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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 118 - Miguel Gil, CEO, ORGANIC INDIA USA


[Got Liquid Yoga?] Miguel Gil, CEO of ORGANIC INDIA USA, discusses the tremendous healing benefits and deep cultural significance of Tulsi (Ocimum sactum), called the “Queen of Herbs” that is a center piece of the company’s organic tea, supplements, and fiber offerings. In addition to Tulsi, or “Holy Basil,” which millions in the Hindu faith grow in their own gardens, ORGANIC INDIA also offers teas and supplements with Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and Shatavari, the healing properties of which have been espoused by Vedic and other ancient Indian cultures for millennia.

Organic India is a mission-driven company that direct sources its ingredients from over 2,500 family farmers in India, at an estimated 17% premium over commodity market pricing, and was founded specifically to help communities – and especially widows and orphans – especially hard hit by the financial and toxicity burdens of the so-called “green revolution” inflicted by multinational chemical corporations and other conspirators. One of the first and only Fair Trade supplement companies in the United States, ORGANIC INDIA USA is also now in the process of certifying its Tulsi through the Regenerative Organic Alliance’s Regenerative Organic Certification. In India, ORGANIC INDIA’s cutting-edge processing facility, which had its ribbon-cutting in 2019, is a Platinum LEED Certified factory.  

Organic India’s products are formulated with the care and wisdom of the ancient Ayurveda tradition and combines ancient traditions with modern ethnopharmacology and advanced formulations maximizing the adaptogenic benefits of its herbal blends. Tulsi has been long-known for its calming, stress-relieving, anti-microbial, immune boosting, and digestion aiding properties. Revered as a reincarnation of the goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu, Tulsi is considered divine in the plant kingdom, and as a connector between heaven and Earth is affiliated with prosperity and abundance.

After decades in the field of international business development, Miguel Gil was looking for something new.  “I found myself reflecting on an inner void I was somehow never able to fill, despite my successes. I always felt that there was another more fulfilling, more meaningful path ahead of me that would allow me to be of service to a greater cause.”  When Gil was introduced to the founders of ORGANIC INDIA, he witnessed a company with a vision that mirrored his own, and eventually accepted the invitation to take the helm at ORGANIC INDIA USA. “My long-awaited calling had come, with a glorious opportunity to be of service to a community dedicated to true wellness and healthy, conscious living.” Gil continues to lead the growth of ORGANIC INDIA USA. Committed to the triple bottom line, taking a holistic view of success that benefits people, profit, and the planet, Gil has led the company to its most successful quarter in the company’s recent history while continuing to share stories of regenerative agriculture and environmental recovery, fair trade practices, an altruistic supply chain, and a new business model based on value contribution at every step.

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