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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 31 - Artem Nikulkov, CEO-Earth Coast Productions

[GOT REACH?] Artem Nikulkov, the CEO of Earth Coast Productions, discusses 21st century communication in the context of the sustainability imperative that pervades all scales and sectors of society. From implementing the global Sustainable Development Goals shared by all members of the United Nations, to community-service based digital media as core to brand awareness and market share development, Mr. Nikulkov describes the keys to competitive advantage in the age of world-wide communication. Like nature, increasingly savvy internet consumers do not abide “flash ‘n’ trash” campaigns. Instead, authentic, action-oriented, and emotionally vitalizing story-telling is essential for companies to compete, and all of this necessitates deeply sustainable supply chains, stakeholder relationships, and stewardship-centric policies. In other words, in the Age of Transparency, you can’t “fake it!”

An immigrant entrepreneur from Kyrgyzstan, Artem also shares his version of the American Dream – as a successful entrepreneur, and as an adherent to the virtues and principals upon which this great nation was founded. With an immense working knowledge of digital and communication technology, streaming video, strategic advice on developing your enterprise’s “tech stack,” and a profound awareness of the “relevance-based communication” that will magnetize your company’s ecosystem of relationships, Mr. Nikulkov gives you a rare glimpse into the “scene behind the scenes” of 21st century leadership.

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