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  • Episode 16 – Brett KenCairn discusses the “Ecosystems Summit 2018”
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 16 - Brett KenCairn discusses the "Ecosystems Summit 2018"


Brett Ken Cairn, Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainability and Resilience with the City of Boulder, Colorado, discusses the innovative approach to community engagement and activation in response to climate change and environmental degradation. The Ecosystems Summit 2018, with a focus on stewardship of Soil, Trees, Water and Bees, provides many actions and activities that families, households and neighborhoods can engage with to enhance health, well-being, stewardship and sustainability. The framework is part of a broader network of communities around the world, and is designed to provide value to people all over – especially through the live-streaming and on-line resources being made available. The event is Friday, Nov. 16th – don’t miss it! More information and live-streaming / video resource links can be found at yonearth.org/ecosystems. The Ecosystems Summit is sponsored by the City of Boulder, EcoCycle, the Y on Earth Community, Earth Coast Productions, Boulder County, Boulder.Earth, the WILD Foundation, Mad Agriculture, and the University of Colorado – Center for Sustainable Landscapes and Community.


[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://yonearth.org/ecosystems’ target=’_self’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]REGISTER FOR THE SUMMIT[/thrive_link]

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