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  • Episode 22 – Sahar Alsahlani on InterFaith & GreenFaith Action
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 22 - Sahar Alsahlani on InterFaith & GreenFaith Action

Sahar Alsahlani, a member of The Community of Living Traditions at the Stony Point Center, discusses inter-faith cooperation and action for social justice and environmental sustainability. Sahar is a member of the Executive Council of Religions for Peace, on the Board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and is a Fellow of Green Faith – through which she works with all faiths (“from A to Z – Agnostics to Zoroastrians”) to help bring greater love, understanding, compassion, stewardship, and sustainability to our world. Having grown up a Muslim-American, educated in Catholic schools, and with friends in the same Pittsburgh neighborhood as the Tree of Life Synagogue with whom she often attended Jewish Community Center camps, Sahar brings a unique and powerful perspective of inter-faith and inter-personal peace and justice in the context of caring for our common home – planet Earth.

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