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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 133 – Aaron Perry - Reflections, Updates, & Musings upon an Auspicious Milestone

In this unique episode, author and Y on Earth Community founder, Aaron William Perry, shares reflections, updates, and musings. He looks back on what’s been accomplished thus far with the podcast series; workshops, retreats, and ceremonial gatherings; strategic partnerships; and the books and other resources already published. Aaron observes that “we’re all in this together,” that, “we have so much to learn from one another,” and that “no single person has all of the answers regarding these momentous times in which we’re living together here on planet Earth.”

Discussing the Y on Earth Community’s “Regeneration Renaissance” framework, Aaron articulates the three pillars of culture, ecology, and economy. Within this framework so much needs to be done, and, indeed, is already being done as the Regeneration Renaissance is emerging and well under way all around the world. Aaron also reflects on the fundamental necessity of deep and intimate nature connection – an essential aspect of our human-beingness that not only provides us deep nourishment of mind, body, and spirit, but also reveals to us an intelligence of such sophistication, elegance, and profundity that without it we’re wallowing in the shallower waters of human constructs – however majestic, complex, obfuscating, and even mesmerizing they may be.

Aaron shares the ancient Japanese art of Shin Rin Yoku, or “forest bathing,” that is core to our individual practices of cultivating an intimate relationship and connection with the Divine Feminine manifest in the natural living world of Mama Gaia. And, as the episode was recorded on an unusually rainy and foggy day in the forested foothills outside of Boulder, Colorado, the presence of pitter-patter raindrops adds to the sensual experience of this reflective episode.

Looking forward, Aaron shares a number of projects in the works, including a forthcoming book on regenerative finance, social enterprise, stewardship philanthropy, and Ecocene economics for which a number of thought leaders are contributing insightful essays. Other projects in development include a resource for neighborhoods and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) to become more sustainable, a “Holistic Healers and Herbal Medicine Resources Hub” online directory and interactive mapping resource helping connect people with healing arts practitioners and herbal medicine purveyors, and the soon-to-be-released “Simple Gardening Wisdom Video Course” produced in partnership with Drylands Agroecology Research and Earth Coast Productions. He also discusses the wisdom and inspiration of several upcoming podcast episodes, including with Matthew Fox, Maria Rodale, Georgia Kelly, Ben Raskin, Tom Chi, Nisha Poulose, and Amazonian chief and wisdom keeper Tuwe Inu Bake.

Aaron also explains why Episode 133 has symbolic significance, sharing ancient esoteric knowledge and wisdom related to the spiritual and practical nourishment that we both provide and receive when we gather together in fellowship, community, and collaboration. He emphasizes the singular importance of KINDNESS, and that regardless of our knowledge, achievements, and status in society, whether or not we flow through day-to-day life with LOVING KINDNESS is perhaps the single most significant indicator of our personal development… or lack thereof.

He also shares a number of new video resources available on the Y on Earth Community Blog page, including a recent evening with Charles Eisenstein focused on the Economics of Regeneration, a recent zoom talk featuring 50+ simple, everyday opportunities to improve our sustainability performance, provided to the Wilson Sonsini Law Firm’s world-wide offices for Earth Day, and a special talk given by Tom Chi in which he articulates three new economic “epochs” unfolding in the 21st century – each a progressively more elegant and sophisticated reflection of humanity’s ecological and holistic stewardship of planet Earth.

Lastly, Aaron invites you to join our “Regeneration Renaissance Roundtable” monthly meetups, which are hosted online the first Sunday of each month at 11:33am Mountain Time. You can pre-register for each month’s gathering via the “evergreen” link: yonearth.org/live.


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