsibilities, Xiye urges each of us: “Don’t just watch us… strike with us!” and discusses how the youth of today – Gen Y and Gen Z – will account for 37% of the voting population by 2025.

She recently launched a Youth Activism Training Program, sits on the Administration Committee of Peoples Climate Movement, is a member of Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion, was invited to speak about Indigenous Cosmology at the 9th UN World Urban Forum, and was awarded the “Spirit of the UN” award in 2018.

More information at: strikewithus.org. Twitter: @xiyebastida Instagram: xiyebeara


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