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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 124 - Nick DiDomenico, Co-Founder, Drylands Agroecology Research

Nick DiDomenico is Co-Founder of Drylands Agroecology Research (DAR), which educates, designs, installs, and maintains regenerative land stewardship projects throughout the Boulder County region in Colorado. Utilizing terraforming, agroforestry, silvo-pasture, holistic grazing, and other strategies, Nick and his team are working to restore hundreds of acres. By shaping the land to collect, store, and distribute water throughout the landscape, and planting thousands of rootstock and sapling trees and shrubs using the “S.T.U.N.” (Shear Total and Utter Neglect) method, they are establishing hearty, drought-tolerant food forests in this semi-arid region and are helping to reverse desertification that is threatening thousands of acres in the region due to mismanagement. At Elk Run Farm, DAR’s demonstration and education center, the team grows Blue Corn, Amaranth, Hopi Black Beans, Chihuahua Blue Beans, and dozens of vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants in the forest garden nucleus of the property. Sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks provide a variety of ecological functions to the system, along with endless hours of entertainment for visiting children, students, and volunteers. Part of a global network of regeneration projects, Elk Run is the first Ecosystem Restoration Camp to be established in Colorado. Describing a deep spiritual connection to the land, water, and restoration work, Nick talks about the importance of reciprocity, community connection, collaboration with indigenous leaders, and weaving “technologies of prayer” into this lifestyle of service and stewardship.


This episode with Nick is a special “HIS” episode, which pairs with the “HERS” episode with DAR Co-Founder Marissa Pulaski (Episode #123). Through DAR, the couple offer Permaculture Design Certification workshops, regenerative agriculture and drylands silvo-pasture design workshops, retreats for pre- and post-partum healing and restoration, and delightfully grounding dance parties.


Hailing from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Nick is a regenerative designer, farmer, and builder. Inspired by indigenous culture and ancient farming practices, he works passionately to design the future of living systems. In 2015, Nick began farming on a barren and desertified 14-acre parcel of land in rural north Boulder County, now called Elk Run Farm, also the pilot research project for Drylands Agroecology Research (DAR). Today, Nick is working to develop climate change solutions through regenerative farming, working with private and public landowners across Boulder County.



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