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  • Episode 139 – Nisha Mary Poulose, Executive Director, Regenerative Rising
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 139 - Nisha Mary Poulose, Executive Director, Regenerative Rising

Nisha Mary Poulose, Executive Director of Regenerative Rising, discusses the deep consciousness of our natural, living planet as well-spring of inspiration for an emerging form of leadership and systems design in a world in need of healing. Although we are all part of nature, we also are affected by our shared cultural and economic histories that have engendered a profound disconnection from Mother Earth. Through Regenerative Rising, Nisha and hundreds of other women leaders are healing this deep wound and are creating new systems and modalities to bring balance into our present reality. This process invites us to experiences that are markedly different from the narrow “logic” of main-stream society… and may well be essential to understanding and healing ourselves, our communities, and our shared global systems of human activity.

Nisha speaks about befriending nature – cultivating a deep, intimate relationship with the non-human living creatures and environments surrounding us all. She talks about the importance of embracing the mysteries and “secrets” of Nature, of cultivating kinship with her, and of carrying the messages and insights from her realm into our human-designed and human-constructed edifices, both literal and metaphorical.  


Regenerative Rising is a global network of change-makers. From food systems and economic systems to built environments and community settings, Regenerative Rising’s impact crosses ethnic, geographic, socio-economic, and cultural boundaries. By cultivating agility, adaptability, and reintegration, the organization is a vessel for deep systemic change that is restoring the power of the archetypal feminine into our human experience.


Nisha Mary Poulose is the Executive Director of Regenerative Rising- a 100% women-led organization, devoted to elevating and forwarding regenerative principles that expand the capability of people to lead from a living systems worldview.  She is an award-winning architect and regional planner, whose career at the confluence of human habitat, planning, and the environment now spans 15 years and 4 countries. Her regenerative focus has been the guiding force behind her work, as is the deep bond she shares with nature.

In 2015 she won an award from the Prime Minister of India for her ideas on how Smart Cities in India can solve critical problems. She founded a multi-disciplinary spatial planning+design firm in India, is a part of the South Asia Bioregionalism Working Group, and co-led a research project that produced a bioregional map of India. She is also a co-convener for the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), which she supports with strategic visions and action plans for integrated regional development to preserve human and natural heritage, with regenerative livelihoods and native wisdom at the center.

Nisha studied architecture in India before being selected for the Erasmus Mundus Program in Europe where she gained two advanced degrees: MSc. International Cooperation in Urban Development and MSc. Urbanism, Habitat and International Cooperation.

Nisha grew up in Kottayam, a small town in Kerala, the South-Western coastal State in India known for its matrilineal cultural heritage and abundant tropical biodiversity. Her relationship with nature is one that she cultivated in her childhood and that continues to inform her thoughts and actions. She relaxes by hiking, solving jigsaw puzzles, and sneaking away with her cat Cleo to finish a book.


Website: www.regenerativerising.org

Instagram handles: https://www.instagram.com/nishamarypoulose/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/regen_rising/?next=%2F

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishamarypoulose/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/regenerative-rising/

Webpage of Regenerative Earth Summit: https://regenerativerising.org/regenerative-earth-summit-2023/

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